Reasons for You to Buy a Rhino or Bighorn Gun Safe at the Earliest

Gun Safe News: First things first; keeping your guns safe and secure can certainly be a challenging task. For this purpose, you require high quality gun safes because even a little compromise on the quality front can cost you dearly. Secondly, when focusing all your energies on quality, you may come across several options but Rhino and Bighorn stand out. Here, it’s worth mentioning that at, we only offer premium quality safes, and that’s the reason these two brands offered by Rhino Metals, Inc. feature on our website.

Nevertheless, given below are two perfect examples that will leave no room for any doubt and would even shed some more light on the various reasons for which you should consider buying a Rhino or Bighorn safe:

Rhino Safe The Rhino 7142 (a.k.a. the 2.5 Hour Fire   Safe) offers extreme protection; in fact, you neither have to worry about losing your guns to fire nor theft. Still need more reasons? Here are some:

  • It comes with hardened steel locking bolts and a 4.5” thick door; surprisingly, even many of the so-called quality gun safes lack such superior security features.
  • You can store as many as 45 rifles, and the price that you pay for storing these many rifles is merely $2,699.95*.
  • Unlike many other readily available options, this safe does not make you wonder if the makers didn’t choose to focus on the interiors. Just to let you know, it not only has thick and automotive grade upholstery, but also brings along a factory installed fluorescent light.

Time for the next example; have a look:

Rhino 56 Series Gun SafeInterestingly, the Rhino 56 Series Gun Safe (the one on your left) costs only $1199.95. So, you know that when you wish to buy a high quality gun safe at a reasonable price, you should either look for Rhino or Bighorn. This one leverages several patented technologies, which ensure that nothing goes wrong with your guns. These include ‘Anti-Tamper Linkage’ and ‘Drill-Proof Crankshaft Design’.

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