What About the Little Guys (Smaller Gun Safes)?

Smaller Gun Safes.  At GunSafes.com, we spend a lot of time selling, promoting, and talking about the big dogs—the 36 – gun safes, the 30 minutes theft-rated safes, the virtually impenetrable deluxe safes with cedar-lined, mirrored interiors and special USB pass keys.

But what about the little guys?

Smaller safes, usually referred to as “office safes” on our site, don’t get as much attention as the rock stars, but they are every bit as hardworking and important. In fact, office safes can do things standard safes can’t, such as:

1. Fitting into small spaces.
Sure, there are plenty of full-sized models that can squeeze into some pretty tight spaces, but if you want to have a safe under a desk or counter, or be able to use it as an end table, you’re going to have to go with an office safe. Unlike the big dogs, office safes can fit just about anywhere, and unlike full-size safes, it’s much easier to integrate an office safe into your existing décor.

2. Hiding out.
It kind of goes without saying, but if it’s small enough to fit into lots of places, it’s also small enough to hide. No safe is entirely theft-proof. Given enough time and tools, any one of them can be broken into. Office safes give you an added level of protection because you can hide them easily. Out of sight, out of mind. Thieves can’t steal what they can’t find!

3. Fitting into your budget.
It’s pretty obvious, but a safe half or less the size of conventional is going to cost you half or less as much. If storing long guns is not a priority, you can save a lot of cash going with a smaller model. We have SO many models, at SO many price points—from $60 to $6,000—so you’re sure to find something that works for you.

So, the long and “short” of it is, if you need a compact safe for home or office, check out our huge selection here. And remember, you can always contact us via live chat, e-mail, phone, or even Facebook and Twitter.