Super Secret Safes

If you’ve seen even a handful of mystery movies,  no doubt you have witnessed the scene: someone carefully moves the oil painting aside,  revealing a safe,  then procedes to open it,  placing the very important item inside,  securing it,  then taking a quick look around to make sure no one was looking.

In the movies,  someone always knows the combination,  or finds a way to thwart the plan,  usually with the old switcheroo.

In real life,  wall safes are a great option,  and not just because they look cool and add an air of mystery.

Wall safes have the advantage of being out of sight,  giving you one more layer of protection from would-be thieves. Wall safes are also easy to access,  since there is no bending or stooping required. Since wall safes are smaller than traditional safes,  they are much easier for the average homeowner to install. has a great selection of wall safes,  as well as other types of diversion safes. Check them out here:

For tips on installing wall safes,  visit our GunSafes Wiki:

You don’t have to be a double agent or a minister of finance to have a wall safe,  just an Average Joe who wants security and convenience.

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