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New Products: Browning Adds DPX Gun Safe to More Models

Browning is a name we know at trust at, and this year, they’re giving us even more to love by making the DPX storage system standard on all Pro-Steel Platinum Plus, Gold, Medallion, Sterling, Copper, and Bronze series gun safes.

DPX stands for “Duo Plus Extra” and it is a system that utilizes the door for gun and accessory storage.

As soon as you see this system of racks, pockets, and pouches, you’ll realize the infinite possibilities. You can even store long guns on the door panel, with strategically placed hardware that cradles and conforms to your weapon, swiveling easily to allow quick access. What’s more, you can utilize the hardware in multiple configurations to best suit the needs of your arsenal.

Browning safes are beautiful to begin with—the perfect addition to a library or den. These are also among our most reliable and secure safes. The DPX system makes the inside of the safe just as attractive as the outside—neat, tidy, carefully organized. And even better, the DPX system adds another layer of security and reliability. There is no fumbling around for that handgun that got lost in the shuffle of rifles. It’s right there, at your fingertips and ready to use when you need it most.

Browning prides itself in not cutting corners when it comes to manufacturing and safety standards. They integrate the best security features, and back them up with the top fire ratings in the business.

Compare the locking system, thickness of steel, size and number of locking bolts, and degree of fire protection in a Browning versus any other safe. You’ll see that there are none better.

Browning is also simply beautiful. With richly enameled colors and beautiful wildlife scenes, the Browning safe looks as good as it performs. Many models also come with cedar shelving and mirror-lined, lighted interiors, making the Browning not only a thing of beauty, but a perfect display for your weapons.

Check out this video showing the capacity of the DPX System.

Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide: What Size?

Right after cost, the most common concern for gun safe buyers is size.

What size gun safe do you need to store your weapons? What do the specifications mean?

It can be a little confusing when taking a first look at safes and numbers.

For example, one of our most popular models, the Liberty Fat Boy, states it is a 64-gun safe. This means that without using any of the shelving units for ammo or accessories, you can store up to 64 long guns. This depends, of course, on how bulky the rifles are, and if they have scopes or accessories.

Another popular model, the Browning M28F, states it is a 11 to 29 gun safe. This means you can store up to 11 long guns, and as many as 29 pistols.

The Cannon CO 54 safe states it can hold 48 guns. But take a look at the picture. As shown, the configuration will hold about 8 long guns and maybe a dozen pistols. In order to get optimal storage, you would have to remove all those great shelves.

This may work for some people, but we’ve found that once you have a gun safe, you want to store a lot more than just guns in it.

That’s why we always encourage people to buy bigger than they think they’ll need. Whether it’s your ever-growing gun collection, your important documents, or your one-of-a-kind collectibles, your gun safe will become a trusted place to keep things safe.

So when thinking about size, also think about the types of firearms you have, the additional accessories you’ll want to store, and whether you’re willing to give up shelf space for gun space. Then, always get the biggest safe you can afford. We’ve often found people wishing they bought a bigger safe, but never wishing they’d gone smaller.

Truck Gun Storage

Guns and trucks go together like salt and pepper, like Sonny and Cher, like cookies and milk, like rama lama lama…well, you get it.

The problem is figuring out how to safely store your firearms inside your vehicle, so that they are both secure and accessible.

Of course there’s always the classic window-mounted gun rack, but that isn’t very safe, and it doesn’t suit every purpose.

GunSafes offers several great options for storing guns in your truck.

You can store pistols in any one of a number of Console Vaults—lockboxes designed to fit into your vehicle’s existing console with no modification. We carry models for Chevy, Ford, GMC, Dodge, and more. These are custom-fabricated to fit right into the console, lock securely, and keep your handgun away from prying eyes and fingers, but close at hand should you need it quickly.

TruckVault offers even more options for a variety of storage, including boxes for pistols, long guns, and even gear and supplies. TruckVaults are slide-out drawers made from durable material that are custom-made to fit the bed of your truck or SUV. These are the guys who design entire field units for vehicles involved in search and rescue and law enforcement, so you know you can depend on them to build it strong and build it right.

These units come with a secure combination lock that can be reset to your preferences, and are strong enough that you can park your motorcycle or snowmobile on top of them. Less space, less fuss, and more security for your valuables.

