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Guns are made to protect us from people that may destroy life, but when you have a gun at home, it is necessary to keep it safely kept in a secure box so no accidents occur. If you’re not sure where you can find a good, secure box, look no further than E-Lock gunsafes, a renowned online store offering gun safes and cabinets, is a one-stop store where you will find all types of gun cabinets. At, you will find a wide variety of gun safes that the perfect place to keep your guns. The categories of products they offer include gun safes, deposit safes, gun racks, vault doors, diversion safes, modular safes, biometric gun safe, truck vaults, and many more. The cases they offer cater to both single and double rifles, cases with high quality aluminum locks, and other durable features.

All the products belong to renowned brands like Browning, Liberty, Fort Knox, AMSEC, SnapSafe, just to name a few. You can purchase all the products from this online store at the cheapest prices possible. Looking to purchase a gun safe? Visit their site and buy one online today. Transforming the Industry with their Efficient & Informative Service’s sole purpose of making quality gun safes has evolved over time with technology and progress. As consumers, we can never know what might happen from one minute to the next, but we can prepare ourselves to deal with it. Keeping our valuables safe with products is a great first step.

It has been proven that these safes are the best solution for keeping valuables protected. And when it comes to safety, nobody beats, where you’ll find an unbeatable selection of gun safes for your home and office. Whether you are facing a robbery or a natural disaster, or even the possibility of fire, this miraculous safe is going to keep your precious items sheltered in one place.

When you have decided to buy a Gunsafe, don’t bother looking all over the internet because nobody offers a wider selection of pistol safes, wall safes, office safes, deposit, waterproof, and handgun safes than They are the best in terms of quality and customer service. Their representatives take personal ownership of even the most minor details and ensure a quick and accurate resolution.

GunSafes Awards Kevin Page with the Offered Gun Vault Micro Vault MVB500, a leading gun safes dealer, has revealed the winner of its popular summer contest. Kevin Page, gun enthusiast, won the competition and was awarded with the Gun Vault Micro Vault MVB500. Congratulations to Kevin!

Gun Vault Micro Vault MVB500

Customers may purchase discounted gunsafes from this store as it offers huge discounts on all its products. Purchasing Gunsafe for sale from the store, customers can save a lot of money while purchasing their favorite gun safe.

A representative from the company said, “Browning gun safes come from a company founded over 130 years ago. Originating in 1879, Browning was started by the great gun maker John Browning and his patent for the single shot rifle. Through the years, J.M. Browning drastically impacted the design of firearms with his countless inventions and patents, and today this company continues to take the entire industry to new levels by maintaining the quality and traditional spirit that is the foundation of Browning.”

The store offers various home safes and other types of gunsafes from Browning including 2013 Browning PP49F Gun Safe Platinum Plus: 22-55 Gun Safe – Scratch and Dent, Browning SR26F Gun Safe Silver Series: 10-29 Gun Safe – Multiple Colors, Browning SR37F Gun Safe Silver Series: 22-43 Gun Safe – Multiple Colors, Browning SR45F Gun Safe Silver Series: 22-43 Gun Safe – Multiple Colors and many others to choose from. Customers should also take a look at the large collection of gun cabinets at their online portal and place their order directly.

Made in the USA Gun Safes for Complete Peace of Mind

Everyone would concur that unattended guns can be extremely dangerous. So, for your own peace of mind, you need to ensure that yours are kept securely. For this purpose, gun safes can come in handy. With a gun safe, you can not only prevent authorized access, but also be certain that your firearms are protected from fire.

Unattended guns can be even more dangerous if they are in an office. The bottom line is that whether you have guns at home or in office, you must have a gun safe for their storage. However, buying just about any safe won’t give you complete peace of mind, unless you are buying a made in the USA gun safes.

