American Made Gun Safes: Designed To Prevent Unauthorized Access to Firearms

American Made Gun SafesIf you own guns and don’t have a safe, then you’re an irresponsible gun owner. You might not know what guns can do with you and your family when left unattended. Many studies have shown that unauthorized access of firearms is the main cause for the gun accidents. And, unauthorized access of firearms is only possible when you keep them unlock. If you don’t lock your guns in highly-secure gun safes, even your children will look for them and want to “play” with them. They are kids and don’t know the risks associated with guns so they might end up killing themselves or one another.

It’s confusing and a bit tricky to buy a gun safe in today’s competitive market where there are a ton of manufacturers. You may easily find a gun safe with heavy metal body, however, there is a lot to see and observe before buying a reliable one. While choosing a gun safe, you should consider fire rating, strength, locking mechanism and other intrinsic features that efficiently fulfills your gun storage needs. If you are looking for a gun safe, you should buy American made gun safes being offered by is one of the most sought-after names when it comes to providing an unmatched collection of American made gun safes in numerous specifications. Security certified through the Underwriter’s Laboratory, all of the American made gun safes are designed to provide utmost security to your guns and other valuable possessions. Besides gun safes, also offers handgun safes, home and office safes, fire safes, wall safes, and many other security products.

How Are Used Safes Better Than the New Safes?

Used SafesSafes are a great way to keep valuables secure. While there are many different types of safes to choose from, buying them brand new can be an unnecessary expense. Instead, you can always opt for a used safe which has its own advantages. Here are stated below a few points that will describe the utilities of a used safe.

  • Firstly, it is unkind to underestimate the quality of a refurbished safe. Refurbished Safes are thoroughly tested, their locking mechanisms are updated, and if need be, their insulation are inspected or replaced with only the highest fire rating insulation available. To say the least, a used safe is as good, if not better, than buying a new safe.
  • A used safe can lower your price burden and can be as much as fifty percent less. However, this means you shop wise in picking up one that suits your requirements, and falls within your budget.
  • A standard warranty on all the refurbished products is a must. A company with a sound background and years of experience with refurbished safe products should be preferred.
  • Having that said, you need to compare prices across many companies that sell safes and security products. You must look through various websites that compare prices and features of products to help you buy superior quality piece within your estimated budget. You must not overlook the shipping costs which can be an added expense on the original price.

Consider the above factors, however, don’t resort to an inexpensive safe to store your most prized possessions. Make sure that the safe you choose is appropriate for the items you wish to store. If you are looking for one of the best quality used safes, then you must visit Most of their safes come with the manufacturer warranty of two to five years.

Rules for Safe Gun Storage

Fortress Gun SafesGuns are one of the most effective weapons for self-defense. Undeniably, guns can save your life during a serious attack, but at the same time guns are dangerous when they are not handled or used improperly, and can easily injure or kill you, and those around you. So, the rules for safe handling of guns must always be followed to avoid gun causalities.

The fundamental rules of gun safety are:

  • Always assume that your gun is loaded even if it is unloaded
  • Keep your guns pointed in a safe direction usually straight up or straight down at all times
  • Always keep the gun unloaded when not in use
  • Know the mechanical and handling characteristics of the guns that you own
  • Even though guns are featured in many television shows, video games, computer games, and movies, it’s important to make your children understand that real guns are dangerous
  • Keep all guns and ammunitions out of the reach of children, untrained adults, and those who would use them improperly
  • And, one of the most important rules for gun safety is keep it in a gun safe

Therefore, gun owners should always keep their guns in a gun safe so that they cannot be accessed by children or other unauthorized persons. In a gun safe, you can secure your guns as per their convenience, Though, before purchasing gun safes you need to consider various aspects like fire rating, sturdiness, impact strength and storage capacity. If you wish to buy a gun safe, then you must go through the wide array of Liberty Safes being offered online at is a renowned online portal for providing an extensive collection of gun safes in varied sizes and ratings. In addition to Liberty Safes, they also offer Tactical Gun Safes, Liberty Gun Safes, Modular Gun Safes, Wall Safes, Gun Cases, Home Security Products, Browning Gun Safes and many other security products.