To see our full line of Console Vaults, click

For more info on TruckVault, go to or contact our rep, Josh Delucchi, at 800-540-1695 ext 401 or

Biometric Safes

When people talk about “fingerprint” gun safes, they’re talking about biometrics—methods to recognize authority using the human body. Common biometrics include voice recognition, retinal scanning, and of course, fingerprints.

Long ago, technology like biometrics was new and unusual and beyond the price range of most people. Today you can have this technology in a gun safe for only a few hundred dollars—just a little more than you might pay for a standard combination or key-locking safe.

And once upon a time, fingerprint scanning was not entirely reliable, but today’s biometric vaults have been refined to the point where false readings are virtually unheard of.

Two of the most popular brands of fingerprint recognition safes are the Inprint and GunVault. Generally, these types of safe are only large enough for one or two pistols, or a pistol and a few other small valuables. There are also full-sized biometric safes, but the smaller sizes tend to be the most popular.

Generally, people like to keep a biometric-style safe near the bed for quick and easy access to their home protection weapon, and keep the bulk of their gun collection and other valuables in a standard-size safe.

GunSafes offers both the Inprint and GunVault brands, as well as many other brands of biometric safe, in a variety of styles and sizes. So if you’re looking for the convenience and speed of fingerprint gun safe access, look no further.

Vehicle Vaults

Spend much time in small towns out West, and you’ll see a lot of trucks with gun racks mounted in the rear windows. Until recently, a rifle in the window and a pistol in the glove box were your only options for firearms transportation. Not uniformly legal, and definitely not secure.

Enter Console Vault and TruckVault.

Console Vault specializes in locking vaults designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle. These boxes fit into your existing console without modification, offering the high security of an all-steel locking vault, plus the added layer of concealment from the console.

Console Vaults feature thick, 12-gauge steel, plus drill-resistant locks with key or three-digit combination option. And when you need to access your firearm or valuables quickly, the spring-assisted lid makes it easy.

For larger or longer gun storage needs, TruckVault offers custom solutions in the form of truck gun safes. TruckVaults rest in the bed of your pick-up or SUV for storing long guns and other equipment. You can stack several configurations for a complete weapons and valuables cache in the back of your SUV, or use a single unit in a pick-up bed and still park motorcycles or ATVs on top.

TruckVaults are available with one or multiple drawers, and are carpet-lined to prevent damage. These boxes are fire, water, and pry-resistant. TruckVaults are available with key or combination lock.

TruckVaults can serve as a secure way to organize your hunting, fishing, and camping gear; or act as a complete mobile office and operations center. These are especially useful for law enforcement and crime scene vehicles, for storing, organizing, and securing supplies and firearms.

For about the price of a comparable traditional safe, you can finally have security and peace of mind while transporting firearms in your vehicle. And once you have a Console Vault or TruckVault, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one.

Modular Gun Safes

If you want an easy option for placing and moving your storage system, whether for guns or valuables, look into modular-type safes and cabinets.

These units are shipped in pieces, and typically assemble in a matter of minutes. Best of all, they can be put together right where you need them, and taken apart if you need to move.

Modular safes are the perfect solution for people who live in high rises, or who move frequently. These are also great if you have to negotiate narrow staircases or fit your safe into an awkward place, like a closet or niche.

SnapSafe makes a great modular safe called the Titan. Not only is it convenient to move and assemble, the heaviest part of the entire safe is the door, weighing in at 90 pounds. This means an average man can haul and manipulate the safe pieces without any assistance. In fact, our SnapSafes rep put a safe together in our showroom, unaided, in about 15 minutes.

There is also a smaller SnapSafe, the Little Titan closet vault, perfect for storing small arms and valuables.

Other less secure options are the modular cabinets from Stack-On. These don’t offer the same degree of fire and theft protection, but are a great solution for keeping guns out of young hands and important documents safe.

All of these options are very affordable, with cabinets priced at $160, and SnapSafes from $770 to $880, including shipping. You’ll save even more money assembling and installing the safe or cabinet yourself. And when it comes time to move, you’ll be really happy you went with a product that can move so easily with you.

Quick-Access Gun Safes

There are many reasons to have a gun safe in your home: protecting your firearms from damage, preventing theft, and keeping them from the hands of children.

But as important as all these considerations are, if you keep a handgun for home protection, it will not do you a lot of good locked up in a safe when you have mere seconds to respond to a threat.