Browning SR26F Gun Safe

One of the most coveted gun safes in the market, the SR26F perfectly substantiates the growing demand of made in the USA gun safes. Take a look at the features:

  • Remarkable fire protection –This safe has been tested at 1200°F for 75 minutes. The SR26F has 3 layers of fire-resistant insulation in the body as well as the door.
  • Sturdy construction – The safe’s 11-gauge steel body speaks volumes about its sturdiness. In addition, it comes with 1 5/16″ thick Duo-Formed® Door, which leaves no room for doubt.

While made in the USA gun safes are perfect for securing your guns, the pistol safes made here are also worthwhile. Look at the example given below and you’d agree.


GunVault MVB500 Pistol Safe MicroVault Biometric

With a rock-solid construction, foolproof security, and an advanced access, the MVB500 is most certainly a masterpiece. Here are some of its other features:

  • Comes with a security cable. The cable can be used for securing the safe to a fixed object.
  • Has a low False Reject Rate for a given False Accept Rate.

For a wide selection of gun and pistol safes made in America, visit The best part is that you get to buy premium safes at affordable prices.



Rifle Safes Promising Unmatched Value for Money

If you need to protect your rifles from fire and theft, you’d probably be willing to invest a substantial amount of money. However, we have several rifle safes that are not only light on your pocket, but also deliver much more than what you’d expect from any of the budget safes available in the market.

For your reference, two such safes are discussed below:

rifle safes

The Rhino 7142 is quite affordable, but wait till you actually get to know all the features the safe is loaded with. First of all, this is one of the few rifle safes that can hold up to 45 rifles. Sounds unbelievable? There’s more:

  • With this safe, there will be no risk of you losing your rifles to fire. This is because it can endure 1200 degree F for up to 2.5 Hour!
  • It has some of the best security features in the league; for example, the patented tungsten carbide hard plate to protect the lock.
  • Since this safe is from Rhino Metals, Inc., you can most certainly expect comprehensive warranty and the best customer service in the industry.

You’d be surprised to know that you can get all this and more for just $2,699.95*. Now that’s what you call value for money!

Here’s another example that would make you believe that buying rifle safes would definitely be a wise investment:

rifle and gun safes

The DocuGem G0816F can be used for the purpose of storing as many as 16** rifles.

Some USPs:

  • Remarkable protection against fire; comes with a door seal designed to expand in the event of exposure to high temperatures.
  • Fully carpeted interior; again, value for money.
  • Can also be used for storing other valuables such as handguns, shotguns, etc. So, you spend money for getting one of the rifle safes, and get to utilize for other types of ammunition without spending an extra cent.

For more rifle and gun safes, visit We have some of the best most reputed brands, such as Rhino, Sentry, Cannon, and others, all available at reasonable prices.

*Price may change without prior notice; visit to check the latest price.

** 3 side shelves have to be removed to ensure that up to 16 rifles can be easily stored.

Buy GunVault Gun Safes to Keep your Handguns and Valuables Secure

When you look for typical gun safes, you are sure to find many options; however, not many of them are likely to be designed for storing any other valuables besides guns.

Interestingly, GunVault safes are different in this regard. Various safes by this legendary manufacturer can be used to store pretty much every treasured possession you may have.

Furthermore, the safes offered by GunVault make use of patented No-Eyes® Keypad and Bio Pad to help you gain access to the safes with utter ease, even when it’s dark outside. has several GunVault safes that you can choose from; to give you an idea of what you can except for these safes, we are discussing two of them here. However, before we do that, let us tell you some of the reasons for which we have chosen to offer gun safes by this brand:

  • Built-in computer blocks
  • User-selectable access codes (more than 12 million)
  • Precise fittings, among others

Coming back to the two mentions:

GunVault GVB1000

The GunVault GVB1000 is a marvel with biometric capabilities. The False Reject Rate (FRR) of this safe for a given False Accept Rate (FAR) is exceptionally low, which is certainly a plus point. Furthermore, it has some interesting features, which include:

  • 16 gauge steel housing
  • A spring-loaded door that’s tamper proof
  • Capacity to store up to 30 fingerprints

We hope the GunVault GVB1000 would meet your requirements, but still you can always check the other options; for instance, the much sought-after GunVault SVB500 Speedvault.


