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Guns are made to protect us from people that may destroy life, but when you have a gun at home, it is necessary to keep it safely kept in a secure box so no accidents occur. If you’re not sure where you can find a good, secure box, look no further than E-Lock gunsafes, a renowned online store offering gun safes and cabinets, is a one-stop store where you will find all types of gun cabinets. At, you will find a wide variety of gun safes that the perfect place to keep your guns. The categories of products they offer include gun safes, deposit safes, gun racks, vault doors, diversion safes, modular safes, biometric gun safe, truck vaults, and many more. The cases they offer cater to both single and double rifles, cases with high quality aluminum locks, and other durable features.

All the products belong to renowned brands like Browning, Liberty, Fort Knox, AMSEC, SnapSafe, just to name a few. You can purchase all the products from this online store at the cheapest prices possible. Looking to purchase a gun safe? Visit their site and buy one online today. Transforming the Industry with their Efficient & Informative Service’s sole purpose of making quality gun safes has evolved over time with technology and progress. As consumers, we can never know what might happen from one minute to the next, but we can prepare ourselves to deal with it. Keeping our valuables safe with products is a great first step.

It has been proven that these safes are the best solution for keeping valuables protected. And when it comes to safety, nobody beats, where you’ll find an unbeatable selection of gun safes for your home and office. Whether you are facing a robbery or a natural disaster, or even the possibility of fire, this miraculous safe is going to keep your precious items sheltered in one place.

When you have decided to buy a Gunsafe, don’t bother looking all over the internet because nobody offers a wider selection of pistol safes, wall safes, office safes, deposit, waterproof, and handgun safes than They are the best in terms of quality and customer service. Their representatives take personal ownership of even the most minor details and ensure a quick and accurate resolution.

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Gun Vault Micro Vault MVB500

Customers may purchase discounted gunsafes from this store as it offers huge discounts on all its products. Purchasing Gunsafe for sale from the store, customers can save a lot of money while purchasing their favorite gun safe.

A representative from the company said, “Browning gun safes come from a company founded over 130 years ago. Originating in 1879, Browning was started by the great gun maker John Browning and his patent for the single shot rifle. Through the years, J.M. Browning drastically impacted the design of firearms with his countless inventions and patents, and today this company continues to take the entire industry to new levels by maintaining the quality and traditional spirit that is the foundation of Browning.”

The store offers various home safes and other types of gunsafes from Browning including 2013 Browning PP49F Gun Safe Platinum Plus: 22-55 Gun Safe – Scratch and Dent, Browning SR26F Gun Safe Silver Series: 10-29 Gun Safe – Multiple Colors, Browning SR37F Gun Safe Silver Series: 22-43 Gun Safe – Multiple Colors, Browning SR45F Gun Safe Silver Series: 22-43 Gun Safe – Multiple Colors and many others to choose from. Customers should also take a look at the large collection of gun cabinets at their online portal and place their order directly.

Busting the Myths Surrounding Floor Safes

Floor Safes.  It is undeniable that keeping your guns and other valuables out in the open is not a wise thing to do and you should store them in a gun safe to avoid all possible risks. Nevertheless, when you actually consider finding any of the safes for risk prevention, you can find several options, including floor safes, in our massive selection. Interestingly, you may overlook these safes and will try to find other options as you might have some preconceived notions about the former, all of which may not be true.

floor safes

On the left, you can see one of the floor safes that will change your opinion for good. American Security C5 Safe is one of the safes guaranteeing reliable protection against theft, fire as well as water. However, to ensure that water does not damage your guns, you may consider using water-resistant dust cover. Furthermore, it’s not as if the makers have only bothered to focus on protecting your valuables from water. Just to let you know, this safe is also perfect when you are scared that fire or burglary may result in some loss.

Nevertheless, if you don’t find this safe suitable for any reason, we have many more options for you that’ll make you realize that most of the drawbacks commonly known about floor safes are nothing but myths.

For instance, the BedBunker FS-300 Floor Safe

BedBunker FS-300 Floor Safe

will make you believe that floor safes do not always have to cost a fortune. Despite being loaded with features, this safe is available with us for just $1634.95*. Here, it’s worth mentioning that the retail price of this safe is much higher and elsewhere, you’d be expected to pay up to $1840.00. Considering the blend of features and reasonable cost the BedBunker has to offer, it would be safe to say that it is an ideal option for anyone who is looking for reliable security at a reasonable cost.

Meanwhile, being your one-stop destination for gun safes, we assume the responsibility of not only clearing the air regarding different types of safes, but also ensure that you have no myths when it comes to gun safes accessories. We understand that unless you try one of the dehumidifiers yourself, you’d continue to believe that they will give you a hard time during installation.

LockDown 12" DehumidifierIt is with this understanding that we bring to you the likes of LockDown 12″ Dehumidifier. The good news is that the quick plug attachment of this dehumidifier makes it quite easy to install. Furthermore, with this option, you’d be able to keep even some of the big safes dry because it can serve an area of up to 100 cubic ft. *The price may change without prior notice; please check ( before placing your order.