That’s why there are so many options in quick-access gun safes at

There are small and large models, safes that open with fingerprints or codes, and even safes that hold only the trigger mechanism, for super-fast access as well as peace of mind.

By far the most popular handgun safes we carry are the GunVault line. GunVaults have a molded finger bed and operate with a simple 4-key combination you can program. These vaults are also available with fingerprint recognition that you can program to accept a number of different prints.

Homak also makes a line of safes with quick and easy keypad access. These offer a vertical profile, rather than GunVault’s more horizontal function.

Another interesting option is the Sooner Thor handgun stand. This stand keeps your pistol at arm’s reach, handle ready, by locking the area around the trigger. This keeps the gun secure and prevents firing, but allows you to actually have the gun in your hand before it is even unlocked from its stand.

As you can see, there are many options for quick-access gun safes, in a variety of styles and prices. Check out our entire selection of pistol safes, and you are certain to find something that will fit your unique needs and circumstances.

Out of Sight

When it comes to keeping your items secure, out of sight is definitely out of mind.

Although there are plenty of safes that can protect your valuables from thieves, it’s even better if the thieves don’t know you have valuables, or a safe, in the first place.

There are several options for keeping things covert. At, we have safes that fit into the wall or floor, to be covered by artwork or a carpet, as well as safes that look like electrical panels or refrigerators. There are vaults that replace all or part of your bed’s box spring, and vaults that are designed to sit flat against the back wall of a closet. We also have RocLoks, which are very realistic and durable locking landscape rocks, for hiding keys or other small items. And of course, if a safe is small enough, you can hide it inside many kinds of traditional furniture pieces.


As I write this, Tom from SnapSafes is in our showroom, putting our reps to work assembling one of their modular safes.

What makes SnapSafes so cool is that from the time it arrives in a shipping box, a single human can move it with a hand truck, unpack it, then start assembly.

SnapSafes are lined with ceramic fiber blankets for a 2300F one hour rating, though Tom says it’s good for 2½ hours. The consensus is that these blankets provide superior protection to a gypsum board.

Each piece is clearly labeled, so assembly is, literally, a snap.

A great feature of SnapSafe is that because it’s modular, should a piece get damaged in shipment or during assembly, you can easily replace it without having to send back the entire safe.

SnapSafes can also be moved and assembled to places other safes can’t go—like up narrow stairs, or in tricky closet spaces. It’s just a matter of moving a few panels.

SnapSafes have multiple interior configuration possibilities, from long guns with shelf, to all gun, to all shelves.

It took about ten minutes for Tom to unpack all the parts, and maybe another ten minutes to get the safe together.

And if you ever need to move it—super easy from the inside! Outside, it’s just as secure as any of the safes in its price range.

SnapSafes warranties for a year, and of course, any damaged piece can be shipped and replaced quickly and easily.

Learn more about SnapSafe here.

Biometric Safes

In the world of guns and gun safes, few topics are as divisive as biometric safes.

Those who love them, really love them, and those who don’t, well, they just really don’t.

The benefits of a fingerprint recognition safe are, of course, that it is nearly impossible for an unauthorized person to gain access. Each safe is coded to accept only the prints you wish it to recognize. This also means you can have remarkably quick access to your safe–a big plus if you’re using it to store your home security weapon.

Smaller fingerprint-recognition safes are generally more popular than full-sized safes, but the big boys are out there, and many find them to be a secure and convenient option for storing gun collections and important documents.

People who dislike biometric safes cite the possibility of not being able to get into it when they need to, or a battery going dead at an inopportune time. Though these are valid points, with better technology as well as options like direct AC connectors with battery back-up, these issues become a little less relevant each day.

Is a biometric safe right for you? Check out our video to see some of the features, then go to our biometric page to check out all the styles and brands available.

Barska Biometric Safes

When Security Matters

Here at GunSafes, we don’t really endorse one brand of safe over another. There are so many models and styles of gun safe, in so many price points, that what works for you might not work for someone else.

We can say, though, that most of the time, you get what you pay for. Just look at this post from a public firearms forum:

“I live in a rural area where there are no neighbors to hear an alarm. Last year on May 19 my home was broken into. My Browning safe put up a good fight and won, but unfortunately my Cannon safe gave up 13 long guns, two pistols, and a laptop computer. Please don’t think just any old safe is really safe. I lost a lot of family history that day because ‘it would never happen to me,’ and I tried to save a dollar. I now know the meaning of priceless. Spend the money buy a quality gun safe.”

