Long Live the King!

Last Thursday was a special day at the GunSafes offices. On that day, we said goodbye to a dear friend.

The Pendleton King was a tall drink of water, a six-foot high 40-gunner with a substantial girth.

The thing most people asked when they saw him was “Is that a tanning booth?” Tanning booth, no, but a sweet round gun safe, with a revolving rack inside, plus interior light, yes.

The Pendleton was the kind of safe you would own if you were an international spy, or maybe a very important monetary fund manager.

The thing about this particular round gun safe is that it was a one-of. It was our showroom model for many a year, and in between now and then, Pendleton changed the design of the King.

But last week, someone finally scooped him up and took him home.I can’t say as I blame them. Amongst gun safes, the Pendelton King is kind of a superstar. It just looks amazing, to start with. A round safe is not very common in the industry. Plus, the special features are just a knockout. Not to mention Pendleton has a reputation for strength and durability. Combine all this, and you’ve got the luxury sedan of the gun safe world.

It wasn’t easy to see him go, but we’re quite happy that the King now has his own kingdom of firearms to protect.

Never fear, though, if you like the sounds of a round gun safe with a revolving rack, Pendleton has a shiny new model for this year. You may not be able to tan in it, but with dedicated tiers for long guns and pistols, interior light, and spinning at the touch of a button, I don’t think you’ll much miss the UV feature.

Pendleton has changed a few things with the new model, but they’re still offering a beautiful safe with great security features. So long live the new King!