GunVault safesIf you think 30 fingerprints won’t be enough and you may require storing more, this safe is what you might be looking for. Interestingly, it’s one of the few safes that can program as many as 120 fingerprints. Other features include:

  • Audio and LED low battery warning
  • Backup override key
  • Low weight (weighs only 6.61 lbs.)

So, now do you believe GunVault safes can be useful when you are trying to secure your guns? If yes, do check our selection at

How to Make the Choice between Gun Safes for Sale

Gun Safes for Sale: Protecting guns can be a difficult process, but buying gun safes doesn’t have to be. Simply put, you don’t have to go all the way to some brick and mortar store to buy safes because gun safes for sale can be found everyday at

While our prices are always affordable, occasional we will offer some safes that we specifically offer as ‘sale items’; interestingly, these may turn out to be cheaper than others because they may have negligible blemishes.

Nevertheless, here are two of the many safes that are currently being sold at reduced prices; there are some pointers as well, which would help you make a decision on what product is right for you:

Browning SR37F Gun SafeLet’s start with the 2013 Browning SR37F Gun Safe. The following are some of the features included in this product, and for which you should choose this safe:

  • Anti-prying: This gun safe for sale has world-class anti-pry features that include pry-stop end bolts, among others.
  • Fire protection: If by chance you were to place this safe in a fire prone area or in any area where a fire might occur, then the SR37F is one of the safest bets among other safe options. Rest assured fire won’t make you lose your guns because the safe has been tested at 1200°F for 75 minutes.

Meanwhile, it is imperative for you to understand that the choice must be made according to your requirements; so, if the SR37F doesn’t fit the bill, may be the next one will:

PP49F Browning SafeThe PP49F Gun Safe from Browning is available with us for just $5,499.00 * whereas the retail price of this gun safe for sale is $6,599.00.

You should buy this safe if:

  • You wish to be ensured that you won’t lose your guns to fire; here, it’s worth mentioning that just like the SR37F, this safe has also been tested at 1200°F, but for a longer period of time, to be precise, 120 minutes.
  • You are focusing on convenience; this safe has a quick access DPX barrel rack and many other features that are required for convenient handling.

If you wish to explore any other gun safe for sale, please visit us at and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for specials!

*Price may change without notice; check the latest price before placing your order.

Transitions in Gun Safes and Pistol Safes over the Years

A couple of years back, if you’d have considered the idea of keeping your guns secure with the aid of a gun safe, you would have come across bulky and odd-looking options, which were anything but stylish. While you might not have bothered about the looks of the safes for obvious reasons, you would have required arranging for additional space in your garage or basement because that’s where these safes could be kept. Luckily for you, those days have passed as some of the  Gun Safe available these days are so stylish that you’d want to flaunt them and may even consider keeping them in your living room.Pistol Gun Safes

Take, for example, the 2013 Browning M28F Gun Safe Medallion Series: 11-29 Gun Safe. With its high-gloss enamel finish, the safe is more certainly an object of desire. However, if you are thinking that good looks may restrict the usability of this safe, then you are under the wrong impression. After all, a safe that comes with Uni-Force locking system is unlikely to disappoint you. Much to your delight, it also has two cams.

The M28F can be rightly called as the perfect combination of style and security. This is because not only it comes loaded with exceptional security features but the mere fact that you can choose a lock finish that goes well with the color of the safe. In fact, at, we ensure that you don’t have to necessarily settle for “Textured Charcoal” (as shown in the picture), and get to pick the color of the choice. You can choose from Gross Black, Black Cherry, Silver Metallic, and a host of other options.