I’m not here to tell you that Browning is better that Cannon, or that a $3,000 safe is going to work better for you than a $1500 safe. I will say that there is a difference in manufacturers, and a difference in prices. You also can’t compare Cannon’s cheapest model with Browning’s most expensive.

What you can do, though, is research exactly what you  need. Decide beforehand the amount of space you require. Are you more concerned with fire or theft? Does a standard dial lock suit you, or would you be better served with an electronic lock? Only you can decide the features and degree of protection you need.

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, give us a call or open a chat window. Nobody knows more about gun safes than the reps at

You tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll give you the straight dope. Whether your priority is saving money or saving your legacy, we’ll make sure you find exactly what you need.

Our goal is your satisfaction, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your valuables are protected. When security matters to you, give us a call.

Safe Rooms

When I say “safe room,” one of two things probably comes to mind—a place to hide from home invasion, or a place to store a lot of guns.

Actually, you can have either or both with a little clever architecture. If you want a truly secure panic room, you will need to have reinforced walls, floor, and ceiling, and methods that go beyond the scope of this post. However, if all you need is a secure place to regroup and call for help, or store a large number of valuables, you can achieve this with an interior room and a vault door.

Whether you need a security door, fire door, or combination-locked vault door, check out our selection at

Vault doors lock securely, and can be opened easily from the inside, but not the outside.

Styles of vault door vary, but most have thick steel plates filled with insulation. These doors feature from 10 to 20 locking bolts that penetrate into the doorframe, making the door virtually pry-proof. Higher-end doors also feature re-lockers, so if someone attempts to drill the lock from the outside, a re-locking mechanism will engage extra security bolts or lock existing ones into place.

If you have renovation and remodeling experience, you will be able to install one of these doors with some assistance. If you don’t, be sure to contract the job to a trustworthy source. It’s not only a matter of personal safety, these doors weigh several hundred pounds and need to be installed correctly in order to function properly.

So whether you need a retreat or a walk-in gun closet, look into making your own safe room with a vault door from

Rifle Rods

If you’re having trouble getting your guns to fit, or you just want a better way to stack and organize them in your safe, check out Rifle Rods.

These ingenious little devices are rods that you insert into the rifle barrel, then Velcro into place. Super easy to install, super easy to remove.

The Rifle Rod starter kit comes with loop fabric that you simply staple to the shelf of your gun safe. Drop a rod into your rifle, position your rifle where you want it, and press the Velcro end onto the fabric. Simple as that.

Check out this video for a demonstration of how quick and easy Rifle Rods are:

Console Vault

Lately, news of the recession has reminded me of Michael Corleone’s quote in the Godfather III “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” These days, it seems like any time the country take a few steps forward, we take a step back into economic trouble. What’s a person to do?

Well, one thing the experts say will help is to buy American. Supporting U.S. manufacturers means your money stays in the loop and helps reinforce our economy.

One company that makes great products at great prices right here in the U.S. is Console Vault. Based out of Nevada, Console Vault has been manufacturing safes and vaults for over 8 years, and outfits some pretty well known companies, such as the CIA, FBI, U.S. Marshalls Office, and the U.S. Army.

You may not be on missions quite so secretive and crucial, but chances are, if you carry a firearm for personal protection, you’re constantly struggling with how to safely store and access your pistol when travelling. Console Vault has the answer—actually, several answers.

Console Vaults are locking inserts that fit into your vehicle’s console without modification. Console Vault has more than two dozen styles to fit a wide variety of vehicles, and offers their vaults in key lock or combination lock models. If they don’t have a vault that fits your model, there’s always the “universal” fit option.

Console Vaults fit inside your vehicles console while still allowing the lid of your console to open and close normally. They also feature a spring-assisted lid, so when you need to get into your vault, you can do so quickly.

Console Vaults are fabricated from 12-gauge cold-rolled plate steel with welded tab and notch seams, and feature a drill-resistant locking system.

Not having to modify your vehicle mean less chance of a thief spotting your vault, giving you an extra edge.

And remember, all Console Vaults are made in the USA, so not only do you know you’re getting a quality product, you’re giving a boost to the economy as well.