Truck Gun Storage

Guns and trucks go together like salt and pepper, like Sonny and Cher, like cookies and milk, like rama lama lama…well, you get it.

The problem is figuring out how to safely store your firearms inside your vehicle, so that they are both secure and accessible.

Of course there’s always the classic window-mounted gun rack, but that isn’t very safe, and it doesn’t suit every purpose.

GunSafes offers several great options for storing guns in your truck.

You can store pistols in any one of …. → Continue reading here: Truck Gun Storage

Vehicle Vaults

Spend much time in small towns out West, and you’ll see a lot of trucks with gun racks mounted in the rear windows. Until recently, a rifle in the window and a pistol in the glove box were your only options for firearms transportation. Not uniformly legal, and definitely not secure.

Enter Console Vault and TruckVault.

Console Vault specializes in locking vaults designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle. These boxes fit into your existing console without modification, offering the high security …. → Continue reading here: Vehicle Vaults

LAST CHANCE to save on Console Vaults

I just wanted to get the word out that ConsoleVault will be increasing their prices as of February 1st. This will be the case for all stores as they have implemented a “Minimum Advertised Price” policy that will not allow retailers to advertise these for less than a certain price. I just want to get the word out to anyone that may be waiting to “pull the trigger” on one of these Console Vaults. Now is the time!! has these vaults on sale at …. → Continue reading here: LAST CHANCE to save on Console Vaults

Console Vault SALE

There couldn’t be a better time to “pull the trigger” and buy a Console Vault. has always had the lowest prices on Console Vaults, but now through the end of December they are offering an additional $10 off. This coupon can be applied instantly at the time of checkout or when you order over the phone. Console Vaults are the only secure storage solution for your vehicles console. Each one is specifically designed to fit your car, truck, SUV, or even your Harley Davidson! …. → Continue reading here: Console Vault SALE

NEW ConsoleVault for 2010, Nissan owners rejoice

The Console Vault has been a popular addition to many gun safe owners vehicles. This one-of-a-kind product is as easy to install as it is to use. By using your existing console, the ConsoleVault keeps your valuables, hand guns, and other small items secured without using up any additional space in your SUV or truck. Once installed, the vault can be easily opened by your choice of a key or a combination.

As popular as console vaults are on, Nissan was not one of …. → Continue reading here: NEW ConsoleVault for 2010, Nissan owners rejoice