Winchester R19

Our featured sale item this week is the Winchester R19. At the risk of gushing excessively over a hunk of metal, I REALLY love this safe.

First, the price. Where can you even find a 24-gun fire safe for under a thousand bucks?

Next is the door panel organizer. I know that may seem like a small thing, but a safe isn’t just to keep your valuables secure and sheltered from fire, it also needs to a be a place you can go to find what you need. Problem solved with the nifty door system.

In addition to the shelves and rifle holders, the door organizer completes the perfect organization picture. All the components together provide dedicated places for rifles, pistols, documents, and accessories. Everything in its place means things are both better protected and easier to access. Having this included in the purchase price is a big plus for me.

Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that the safe is rated at 1400F for one hour, and features an expandable heat seal. Another super safety feature is the re-locker—a mechanism that drives bolts into both sides of the safe if someone attempts to tamper with the hinges or lock.

Finally, GunSafes customers who bought this safe reported appreciating how roomy it is inside, and how the shelves can easily be changed into different configurations. And of course, everyone was pleased with the quality of safe they were able to get for $970.

All things considered, I think the R19 is one of the best deals we offer at