Interestingly, it’s not like only the gun safes that have undergone changes, because pistol safes have also come of age. More importantly, these safes have now become more secure, with many of them having biometgun safes 4ric capabilities, which were earlier unheard of. So, if you have lost keys and smart cards in the past, it is high time that you benefit from the advancement in technology and get home one of the biometric safes. Just to let you know, many of these safes may also have keys, but they’d be there only for the purpose of backup.

GunVault GVB1000 Pistol Safe MiniVault is one of the several options that we have in store for you. For a safe that comes with 16-guage steel housing, we shouldn’t require telling you more, but we assume that its weight may entice you even more.

Interestingly, the safe weighs merely 8 lbs, but don’t get deceived by its light weight. Just like any other premium vault, GVB1000 promises steadfast security and complete peace of mind.

There’s more to Gun Safes than Securing Your Guns

Let’s start with an example – You have guns and so you got one of the gun safes to prevent all possible incidents of unauthorized access. While you may succeed in securing your guns, you might lose them to fire. Had you got yourself any of the fire safes, you’d not have to worry about the protection of your guns. Luckily for you, here at, we have always believed that safes can only serve their basic purpose, i.e. to secure your guns when they conform to the highest standards as far as fire safety, authorized access, and other important aspects are concerned.

biometric gun safes Moreover, fire may not be the only deterrent that is likely to put your guns at risk because you can never tell wants to access the safe and take out the guns in your absence. Of course, you can try to keep the keys at a secure place but they can still be duplicated. Unfortunately, even going high-tech may not be of great help if you have a tendency to forget passwords. The good news is that when you consider buying Protex HZ-34 Fingerprint Safe or any of the other biometric safes, you automatically ensure that no one else tries to get away with your valuable guns.


  • With the Protex HZ-34, you not only get the much sought-after biometric capabilities, but can also stop worrying about fire damaging your guns. Just to let you know, it comes with a fire liner, thereby offering fire protection for as many as 30 minutes.
  • For a safe that has concealed hinges, security won’t be a problem. Period.


  • Elsewhere*, it is available for as much as $548.00.

biometric gun safesTo sum up, biometric gun safes are one of the perfect examples of advancement in technology, and choosing one of these would be enough to keep unauthorized people as well as fire away from your guns. However, while choosing any of the safes you may have specific requirements that may not be necessarily met by all the safes having biometric capabilities. Interestingly, we have a large selection and therefore, you’d most certainly find several options that meet all of your expectations. For instance, you may want that no matter which of the safes you buy you should be able to fit them between your floor joists.

In such a situation, the safe on your left (see the pic) will come in really handy. Just to let you know, we have several options as far as floor gun safes are concerned, and American Security B2200 Safe is merely one of them. However, we are sure you are going to find it useful because it comes loaded with features such as an oversize floor plate.

*check our price here (

Smart Shopping for Gun Safe Accessories

Gun Safe Accessories: It is undeniable that when you need to protect your guns from water and fire, the best you can do is buy gun safes. However, no matter how good your safes are, you may not be able to take full advantage of them in the absence of the right accessories. For instance, without dehumidifiers you may lose your guns to moisture. Similarly, when you do not use holsters for storing your handguns, the latter is unlikely to be within reach. So, the bottom line is that it is imperative for you to get gun safe accessories.

Interestingly, whenever you think about buying any of the aforesaid accessories, considering the following points may help:

  • Dehumidifiers: Unless you are okay with the idea of cords penetrating the side or back of your gun safes, you should opt for cordless dehumidifiers. Furthermore, it makes sense for you to ensure that the accessories you buy won’t pose any threat to the environment and your children or pets. In other words, you require looking for non-toxic, eco-friendly dehumidifiers.
  • Holsters: Of course, you’d do anything to keep your handguns safe, but safety shouldn’t require you to drill or make any other modifications to your safes. Unless the holsters help you keep the handguns within reach they are unlikely to serve any purpose.