Old Glory Tactical Gun Safes: A Premium Choice for Firearm Storage

Old Glory Tactical Gun SafesIn today’s time, guns have become an integral part of human culture. People own gun for variety of reasons including personal safety to commercial purposes. Guns and firearms are considered as one of the most effective life-saving tools, but they can be life-threatening if you don’t store them properly. Having a gun is not a crime, but keeping it carelessly may cause unthinkable harm. You often hear news flashes about the misuse of guns and accidents caused due to them. So, it has become necessary to safeguard your guns and firearms properly. Securing guns in a safe can be the perfect solution for keeping them protected from theft or unauthorized access.

A robustly built gun safe keeps your guns away from various unsolicited situations like burglary, fire, water, and other natural disasters. It helps gun owners creates the ultimate safety around their guns that one can’t breach. There are a number of gun safes which work on biometric technology which takes the security of the safes to another level altogether. There are a number of gun safes available in the market, however Old Glory Tactical GunSafe – BR5930 with 24 Gun Capacity and 2 Hour Rating is considered one of the best safes.

This model of Old Glory Tactical Gun Safe comes with a fire rating of 120 Minutes at 1880 degrees and meets & exceeds National Security Standards for Theft and Fire. This safe is not only utilized for storing firearms, but they can be used for storing other valuable too, including jewelry, cash, property papers and many more. Equipped with a 4-way positive deadlock locking mechanism, this gun safe is especially available on at the most attractive prices. In order to provide best-in-class gun safes, the company has associated with the leading brands of the industry such as Browning, Winchester, Liberty, Fort Knox and many others.

Why Gun Safes Are Important?

Used Gun SafesIn this crime ridden society, keeping firearms has become a common practice. People keep guns for a variety of reasons including hunting, target practice, personal protection, or just as collection pieces. There is no doubt that guns are considered as one of the important tools for keeping you safe from dangerous situations, including personal attacks, burglary, robbery, and many more. Undeniably, guns are one of the best life-saving equipment, but can be dangerous in multiple ways if not properly stored. So, it is important for every gun owner to store their guns in a safe place. There are a number of advantages of storing guns in a gun safe. They include:

  • Storing your guns in a gun safe is an easy way to prevent a tragic accident in your home especially when you live with your family
  • Safes also keep your guns away from thieves, burglars and other miscreants who can steal them for wrong-doing
  • Today most of the safes are fireproof thereby they safeguard your guns collection in case of fire break out
  • Keeping your guns in a gun safe make you follow ‘Firearm Locking Device Laws’ as many states have stringent Firearm Locking Device Laws that don’t allow people to have a gun without purchasing gun safe
  • Gun safes can also be used for safely keeping other valuable possessions such as jewelry, important documents, and cash
  • Storing guns and other firearms in a gun safe give you peace of mind, as your possessions are far away from burglary, theft, or any other mishap

If you are looking for a gun safe, you can explore a wide range of high quality gun safes being offered at The gun safes they provide come with a limited lifetime warranty against defective materials or workmanship. The company has in the stock gun safe from some of the leading manufacturers across the world.

Biometric Gun Safes: A Reliable Storage Solution for Guns

Biometric Gun SafesRemembering combinations, keeping keys hidden, and fumbling in emergencies while opening the gun safe is no longer a problem with biometric gun safes, since these safes can be opened by simply placing your finger on the fingerprint scanner slot. You just need to wait for the scanner to recognize the fingerprints held in the biometric wall safes to open them. Once the recognition of the fingerprints is done, the doors of the biometric gun safes open automatically due to motorized locking bolt system in-built in these safes. As everyone has a unique fingerprint pattern, biometric safes use fingerprint recognition, however one can also opt safes having speech recognition, face recognition, and DNA recognition locking mechanism.

Biometric gun safes feature some unique advantages, especially in the ways of authentication and identifying human beings. These gun safes are the best for keeping unauthorized users away from the guns. They store authentication of identity on an intrinsic physiological or behavioral trait of a human being. The biometric safes come equipped with an emergency override key that gun owners can use if the scanner is not reading your fingerprint. In addition, if the batteries die they provide an option of supplied battery override box to give power to the safe from the outside. If you want to avail all of these benefits, then visit to find one of the best from a comprehensive selection of biometric gun safes. is a renowned market place in the industry for offering a wide range of Gun Safes at the most attractive prices. They offer gun safes from some of the leading gun safe manufacturers, who have been manufacturing gun safes with the highest quality for years. They offer biometric gun safes from the leading brands of the industry, including Browning, VaultPro, Winchester, Fort Knox, Heritage, Cannon, AMSEC, Stack-On, Liberty, etc.

