How to Make the Choice between Gun Safes for Sale

Gun Safes for Sale: Protecting guns can be a difficult process, but buying gun safes doesn’t have to be. Simply put, you don’t have to go all the way to some brick and mortar store to buy safes because gun safes for sale can be found everyday at

While our prices are always affordable, occasional we will offer some safes that we specifically offer as ‘sale items’; interestingly, these may turn out to be cheaper than others because they may have negligible blemishes.

Nevertheless, here are two of the many safes that are currently being sold at reduced prices; there are some pointers as well, which would help you make a decision on what product is right for you:

Browning SR37F Gun SafeLet’s start with the 2013 Browning SR37F Gun Safe. The following are some of the features included in this product, and for which you should choose this safe:

  • Anti-prying: This gun safe for sale has world-class anti-pry features that include pry-stop end bolts, among others.
  • Fire protection: If by chance you were to place this safe in a fire prone area or in any area where a fire might occur, then the SR37F is one of the safest bets among other safe options. Rest assured fire won’t make you lose your guns because the safe has been tested at 1200°F for 75 minutes.

Meanwhile, it is imperative for you to understand that the choice must be made according to your requirements; so, if the SR37F doesn’t fit the bill, may be the next one will:

PP49F Browning SafeThe PP49F Gun Safe from Browning is available with us for just $5,499.00 * whereas the retail price of this gun safe for sale is $6,599.00.

You should buy this safe if:

  • You wish to be ensured that you won’t lose your guns to fire; here, it’s worth mentioning that just like the SR37F, this safe has also been tested at 1200°F, but for a longer period of time, to be precise, 120 minutes.
  • You are focusing on convenience; this safe has a quick access DPX barrel rack and many other features that are required for convenient handling.

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*Price may change without notice; check the latest price before placing your order.