Why to Look for Biometric Capabilities when Buying a Gun Safe

Gun Safe News: Guns are certainly meant to be kept in a secure environment; in fact, when it comes to their safety, you just cannot afford to take any chance. As any unauthorized access can cause havoc, you need to choose the best safes for storing your guns. While you may buy just about any premium safe, opting for one with biometric capabilities would definitely be a smarter move. This is because biometric safes can be much more effective at preventing any unauthorized access. Here, it’s worth mentioning that these safes identify only the authorized persons on the basis of their physiological traits.

So, when you opt for a biometric safe, you neither live under the constant fear of losing your guns nor have to spend hundreds of dollars on rekeying. Nevertheless, at GunSafes.com, we have a massive selection of safes that come with biometric capabilities and can offer that unmatched security which you’ve been looking for, all this while. For your reference, here are two such safes from our collection:


The safe on your left is certainly a myth-buster; while you may have always heard that guns are stored in large and bulky safes, GunVault GVB3000 Drawer Vault Biometric Safe will change this perception for good. Given below are some of its key features:

  • Patented No-Eyes® Keypad
  • You can not only store handguns in it, but also use it store your tablets and e-readers.
  • With 18-guage steel construction, security will be the least of your worries after you have bought this biometric safe.

While the aforesaid is enough to make you understand why it is imperative for you buy a safe with biometric capabilities, here’s another example to ensure that you don’t have to think twice:



The GunVault GVB2000 will make you a firm believer of the fact that biometric capabilities leave no room for doubt. First things first; this gun safe makes use of a high-performance algorithm that identifies the enrolled fingerprints within no mentionable time.

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Biometric Gun Safes: some important factors to consider before purchasing

GunVault MVB500 Pistol Safe MicroVault BiometricA biometric gun safe is a gun vault that is equipped with a fingerprint recognition locking mechanism. If you are a gun owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your firearms are stored properly in order to prevent any kinds of accidents. Gun safes are available in all standard safe sizes, from small ones with just a few cubic feet of space to enormous vaults. Depending upon your requirements, you can either purchase a gun safe that unlocks only for those people who have authorized fingerprints or one that opens only for those whose retinal scans have been authorized to open the safe. However, there are several factors that should be considered while purchasing a gun safe which can help you in purchasing the best biometric gun safes.

  • It is recommended to choose biometric gun safes that allow you to store at least 10 different fingerprints. This feature will help you in adding other responsible adults to the memory in case of emergencies.
  • Secondly, it is also important to know the “false acceptance rate” of the gun safe that you are willing to purchase. This is the percentage of fingerprints the sensor will allow to be incorrect and still open the safe. Most fingerprint guns safes have false acceptance rates that will vary from 0.0001 to 0.1 percent.
  • It is also imperative to choose a biometric handgun safe that has a backup key which can be helpful in those cases where the fingerprint identifications fail. Additionally, issues such as abrasions or cuts can also give a false reading. Therefore, it is best to have a backup key and store it in a safe place in order to ensure 100 percent accessibility at all times.
  • Do not forget to check the warranty, as well as the servicing options offered by the manufacturer. Moreover, make sure that you shop only at secure websites that also offer a replacement option in case you wish to return the gun safe.

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Biometric Safes

When people talk about “fingerprint” gun safes, they’re talking about biometrics—methods to recognize authority using the human body. Common biometrics include voice recognition, retinal scanning, and of course, fingerprints.

Long ago, technology like biometrics was new and unusual and beyond the price range of most people. Today you can have this technology in a gun safe for only a few hundred dollars—just a little more than you might pay for a standard combination or key-locking safe.

And once upon a time, fingerprint scanning was not entirely reliable, but today’s biometric vaults have been refined to the point where false readings are virtually unheard of.

Two of the most popular brands of fingerprint recognition safes are the Inprint and GunVault. Generally, these types of safe are only large enough for one or two pistols, or a pistol and a few other small valuables. There are also full-sized biometric safes, but the smaller sizes tend to be the most popular.

Generally, people like to keep a biometric-style safe near the bed for quick and easy access to their home protection weapon, and keep the bulk of their gun collection and other valuables in a standard-size safe.

GunSafes offers both the Inprint and GunVault brands, as well as many other brands of biometric safe, in a variety of styles and sizes. So if you’re looking for the convenience and speed of fingerprint gun safe access, look no further.

Biometric Safes

In the world of guns and gun safes, few topics are as divisive as biometric safes.

Those who love them, really love them, and those who don’t, well, they just really don’t.

The benefits of a fingerprint recognition safe are, of course, that it is nearly impossible for an unauthorized person to gain access. Each safe is coded to accept only the prints you wish it to recognize. This also means you can have remarkably quick access to your safe–a big plus if you’re using it to store your home security weapon.

Smaller fingerprint-recognition safes are generally more popular than full-sized safes, but the big boys are out there, and many find them to be a secure and convenient option for storing gun collections and important documents.

People who dislike biometric safes cite the possibility of not being able to get into it when they need to, or a battery going dead at an inopportune time. Though these are valid points, with better technology as well as options like direct AC connectors with battery back-up, these issues become a little less relevant each day.

Is a biometric safe right for you? Check out our video to see some of the features, then go to our biometric page to check out all the styles and brands available.

Barska Biometric Safes

Hiding your Handgun

If you keep firearms, especially handguns, for home protection, you need a safe but accessible place to keep them. The bad guys know about your nightstand, and the kids can find it under the mattress. So what’s a person to do?

The answer, of course, is to check out the variety of pistol safe options at GunSafes.com!

We have small safes that can function as end tables; boxes that can be bolted to floors, walls, or under shelves; biometric vaults that open with the touch of your fingers, or safes that open with a simple touch-combination. There are even stand-type devices that keep your pistol in the ready position, key-locking safes, digital locking safes, and dial-locking safes. We have safes that look like refrigerators, and safes that look like electrical panels. We even have safes that fit inside your vehicle’s console.

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You’re sure to find something that will work for you!