I cant open my rhino gun safe. How do I open my safe?

Don’t panic!!  The Gun-Safe-Guru is here to help.  Whether you have a Rhino Safe or a BigHorn safe, read on to find out how to get into your safe.

If you forgot your Rhino Safe combination or you think you are punching it in correctly but it’s not opening, I would contact Rhino Metals technical support.  They can be reached at 800-701-9128.

The first thing that they might ask for is your safes serial number.  This would be handy to have before you call.  You can usually find a safes serial number on the outside back of the safe, towards the bottom.  If you can’t locate this number, Rhino Metals can help you out at 800-701-9128.

If you already know the combination, but you’re having trouble dialing it in, click here for their safe lock manuals.  These are also helpful if you are having any other problems with your electronic or manual dial lock.

If your safe is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, take a look at the Rhino Safe selection on GunSafes.com.