Reasons you should buy Sentry Safes

Sentry Safes, a good decision.  It is undeniable that you ought to keep your valuables safe. For this, you may consider buying conventional safes, assuming that your valuables won’t get damaged. Unfortunately, ordinary safes may not always protect your valuables against fire and water. In fact, when fully submerged in water, most of the commonly sold safes are likely to prove dysfunctional and may allow water to penetrate. Likewise, fire can damage such safes beyond repair and may even cause accidents if the safes contain guns and ammunition. The good news is that your valuables can actually be saved from damage if you use Sentry safes.

The following are some of the reasons that make Sentry safes worth buying:

  • Adequate protection: Interestingly, the waterproof safes offered by Sentry are designed to protect your valuables even if they are submerged in water for hours. More importantly, Sentry safes are also good for ensuring that you do not lose your valuables in an event of fire.  Sentry safes can endure up to 1850 degrees for up to 2 hours.
  • Industry standards: These safes are UL classified and can therefore be trusted for storing your valuables. Furthermore, Sentry is one of the few companies to put many of their products through ETL SEMKO testing. To top it all, these are products that are tested through the UL Explosion Hazard test. Many of the aforesaid tests are not even mandatory as per state laws, but the company goes an extra mile to assure you of the quality.

Nonetheless, you may not always require keeping your valuables inside your home or office. Sometimes, you may consider keeping them in the car. For this, it is imperative for you to get one of the console vaults.  However, when you do, you must ensure that you choose the right model as far as your car is concerned.

When you wish to keep your valuables safe and protect them from fire and water, you can browse our massive selection of Sentry safes at

And yes, if you are more comfortable with the idea of taking your valuables with you while you drive, feel free to check out the “console vaults” section at

Sentry Home Office Safe Sale

We’re excited to pass along another Sentry Safe Sale!  This time, Sentry is offering a 10% to 15% discount on some of their home and office safes. The following safes are on sale:

X Series Security Safes

  • X031 w/key lock
  • X055 w/electronic lock
  • X075 w/electronic lock
  • X105 w/electronic lock
  • X125 w/electronic lock

EQ Executive Safe

  • EQ5433  All-Shelf Executive Safe w/ UL Group 2 Combination Lock


To take a closer look at the sale items, click here.

Sentry Safe

Sentry Gun Safe Sale Extended!

The sale was due to expire today, but has been extended until Oct 1, 2010.  This is a great opportunity to purchase a Sentry Safe at a $75 – $115 discount.  Whether your looking to store guns or other valuables, the 4-way adjustable interior will allow you to remove or add shelving to accommodate your needs.  Choose from two different paint finishes and your choice of a dial combination lock or electronic lock.  These safes have a ETL fire rating of 30 minutes at temperatures up to 1400°F.  Available in 14 gun, 24 gun, or 36 gun models.  Prices start at $729.95 and the sale ends October 1st, 2010.

Check out the sale here.

Sentry 1459E

Sentry Gun Safe SALE

If you’re in the market for a fire rated gun safe, this Sentry safe sale is something you should definitely check out.  With features like a fully adjustable interior, anti-drill steel plate, 6 (or more) locking bolts, matte or high gloss paint finish, and your choice of a digital or combination dial lock, these safes are a great value!  The safes are ETL verified to provide fire protection for 1/2 hour at temperatures up to 1400°F.  They also meet the California Department of Justice standards for firearm safety.  Includes bolt down hardware.  Choose from 14 gun, 24 gun, or 36 gun models.  Sale goes through September 17, 2010 and prices start at $729.95.
Check out the sale here.

Sentry Safe from GunSafes.comInside the Sentry 3659C

How to open a Sentry Safe

Whether you inherited it or purchased it brand new, you may be asking the question; How do I open a Sentry Safe?  GunSafeGuru threw together a quick Q&A to answer your gun safe questions.

Q:  I lost my Sentry combination; how do I open my Sentry Safe?

A:  The best thing to do in this case is to go to Sentry’s lost combination website.  From this site you can download all necessary information needed to fax or mail in your combination request form.

Q:  I lost my Sentry Safe Key; how do I open my safe?

A:  Don’t worry, replacement keys can be ordered direct from Sentry.  This link will bring you to Sentry’s website where you can order replacement keys by telephone, mail, or online.

Q:  Where can I find my Sentry Serial Number?

A:  The serial number is typically found on the front of the door, lower right corner on a small sticker; the right outside wall of your safe; or under the keypad/dial on the front of safe.

Q:  Can Sentry store my combination?

A:  YES!  Simply go to Sentry’s  combination registration page to create an account and store your Sentry combination on their website.

Q:  How do I dial the combination lock on a Sentry Safe?

A:  To download a manual with specific instructions on how to dial your Sentry combination lock, click here.

Q:  How do I register my Sentry Safe?

A:  Click here to register a Sentry Safe and create a user account with access to your combination online.

Q:  I need to replace my Sentry Safe.  Where can I buy one?

A:  For a ton of gun safe information, advice from industry experts, and the best prices on the web, the GunSafeGuru recommends for all you Sentry Safe needs.