Just to let you know, in addition to the aforesaid accessories, you can also consider buying several other gun safe accessories; these include, but are not limited to:

  • Lights: Lights can help when you require seeing the safes’ controls with clarity. However, when buying lights you must ensure that they will give you discreet access and won’t impair your vision.
  • Moving straps: You can use the straps for moving the gun safes, if required. However, make sure that the straps allow you to maintain proper posture and decrease the risk of injury to your lower back and forearms.

When you shop for any of the aforesaid accessories at, you not only pay less than the retail price but can also stop worrying about authenticity.

New Products: Browning Adds DPX Gun Safe to More Models

Browning is a name we know at trust at, and this year, they’re giving us even more to love by making the DPX storage system standard on all Pro-Steel Platinum Plus, Gold, Medallion, Sterling, Copper, and Bronze series gun safes.

DPX stands for “Duo Plus Extra” and it is a system that utilizes the door for gun and accessory storage.

As soon as you see this system of racks, pockets, and pouches, you’ll realize the infinite possibilities. You can even store long guns on the door panel, with strategically placed hardware that cradles and conforms to your weapon, swiveling easily to allow quick access. What’s more, you can utilize the hardware in multiple configurations to best suit the needs of your arsenal.

Browning safes are beautiful to begin with—the perfect addition to a library or den. These are also among our most reliable and secure safes. The DPX system makes the inside of the safe just as attractive as the outside—neat, tidy, carefully organized. And even better, the DPX system adds another layer of security and reliability. There is no fumbling around for that handgun that got lost in the shuffle of rifles. It’s right there, at your fingertips and ready to use when you need it most.

Browning prides itself in not cutting corners when it comes to manufacturing and safety standards. They integrate the best security features, and back them up with the top fire ratings in the business.

Compare the locking system, thickness of steel, size and number of locking bolts, and degree of fire protection in a Browning versus any other safe. You’ll see that there are none better.

Browning is also simply beautiful. With richly enameled colors and beautiful wildlife scenes, the Browning safe looks as good as it performs. Many models also come with cedar shelving and mirror-lined, lighted interiors, making the Browning not only a thing of beauty, but a perfect display for your weapons.

Check out this video showing the capacity of the DPX System.

Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide: What Size?

Right after cost, the most common concern for gun safe buyers is size.

What size gun safe do you need to store your weapons? What do the specifications mean?

It can be a little confusing when taking a first look at safes and numbers.

For example, one of our most popular models, the Liberty Fat Boy, states it is a 64-gun safe. This means that without using any of the shelving units for ammo or accessories, you can store up to 64 long guns. This depends, of course, on how bulky the rifles are, and if they have scopes or accessories.

Another popular model, the Browning M28F, states it is a 11 to 29 gun safe. This means you can store up to 11 long guns, and as many as 29 pistols.

The Cannon CO 54 safe states it can hold 48 guns. But take a look at the picture. As shown, the configuration will hold about 8 long guns and maybe a dozen pistols. In order to get optimal storage, you would have to remove all those great shelves.

This may work for some people, but we’ve found that once you have a gun safe, you want to store a lot more than just guns in it.

That’s why we always encourage people to buy bigger than they think they’ll need. Whether it’s your ever-growing gun collection, your important documents, or your one-of-a-kind collectibles, your gun safe will become a trusted place to keep things safe.

So when thinking about size, also think about the types of firearms you have, the additional accessories you’ll want to store, and whether you’re willing to give up shelf space for gun space. Then, always get the biggest safe you can afford. We’ve often found people wishing they bought a bigger safe, but never wishing they’d gone smaller.

Truck Gun Storage

Guns and trucks go together like salt and pepper, like Sonny and Cher, like cookies and milk, like rama lama lama…well, you get it.

The problem is figuring out how to safely store your firearms inside your vehicle, so that they are both secure and accessible.

Of course there’s always the classic window-mounted gun rack, but that isn’t very safe, and it doesn’t suit every purpose.

GunSafes offers several great options for storing guns in your truck.

