Wall Safes: Best Way to Conceal your Valuables

Biometric Locking Wall SafeThe first line of defense – burglars, robbers and thieves don’t know it is there! Well-disguised within the walls, wall safes camouflage themselves by blending into the décor of your room. The safe effectively hides anywhere; all thanks to the design of the safe that easily fits between the spaces of room wall. With all of your important accessories and valuable items in the safe, the door can be concealed with a hanging picture, painting or anything that may complete the deception.

Install the wall safes behind your furniture or in the back of your closet.  Or keep it well hidden behind your bed.  When it comes to installing a wall safe your imagination is the limit!  Have complete peace of mind inknowing that your safe can easily avoid any detection, thereby keeping your valuables safe from all potential threats. However, these safes do not just rely on their special hidden abilities. Some of the safes offer fire protection that can ensure the additional safety of your valuables.

GunSafes.com offers a large assortment of safes that fit into floors and walls and can be easily covered by a carpet or artwork, as well as safes that look like refrigerators and electrical panels. There are vaults that are designed to sit flat against the back wall of a closet or replace all or part of the box spring in your bed.  Furthermore, you can find a small safe that can be easily hidden inside different types of traditional furniture pieces.

Apart from wall safes, you will also discover the best consortium of home security products that will help you keep your home, children, pets and everything else you love safe and secure. When triggered, Burglar devices will release irritating pepper spray to stop the intruder within seconds. You can also find realistic looking rock key hiding system that offers the safest way to hide a key outside.

Wall safes and home security devices are perfect for an average person who desires convenience and security!

Vehicle Vaults

Spend much time in small towns out West, and you’ll see a lot of trucks with gun racks mounted in the rear windows. Until recently, a rifle in the window and a pistol in the glove box were your only options for firearms transportation. Not uniformly legal, and definitely not secure.

Enter Console Vault and TruckVault.

Console Vault specializes in locking vaults designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle. These boxes fit into your existing console without modification, offering the high security of an all-steel locking vault, plus the added layer of concealment from the console.

Console Vaults feature thick, 12-gauge steel, plus drill-resistant locks with key or three-digit combination option. And when you need to access your firearm or valuables quickly, the spring-assisted lid makes it easy.

For larger or longer gun storage needs, TruckVault offers custom solutions in the form of truck gun safes. TruckVaults rest in the bed of your pick-up or SUV for storing long guns and other equipment. You can stack several configurations for a complete weapons and valuables cache in the back of your SUV, or use a single unit in a pick-up bed and still park motorcycles or ATVs on top.

TruckVaults are available with one or multiple drawers, and are carpet-lined to prevent damage. These boxes are fire, water, and pry-resistant. TruckVaults are available with key or combination lock.

TruckVaults can serve as a secure way to organize your hunting, fishing, and camping gear; or act as a complete mobile office and operations center. These are especially useful for law enforcement and crime scene vehicles, for storing, organizing, and securing supplies and firearms.

For about the price of a comparable traditional safe, you can finally have security and peace of mind while transporting firearms in your vehicle. And once you have a Console Vault or TruckVault, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one.

Laptop Safes

If you have a job or a lifestyle that requires technology, chances are you use a notebook or laptop computer; and chances are, that computer, and the information on it, are vital.

To keep your computer and its contents safe, consider investing in a laptop safe.

GunSafes.com has a variety of safes and mini-vaults to suit your needs. Check out some of these here.

One of the most convenient products is the attaché security case. Though this is not a permanent fixture, it provides added security when traveling or just going from home to your workplace. Many of these are designed specifically for laptop storage and transport, and have padded bases and compartments.

There are also a multitude of small home vaults available. Be sure to measure the dimensions of your laptop to be sure it will fit comfortably in your selected safe. The Sentry X series and the SafeKing models are especially suitable for this purpose.

There are also hotel-type safes and hidden wall safes if you want to conceal your computer or valuables even more deeply, like in a closet or behind a painting or wall hanging.

And remember, if you’re not sure what you need, or have special security concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call or open a chat with one of our reps. With our vast selection of security products, we’re sure to have something right for you.

Out of Sight

When it comes to keeping your items secure, out of sight is definitely out of mind.

Although there are plenty of safes that can protect your valuables from thieves, it’s even better if the thieves don’t know you have valuables, or a safe, in the first place.

There are several options for keeping things covert. At GunSafes.com, we have safes that fit into the wall or floor, to be covered by artwork or a carpet, as well as safes that look like electrical panels or refrigerators. There are vaults that replace all or part of your bed’s box spring, and vaults that are designed to sit flat against the back wall of a closet. We also have RocLoks, which are very realistic and durable locking landscape rocks, for hiding keys or other small items. And of course, if a safe is small enough, you can hide it inside many kinds of traditional furniture pieces.