Reasons you should buy Sentry Safes

Sentry Safes, a good decision.  It is undeniable that you ought to keep your valuables safe. For this, you may consider buying conventional safes, assuming that your valuables won’t get damaged. Unfortunately, ordinary safes may not always protect your valuables against fire and water. In fact, when fully submerged in water, most of the commonly sold safes are likely to prove dysfunctional and may allow water to penetrate. Likewise, fire can damage such safes beyond repair and may even cause accidents if the safes contain guns and ammunition. The good news is that your valuables can actually be saved from damage if you use Sentry safes.

The following are some of the reasons that make Sentry safes worth buying:

  • Adequate protection: Interestingly, the waterproof safes offered by Sentry are designed to protect your valuables even if they are submerged in water for hours. More importantly, Sentry safes are also good for ensuring that you do not lose your valuables in an event of fire.  Sentry safes can endure up to 1850 degrees for up to 2 hours.
  • Industry standards: These safes are UL classified and can therefore be trusted for storing your valuables. Furthermore, Sentry is one of the few companies to put many of their products through ETL SEMKO testing. To top it all, these are products that are tested through the UL Explosion Hazard test. Many of the aforesaid tests are not even mandatory as per state laws, but the company goes an extra mile to assure you of the quality.

Nonetheless, you may not always require keeping your valuables inside your home or office. Sometimes, you may consider keeping them in the car. For this, it is imperative for you to get one of the console vaults.  However, when you do, you must ensure that you choose the right model as far as your car is concerned.

When you wish to keep your valuables safe and protect them from fire and water, you can browse our massive selection of Sentry safes at

And yes, if you are more comfortable with the idea of taking your valuables with you while you drive, feel free to check out the “console vaults” section at

Modular Gun Safes

If you want an easy option for placing and moving your storage system, whether for guns or valuables, look into modular-type safes and cabinets.

These units are shipped in pieces, and typically assemble in a matter of minutes. Best of all, they can be put together right where you need them, and taken apart if you need to move.

Modular safes are the perfect solution for people who live in high rises, or who move frequently. These are also great if you have to negotiate narrow staircases or fit your safe into an awkward place, like a closet or niche.

SnapSafe makes a great modular safe called the Titan. Not only is it convenient to move and assemble, the heaviest part of the entire safe is the door, weighing in at 90 pounds. This means an average man can haul and manipulate the safe pieces without any assistance. In fact, our SnapSafes rep put a safe together in our showroom, unaided, in about 15 minutes.

There is also a smaller SnapSafe, the Little Titan closet vault, perfect for storing small arms and valuables.

Other less secure options are the modular cabinets from Stack-On. These don’t offer the same degree of fire and theft protection, but are a great solution for keeping guns out of young hands and important documents safe.

All of these options are very affordable, with cabinets priced at $160, and SnapSafes from $770 to $880, including shipping. You’ll save even more money assembling and installing the safe or cabinet yourself. And when it comes time to move, you’ll be really happy you went with a product that can move so easily with you.


As I write this, Tom from SnapSafes is in our showroom, putting our reps to work assembling one of their modular safes.

What makes SnapSafes so cool is that from the time it arrives in a shipping box, a single human can move it with a hand truck, unpack it, then start assembly.

SnapSafes are lined with ceramic fiber blankets for a 2300F one hour rating, though Tom says it’s good for 2½ hours. The consensus is that these blankets provide superior protection to a gypsum board.

Each piece is clearly labeled, so assembly is, literally, a snap.

A great feature of SnapSafe is that because it’s modular, should a piece get damaged in shipment or during assembly, you can easily replace it without having to send back the entire safe.

SnapSafes can also be moved and assembled to places other safes can’t go—like up narrow stairs, or in tricky closet spaces. It’s just a matter of moving a few panels.

SnapSafes have multiple interior configuration possibilities, from long guns with shelf, to all gun, to all shelves.

It took about ten minutes for Tom to unpack all the parts, and maybe another ten minutes to get the safe together.

And if you ever need to move it—super easy from the inside! Outside, it’s just as secure as any of the safes in its price range.

SnapSafes warranties for a year, and of course, any damaged piece can be shipped and replaced quickly and easily.

Learn more about SnapSafe here.

The Right Safe for a Tricky Space

If you have been putting off buying a safe because it’s just not convenient to your lifestyle, you might want to give modular safes a look.

Modular safes are shipped in easy-to-assemble pieces, and require no special tools to put together. Each piece of a modular safe can be moved by a single person, and their light weight means you can transport and set up modular safes in places that conventional safes can’t go.

Modular safes assemble from the inside out, so a potential thief can’t simply disassemble your safe to get inside.

Once assembled, a modular safe is as sturdy and reliable as a traditional gun safe, and has many of the same safety features, including fire rating and theft deterrents.

If you live several floors up, have limited space, or tend to move a lot, check our modular safe selection at