You can store pistols in any one of a number of Console Vaults—lockboxes designed to fit into your vehicle’s existing console with no modification. We carry models for Chevy, Ford, GMC, Dodge, and more. These are custom-fabricated to fit right into the console, lock securely, and keep your handgun away from prying eyes and fingers, but close at hand should you need it quickly.

TruckVault offers even more options for a variety of storage, including boxes for pistols, long guns, and even gear and supplies. TruckVaults are slide-out drawers made from durable material that are custom-made to fit the bed of your truck or SUV. These are the guys who design entire field units for vehicles involved in search and rescue and law enforcement, so you know you can depend on them to build it strong and build it right.

These units come with a secure combination lock that can be reset to your preferences, and are strong enough that you can park your motorcycle or snowmobile on top of them. Less space, less fuss, and more security for your valuables.

To see our full line of Console Vaults, click

For more info on TruckVault, go to or contact our rep, Josh Delucchi, at 800-540-1695 ext 401 or

American Security

Some safe companies specialize in fire ratings, others in technology. Some companies advertise luxury add-ons like plush, lighted interiors and e-capabilities. American Security specializes in, well, security.

AmSec was the first domestic safe company to obtain Underwriter Laboratory’s coveted TL15 and TL30 burglary ratings, and they continue to lead the competition with safety features like massive locking bolts, steel plate-covered mechanisms, and multiple fire-proofing elements.

American Security is also unique in that they still sell vault doors—the niche market where they got their start—so you can design and build your own safe or safe room.

AmSec also manufactures deposit safes, office safes, and floor safes. In fact, if I had to venture a guess, I would say that American Security offers more different types of safes in multiple configurations than any other safe company out there.

AmSec was first in safety, and it’s a legacy to which they still hold fast. We put our trust in their name, and we think you can, too.

Biometric Safes

When people talk about “fingerprint” gun safes, they’re talking about biometrics—methods to recognize authority using the human body. Common biometrics include voice recognition, retinal scanning, and of course, fingerprints.

Long ago, technology like biometrics was new and unusual and beyond the price range of most people. Today you can have this technology in a gun safe for only a few hundred dollars—just a little more than you might pay for a standard combination or key-locking safe.

And once upon a time, fingerprint scanning was not entirely reliable, but today’s biometric vaults have been refined to the point where false readings are virtually unheard of.

Two of the most popular brands of fingerprint recognition safes are the Inprint and GunVault. Generally, these types of safe are only large enough for one or two pistols, or a pistol and a few other small valuables. There are also full-sized biometric safes, but the smaller sizes tend to be the most popular.

Generally, people like to keep a biometric-style safe near the bed for quick and easy access to their home protection weapon, and keep the bulk of their gun collection and other valuables in a standard-size safe.

GunSafes offers both the Inprint and GunVault brands, as well as many other brands of biometric safe, in a variety of styles and sizes. So if you’re looking for the convenience and speed of fingerprint gun safe access, look no further.

High Security Safes

Sometimes you need to store guns, sometimes you need to store documents. Sometimes you need to store things that aren’t any of my business whatsoever, and you darn sure don’t want them to be anyone else’s business.

When security is your number one concern, look for safes with a TL-15 or TL-30 rating. TL is the Underwriter’s Laboratory testing standard that means a safe can withstand 15 or 30 minutes of serious break-in attempts. When I say serious, I mean construction-grade power tools, carbide blades, heavy-duty drills, and two guys tag-teaming with sledge hammers.

High security safes with these types of ratings can’t accommodate long guns, but they can fit anything smaller than a bread box, often with multiple shelves and up to 15 cubic feet of total storage space.

GunSafes offers TL-15 and TL-30 rated safes from Mesa, Socal, and American Security here.

I don’t know what you’ve got that needs this kind of security, and frankly I don’t need to know. And all you need to know is that if security is your priority, look for the TL rating, and look no further than