Smart Shopping for Gun Safe Accessories

Gun Safe Accessories: It is undeniable that when you need to protect your guns from water and fire, the best you can do is buy gun safes. However, no matter how good your safes are, you may not be able to take full advantage of them in the absence of the right accessories. For instance, without dehumidifiers you may lose your guns to moisture. Similarly, when you do not use holsters for storing your handguns, the latter is unlikely to be within reach. So, the bottom line is that it is imperative for you to get gun safe accessories.

Interestingly, whenever you think about buying any of the aforesaid accessories, considering the following points may help:

  • Dehumidifiers: Unless you are okay with the idea of cords penetrating the side or back of your gun safes, you should opt for cordless dehumidifiers. Furthermore, it makes sense for you to ensure that the accessories you buy won’t pose any threat to the environment and your children or pets. In other words, you require looking for non-toxic, eco-friendly dehumidifiers.
  • Holsters: Of course, you’d do anything to keep your handguns safe, but safety shouldn’t require you to drill or make any other modifications to your safes. Unless the holsters help you keep the handguns within reach they are unlikely to serve any purpose.

Just to let you know, in addition to the aforesaid accessories, you can also consider buying several other gun safe accessories; these include, but are not limited to:

  • Lights: Lights can help when you require seeing the safes’ controls with clarity. However, when buying lights you must ensure that they will give you discreet access and won’t impair your vision.
  • Moving straps: You can use the straps for moving the gun safes, if required. However, make sure that the straps allow you to maintain proper posture and decrease the risk of injury to your lower back and forearms.

When you shop for any of the aforesaid accessories at, you not only pay less than the retail price but can also stop worrying about authenticity.

What’s the Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier?

Asking the best type of dehumidifier is kind of like asking the best model of hunting rifle. Everyone has their preferences, and everyone finds a certain style fits them best.

In the case of dehumidifiers, it’s good to start by choosing either a desiccant or electric type.

If you don’t have a lot of moisture problems, and if an electrical connection is not available or too difficult to access, then the desiccant option might be the right choice for you.

The Browning Sacc Dry Zone is a vented box of moisture-absorbing material, much like the little packets you find in foods or medicine, but on a much larger scale. This is also similar to the RV and closet packs you can find at retail stores, with one important exception—the Browning pack can be recharged in the oven. That means that should the pack ever absorb to its capacity, you can place it in a warm oven to dry and reactivate it. You can repeat this process indefinitely. No electricity, no fuss, no problem. The Dry Zone protects up to 37 cubic feet of space, about the volume of a standard 30-inch-wide safe. This product retails for $34.95

For an even more convenient desiccant solution, try the Eva-Dry E-333 dehumidifier. With this product, the desiccant crystals are enclosed in a plastic body, and recharging is achieved by plugging the unit into an outlet. Convenient color-changing bars indicate when the crystals are spent and in need of reactivation. The lifespan of this product is up to 10 years. The Eva-Dry is rated for 333 cubic feet, and is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Retail price $34.95

If you have more challenging moisture problems, or changes in temperature extremes that come from keeping your safe in a non-climate controlled area such as a shop or garage, think about investing in an electric dehumidifier. They are only a few dollars more than desiccant-type units, but provide more aggressive moisture control.

The Browning EverDry electric dehumidifier is an 18-inch-long bar that plugs into a standard outlet. Most safes have a hole in the back or side to allow for the cord, which detaches from the unit for installation. This unit should be used on safes 30 inches wide or larger to avoid touching the sides of the safe. The EverDry retails for $39.95

Another option in electric dehumidifiers is the Browning Flexible EverDry. This unit is flat and flexible, and can be bent around the corners and contents of your safe. Like the bar unit, the cord on the Flexible is removable to help with installation. This products retails for $49.95

Ultimately, the decision on the best gun safe dehumidifier is an individual choice, but these suggestions should give you some idea of what’s on the market. These models are available at

Rifle Rods

If you’re having trouble getting your guns to fit, or you just want a better way to stack and organize them in your safe, check out Rifle Rods.

These ingenious little devices are rods that you insert into the rifle barrel, then Velcro into place. Super easy to install, super easy to remove.

The Rifle Rod starter kit comes with loop fabric that you simply staple to the shelf of your gun safe. Drop a rod into your rifle, position your rifle where you want it, and press the Velcro end onto the fabric. Simple as that.

Check out this video for a demonstration of how quick and easy Rifle Rods are:

American Security introduces the Stor-It PDO: Premium Door Organizers

One advantage that Browning has always had in the gun safe industry is their unique gun storage for both pistols and long guns on the door.  Liberty began using a door storage on their safes a couple years ago.  These were very popular with the consumer and they were great for pistols and small items, although they lacked the long gun storage found in a Browning. Browning’s safes were the only on the market with long gun storage on the door…..until now!

Only available as a custom option previously, American Security safes  are now offering their StorIt PDO (Premium Door Organizer) on all 30″ wide and larger gun safes ordered from  That’s a $300 upgrade for free!   American Security safes (AMSEC) are known as having some of the most secure safes in the industry.  Combine that with their unique patented DryLight fire insulation and a lifetime warranty and you have one of the best safes on the market.

The Stor-It PDO door organizer can store several pistols and 2 long guns along with several small items that can go inside the pouches. The two long guns can be accessed quickly using AMSEC’s exclusive “no hassle” quick release band. Get the clutter off your shelves and into the pouches to nearly double your safe capacity!

American Security Gun Safe                                                         American Security Gun Safes