How do I get into my safe if the battery dies?

I’m asked this question all the time:  “How do I change the battery on an electronic lock?”.  With electronic locks becoming more and more popular, this question often comes up when people are researching which style of lock to buy.  Electronic locks offer a much quicker method of getting into a safe and also give you the ability to easily change your combination at any time.  However, in order to supply the e-lock with power you’ll need to supply a battery.  When the battery dies, how do you get into the safe?  Many small home/office safes and handgun safes offer a backup key that allows you to get inside to change the batteries.  So what about getting into a full size gun safe that doesn’t have a key backup?

The great thing about electronic locks is that you don’t have to get into the safe to change the batteries.  The battery compartment is located inside the keypad on a full size gun safe.  Another nice feature is that the lock will warn you when your battery is low, either with an audible alert or a low battery light. 

While there are many other reasons for choosing an electronic lock or a manual dial lock, the battery issue shouldn’t be one of them.  As long as you replace the battery when you are alerted to do so, a dead battery won’t keep you from your valuables.