Secure Your Unattended Guns with Kodiak Safes to Prevent Firearm Accidents and Misuse

Kodiak SafesIncreasing crime rate in today’s society has made living become quite risky, unpleasant and unsafe. People use a number of safety measures to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from any kind of risk. However, guns are considered as one of the most important safeguards at the time of trouble and dangers that may threaten you or your family. Keeping a gun in home make people safe and confident. A gun provides you security against burglars, intruders, and people with wrong intentions who can harm you any way. For years, guns have been a lifeline for human beings. Over the time, guns have become more advanced and legal than ever before.

Due to their advancements and quickness, firearms have been causing thousands of unintentional deaths and injuries every year. It has been noticed these incidents are related to improper storage. Improper storage of firearms induces more gun violence and is being one of the prominent reasons for suicide. There have been a number of incidents where people committed suicide using guns. Storing firearms in a gun safe can be the best way to ensure their safety and security. Nowadays, gun safes come in a variety of styles, designs and patterns to fulfill the wide needs of the customers.

Some of the guns safes come equipped with digital and biometric security locks that can only be opened by gun owners only. Those seeking a reliable safe for their gun collection can bring home the trusted Kodiak safes to meet their needs. Most of the Kodiak Safes feature heavy bodied construction, 60-minute/1200°F fire protection, a door mounted organizer to hold pistols, ammunition and miscellaneous items. You can buy Kodiak Safes online from is a well-known name in the industry for providing top quality gun safes at the market’s best prices. In order to provide best-in-class gun safes, the company has associated with the leading brands of the industry such as Browning, Winchester, Liberty, Fort Knox and many others.

Browning Gun Safes: An Unbeatable Armor for Your Firearms

Browning Gun SafesKeeping firearms unattended can be dangerous, especially if you have children playing around in the home. Curious children usually like to try each and everything that they look at, and when firearms reach their hand, they end up causing accidents that result in deaths or long term disability. So, storing guns at a secure place becomes necessary for gun owners to avoid gun mishaps and unauthorized access to firearms. If you are looking for the highest quality gun safe for your firearm collection, then you must explore an exclusive collection of Browning Gun Safes being offered by

Browning is one of the most popular manufacturers of gun safes, who have been in the business for over 130 years. They develop gun safes with the superior quality steel using the latest technological tools to ensure alluring finish with ultimate strength and durability. An array of Browning gun safes that gun holders can easily order online from includes Browning 2017 Silver Series 37 Wide – SR37 Gun Safe: 10-43 Gun Safe, Browning 2017 SP23 Sporter Series: 7-25 Gun Safe, Browning PP66 Gun Safe Platinum Plus: 13-59 Gun Safe – Scratch & Dent, and many others. The Browning gun safes come equipped with three types of locking systems, such as S&G Mechanical, S&G Electrical, and SecuRam Biometric, which customers can choose as per their convenience, and budget. is a one-stop market place for offering branded gun safes at the most attractive prices. Customers can explore an exclusive collection of state-of-the-art gun safes on their portal, order their desired piece, and get it delivered to their doorstep within the committed time frame. Besides Browning, they also offer gun safes of other leading brands, like Winchester, Fortress, Format USA, Fort Knox, American Security, and many others.

Biometric Gun Safe: A Perfect Combo of Security and Easy Accessibility

Biometric Gun SafeGuns become crucial when it comes to protecting yourself and your family from the criminal threats or any unwanted incidents that can put your loved one’s life in danger. Usually, people keep their guns somewhere in the house where they can access them immediately when needed. But leaving a gun unattended can be dangerous if it fall in the hands of children or thieves, so you need to keep it somewhere at a secure and inconspicuous place, so that it is far from the reach of the children or thieves. A gun safe is a highly reliable equipment to store several guns, as they come with the highest quality locking systems to deter unauthorized access, thereby providing a sole responsibility of ownership to you.

