How to open a Sentry Safe

Whether you inherited it or purchased it brand new, you may be asking the question; How do I open a Sentry Safe?  GunSafeGuru threw together a quick Q&A to answer your gun safe questions.

Q:  I lost my Sentry combination; how do I open my Sentry Safe?

A:  The best thing to do in this case is to go to Sentry’s lost combination website.  From this site you can download all necessary information needed to fax or mail in your combination request form.

Q:  I lost my Sentry Safe Key; how do I open my safe?

A:  Don’t worry, replacement keys can be ordered direct from Sentry.  This link will bring you to Sentry’s website where you can order replacement keys by telephone, mail, or online.

Q:  Where can I find my Sentry Serial Number?

A:  The serial number is typically found on the front of the door, lower right corner on a small sticker; the right outside wall of your safe; or under the keypad/dial on the front of safe.

Q:  Can Sentry store my combination?

A:  YES!  Simply go to Sentry’s  combination registration page to create an account and store your Sentry combination on their website.

Q:  How do I dial the combination lock on a Sentry Safe?

A:  To download a manual with specific instructions on how to dial your Sentry combination lock, click here.

Q:  How do I register my Sentry Safe?

A:  Click here to register a Sentry Safe and create a user account with access to your combination online.

Q:  I need to replace my Sentry Safe.  Where can I buy one?

A:  For a ton of gun safe information, advice from industry experts, and the best prices on the web, the GunSafeGuru recommends for all you Sentry Safe needs.

Gun Safe Info

I found this article useful for anyone looking to purchase a gun safe, wall safe, or home/office safe, so I wanted to pass it on. 

Click here for the hub page titled “Safes: Advice from an Industry Expert”           

It goes over some different types of safes and the different delivery methods available.      Enjoy  🙂

4th Of July Gun Safe SALE

Two of our most popular gun safes on sale for a limited time!

The Rhino Safe Company’s Bighorn 5928EC and Bighorn 24ECC both offer a 30 minute fire rating, 4 sided bolt protection, a U.L. listed electronic lock, a re-locker, fully adjustable interior, and a limited lifetime warranty!   At $799.95 and $899.95, these fire rated safes are hard to beat which is why we give them the label of “best bang for the buck”.

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How do I get into my safe if the battery dies?

I’m asked this question all the time:  “How do I change the battery on an electronic lock?”.  With electronic locks becoming more and more popular, this question often comes up when people are researching which style of lock to buy.  Electronic locks offer a much quicker method of getting into a safe and also give you the ability to easily change your combination at any time.  However, in order to supply the e-lock with power you’ll need to supply a battery.  When the battery dies, how do you get into the safe?  Many small home/office safes and handgun safes offer a backup key that allows you to get inside to change the batteries.  So what about getting into a full size gun safe that doesn’t have a key backup?

The great thing about electronic locks is that you don’t have to get into the safe to change the batteries.  The battery compartment is located inside the keypad on a full size gun safe.  Another nice feature is that the lock will warn you when your battery is low, either with an audible alert or a low battery light. 

While there are many other reasons for choosing an electronic lock or a manual dial lock, the battery issue shouldn’t be one of them.  As long as you replace the battery when you are alerted to do so, a dead battery won’t keep you from your valuables.

NEW ConsoleVault for 2010, Nissan owners rejoice

The Console Vault has been a popular addition to many gun safe owners vehicles.  This one-of-a-kind product is as easy to install as it is to use.  By using your existing console, the ConsoleVault keeps your valuables, hand guns, and other small items secured without using up any additional space in your SUV or truck.  Once installed, the vault can be easily opened by your choice of a key or a combination.

As popular as console vaults are on, Nissan was not one of the trucks included in the ConsoleVault lineup….until now.  New for 2010, the Nissan Titan model 1022 is designed to fit all factory consoles from 2004-2010 .

In designing the Titan model, ConsoleVault took advantage of the generous size of the center floor-mount factory console and provided a high security, easy to operate storage vault that allows for ample storage with very simple 5 minute installation. Remove three screws, drop the vault into place and we provide modified screws to complete the job.

Considered by many Nissan Titan owners as the “ultimate accessory”.

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Liberty Safe SALE

A sale on the Liberty Fatboy with High Gloss paint finish!  The Liberty Fatboy does not typically come in a high gloss finish and this discontinued color is only available for a limited time.  Not a standard color for the Fat Boy (considered a “second”), the high gloss finish on this safe gives it that unique look exclusive to Liberty Safes.

This safe will also include the following upgrades:

  • D-Drive electronic lock (also available with a dial lock)
  • Black chrome 3 spoke handle
  • Motion sensor interior light
  • Platinum white glove delivery (in-home placement)

On sale now, this Liberty safe is $2469.95 (dial) / $2509.95 (e-lock)

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