However, ordinary gun safes are not that easy to access, as they need gun owners to remember passwords or face the hassle of storing keys at a secure place, which itself is a security issue. A biometric gun safe is best for addressing security and easy accessibility, as it can be opened with just a touch of your hand. These safes use the most innovative biometric technology to easily recognize finger prints or any other body impression. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind biometric gun safes, then you must visit A wide range of biometric safes that they offer includes Browning 2017 Silver Series SR45 – 37 Wide Gun Safe: 10-43 Gun Safe, Barska AX11652 Tall Biometric Safe, Barska AX11780 Extra Large Biometric Rifle Safe, and many others. is a renowned market place for offering top-notch gun safes at the market’s best prices. They hold a reputation of surpassing the customer expectations with their highly standard gun safes and award winning customer support services. Besides biometric gun safes, they also offer a wide variety of other products including Used Safes, Handgun Safes, Home & Office Safes, Fire Safes, Gun Cabinets, and Sports Goods.

Top 5 American-Made Gun Safes

Gun SafesPeople own guns for a variety of reasons. Some own gun for hunting, target practice, personal protection while other keep guns just as collection pieces. Whatever the reason for gun ownership, it’s important to store them properly. Gun Safes are the ideal storage systems for firearms and ammunitions. They not only prevent a tragic accident from happening in your home, but also keep your guns away from thieves and unauthorized access.

There are a number of gun safe manufacturers who make a lot of claims about security. However, when it comes to choosing a reliable one, American gun safes are highly regarded. Here is the list of Top 5 American-Made Gun Safes:

Browning Safes

Browning is one of the most reputable gun safe manufactures in the United States. Using the latest technology, Browning Gun Safes are designed to provide secure storage with fire protection and attack-resistant features being standard. They use some of the thickest metals in the industry to ensure the quality of their gun safe.

AMSEC: American Security

When you invest in AMSEC Safe, you can be confident for getting the highest quality. Each of their gun safes are manufactured using supreme grade metals and provide utmost security to your firearms. American Security gun safes feature a lifetime warranty against theft and fire and are rated with a high-security burglary classification.

Fort Knox

For more than 30 years, Fort Knox has been manufacturing best quality gun safes and vault doors. Fort Knox gun safes are developed using some of the thickest steel in the industry, so that they can easily withstand extreme temperatures up to 1680 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes, and can be upgraded to the fire rating up to 2 hours.

Liberty Safes

Liberty gun safes are widely known in the industry for their reliability and finest quality. All of the Liberty safes have a lifetime warranty and are made in the USA with some of the finest quality metals and other allied materials to ensure quality and durability.


VaultPro gun safes are manufactured in the USA and come with a long list of standard features not found in other safes. These safes come in different series and provide up to 20 hours of fire protection, and are built to exceed Department of Justice standards. VaultPro gun safes are offered with a lifetime warranty and ensure the highest security to your guns.

If you are looking to purchase1 a gun safe, then you must explore a wide range of high quality American- gun safe being offered at The gun safes they provide come with a limited lifetime warranty against defective materials or workmanship, as well as protection and replacement of any damage caused by burglary attacks or fires.

Save Money and Firearms by Investing in Used Gun Safes

Used Gun SafesMost of the people want to buy a gun safe for storing their guns and firearms, but are not able to buy one because of their high prices. If you are one among them, don’t worry as is offering a wide variety of used gun safes at the prices almost half of the newer ones. All of their used gun safes are from the world’s recognized brands such as Browning, Fort Knox, Liberty, Hollon, and many others. They purchase the old gun safes, and sent it for refurbishment and quality testing to ensure its strength and durability.

Usually people believe used gun safes are not good, as somebody has left them. Selling the used gun safes doesn’t means that they are not good, but they can be sold because of different reasons like owner’s home shifting, switching to some other brands, or anything else. So, buying a used gun safe is not at all a bad deal, if you are looking for a cost-effective gun safe. However, you must make sure that you are purchasing the same from a reputable online store to avoid any kind of hassle. is a reputable online store for offering the highest quality gun safes from top-notch brands at the market’s best prices. All of their used gun safes are precisely engineered to make sure that your firearms and other precious valuables are safe from any kind of burglary attempt, or getting damaged. Apart from used gun safes, the online store also offers new gun safes of brands like Browning, Fort Knox, Winchester, Heritage, The Fortress, Stack On, and many others.

Keep Your Guns and Other Valuables Protected in a Gun Safe

Gun SafeIn this crime ridden society, guns are considered as one of the most important tools. From celebrities to common people, almost half of the population today own guns for various reasons. However, most people own guns for personal security. There is no doubt that guns provide ultimate security to gun owner when they are in danger while saving them from people with unlawful intentions. More than just safety, there are many reasons to buy a gun.  It has recognized that armed men or women across the globe prevent millions of crimes every year with their guns.

But, culture of gun violence has spawned several incidents of shootings where one or several innocent victims have lost their lives. Irresponsible use and improper storage of guns have been the major concern of gun violence. Thus, gun owners are advised to store their guns in a gun safe. Today gun safes are generally technology enabled that have various features embedded in them to add safety to the gun. Made up of high strength materials, there are different models of gun safes that are available today to meet the varied needs of the clients.

A gun safe will also protect other valuable items much more than simply hiding it somewhere within one’s bedroom. Burglars look in all the typical hiding places for expensive jewelry, but it is much more difficult for them to steal anything within a securely locked safe. Therefore it is essential for gun owners to buy gun safe.

Those looking for high quality gun safes can now contact for their needs. The gun safes they provide come with a limited lifetime warranty against defective materials or workmanship, as well as protection and replacement of any damage caused by burglary attacks or fires.

Fort Knox Gun Safes: A Combination of Quality, Value and Warranty

Fort Knox Gun SafesToday, most of the individuals possess firearms and use them for multiple purposes, such as personal safety, protecting family in emergency, preventing and deterring crimes, and many others. Besides self-protection, firearms are also used by many professionals for target practice or recreational shooting. Moreover, there are also a few individuals who have the interest of collecting antique guns. Whatever be the reason of purchasing firearms, its protection is also very crucial. Since mishandling of firearms can be a root cause of unintentional or uncalled accidents, so locking them in a Fort Knox gun safe is a best way to avoid such mishaps in the future.

A combination of quality, value and warranty, Fort Knox gun safes provide gun holders unequaled security, superior fire protection, and the most comprehensive lifetime warranty in the industry. It’s the result of their innovation, dedication to quality and personalized customer service that today Fort Knox is recognized as one of the “America’s Best” gun safe providers. The Fort Knox gun safes are manufactured employing the latest technological tools, and have undergone through rigorous quality checks to ensure the durability and strength of their safes. These safes surpasses industry standards set by Underwriters Laboratory, the largest non-profit consumer protection organization, giving peace of mind to the gun owners that their firearms, ammunitions, and other valuables are safe from getting into the wrong hands, especially children. is one of the leading online stores in the country that is popular with the gun holders for providing one-of-a-kind Fort Knox gun safes at the most competitive prices. A few of the Fort Knox gun safes that individuals can purchase from them include Fort Knox Maverick 602418 / 45 Minute – 18 Gun Vault, Fort Knox Maverick 6637 / 45-60 Minute – 48 Gun Vault, Fort Knox Maverick 6031 PLUS / 10 Gauge – 60 Minute – 40 Gun Vault, and many others. All of these Fort Knox gun safes feature Reinforced Fire Door, Rack and Pinion Gearing and Star Corner Bolts, and offer fire protection at temperatures up to 1680º in 90 minutes. In addition to Fort Knox gun safes, also offers gun safes of world renowned brands like Liberty, Browning, Vault Pro, Hollon, Winchester, etc.

Provide Utmost Security to Your Family with Innovatively Made Barska Gun Safes

Barska Gun SafesWhen it comes to trouble and dangers threatening you or your family, guns are an ultimate safeguard. They serve as a security armor against burglars, intruders, and people with unlawful intentions. However, if guns are not stored properly, they may cause danger and threat to the people you love the most. Mishaps caused by accidental firing can result in lifetime injuries or on-spot deaths. Having gun safes at home reduces the risk of such unintentional or uncalled accidents, making you and your family feel safe. If you are looking for best-in-class gun safes to secure your guns and other valuable possessions, then you must explore a comprehensive selection of Barska Gun Safes being offered by

The Barska Gun Safes are manufactured with the highest quality galvanized steel using the latest technological tools to ensure they fulfill the highest quality standards, and long-lasting. An array of Barska Gun Safes that are available at includes Barska AX12432 Electric Keypad Front Open Portable Safe, Barska FV-3000 Fire Safe Vault, Barska FV-2000 Fire Safe Vault, and many others. These safes have standard fire and water ratings that make them capable to withstand adverse climatic calamities like fire, flood, and many others. The Barska Gun Safes come equipped with latest finger print locking system, providing owners sole access to their gun safes. is a renowned market place for offering the top-notch quality gun safes at the most competitive prices. They have always been popular with gun owners for providing the highest quality gun safes from the globally recognized brands such as Barska, Browning, Fort Knox, Winchester, Heritage, The Fortress, Stack On, and many others. Beside gun safes, the company also offers used safes, handgun safes, home and office safes, fire safes, wall safes, gun cabinets, sporting goods, and much more.

Follow Theses 5 Tips While Purchasing a Safe for Your Home

Hollon SafesIndividuals who own any firearm or important valuables always need to have a safe to secure these items from unauthorized access. Investing in a safe is a long time investment that people make, either it is a gun safe, a home safe, or a wall safe. Buyers need to do a research about the product and market before buying a safe. If you haven’t got that much time, then here are some tips that you can follow before buying a gun safe.

  1. Your Need and Dimension of Safe Required

It is a surprising thing that most of people don’t even know that what is their need and how much space they want in their safe. Therefore, it is advisable for the buyers to create a list of their requirements before purchasing a safe for the security of their firearms and other valuables.

  1. Material of Safe

Buying a bulky safe is always a good idea, but it is not necessary because it differs as per the requirements of individuals. If you have a fixed space for your safe, then choosing bulky metal safes are perfect. If you love natural texture, then nothing is better than the wooden gun safes.

  1. Shelving Inside the Safe

Proper shelving inside the safe is essential for organizing the guns and other valuables in an effective way. So, before purchasing the safes check the shelving inside the safe. If possible, try to buy a safe which features portable shelving.

  1. Locking System

Market is flooded with safes of different kind of locking system that includes traditional locking, combinational locking, and biometric locking. It depends upon your needs which type of locking you prefer, however biometric locking system is the best as it gives you sole authority to access the safe and there is not at all a possibility of forgetting key or password.

  1. Durability and strength

Before purchasing a gun safe you should make sure that the safe is manufactured with the highest quality materials, and have optimum durability and strength to beat any type of burglary attempts. Apart from it, fire rating of the safe must be considered before buying a safe.

If you are looking for one of such gun safes, then you must visit to explore an array of Hollon Safes. Beside safes from the Hollon, the company also offers gun safes, home safes, and wall safes of world’s most recognized brands like Browning, Fort Knox, Winchester, Heritage, The Fortress, Stack On and many others.

Deter Untoward Gun Accidents with High Quality Browning Gun Safes

Browning Gun Safes For years, guns have been used as safety weapons by people for their personal safety. Undeniably, the vast majority of gun owners say that having a gun makes them feel safer. However, all over the world, every year a number of unintentional deaths or injuries are caused due to gun accidents. It happens because of various reasons, but improper storage is one of the biggest among them.  To deter these kinds of incidents, it is important for you to know what kind of product can ensure the safety of your guns. There are multiple ways for gun safety but, storing them in a quality safe makes difference. With the market overflowing with a wide range of gun safes, Browning gun safes are widely recognized across the globe. So those who are looking for gun safe can now buy Browning gun safes online from

Gun safes are available in various shapes, sizes and patterns, enabling you to choose the one that caters to your required storage volume. Individuals with a large collection of guns or planning to have one in future, can go for big sizes. Having multiple compartments, big size gun safe allow you store other valuable things such as money, jewelry, important documents etc. Browning gun safes come equipped with the finest locks, most reliable and protective cam locking systems and other innovative attack-resistant features. has gained a huge market accolades for their quality products and timely delivery. Besides Browning gun safes, they also offer various other categories of products that include Tactical Gun Safes, Floor Safes, Truck Vaults, Deposit Safes, Gun Racks, Sporting Goods, etc. The company’s experts are always available for meeting customer queries and other requests. They ensure that their customers get their ordered products on the right time and in proper condition.