How to Make the Choice between Gun Safes for Sale

Gun Safes for Sale: Protecting guns can be a difficult process, but buying gun safes doesn’t have to be. Simply put, you don’t have to go all the way to some brick and mortar store to buy safes because gun safes for sale can be found everyday at

While our prices are always affordable, occasional we will offer some safes that we specifically offer as ‘sale items’; interestingly, these may turn out to be cheaper than others because they may have negligible blemishes.

Nevertheless, here are two of the many safes that are currently being sold at reduced prices; there are some pointers as well, which would help you make a decision on what product is right for you:

Browning SR37F Gun SafeLet’s start with the 2013 Browning SR37F Gun Safe. The following are some of the features included in this product, and for which you should choose this safe:

  • Anti-prying: This gun safe for sale has world-class anti-pry features that include pry-stop end bolts, among others.
  • Fire protection: If by chance you were to place this safe in a fire prone area or in any area where a fire might occur, then the SR37F is one of the safest bets among other safe options. Rest assured fire won’t make you lose your guns because the safe has been tested at 1200°F for 75 minutes.

Meanwhile, it is imperative for you to understand that the choice must be made according to your requirements; so, if the SR37F doesn’t fit the bill, may be the next one will:

PP49F Browning SafeThe PP49F Gun Safe from Browning is available with us for just $5,499.00 * whereas the retail price of this gun safe for sale is $6,599.00.

You should buy this safe if:

  • You wish to be ensured that you won’t lose your guns to fire; here, it’s worth mentioning that just like the SR37F, this safe has also been tested at 1200°F, but for a longer period of time, to be precise, 120 minutes.
  • You are focusing on convenience; this safe has a quick access DPX barrel rack and many other features that are required for convenient handling.

If you wish to explore any other gun safe for sale, please visit us at and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for specials!

*Price may change without notice; check the latest price before placing your order.

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The Pistol Storage Solution

If you’ve got more handguns than long guns, take a look at Cannon’s Patriot P14.

Although it can hold up to a dozen rifles, the slim, compact design of this safe makes it perfect for pistol storage, especially with GunSafe’s current deal—a free door organizer. Combine this with the Patriot’s adjustable shelving and a few pistol racks, and you’ve got your arsenal ranked, filed, and ready to go.

The Patriot is built tough, with heavy-gauge steel, internal hinges, and a re-locker to provide an extra level of security. This safe offers 30 minutes of fire protection at 1200F, with a triple-fin seal that expands upon contact with heat—and all for only $794.95

At that price you’ll have enough cash left over for another pistol!


Those annoying TV commercials that holler at you about celebrating your independence by purchasing new stuff are so loud and irritating, aren’t they? I can’t think of how appliances and furniture could possibly have anything to do with patriots fending off their oppressors, nor how yelling at me about saving money is going to inspire me.

Now gun safes, on the other hand….

It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t offer some kind of Independence Day sale here at, so here it is: the Mesa MBF6032E. That’s a lot of numbers and letters, but here’s all you need to know—this is a 26-gun safe with a 1-hour fire rating and plenty of tamper-proof features.

Oh, and I almost forgot—if this safe is ever damaged due to fire or theft, Mesa will replace it. How cool is that?!

Mesa has a lot of confidence in the quality of their products, as well they should. Mesa safes are made from 12-gauge steel, reinforced with 1½ -inch solid steel locking bolts and a massive 5-inch thick door. Add in an electronic lock protected by a punch activated, spring loaded re-locking device, and your safe is safe!

Normally we sell the Mesa for $1089.95, which is already almost a thousand bucks lower than retail, but this week, we’re proud to offer it for just $999.95 so you can celebrate your freedom AND your security this Fourth of July. And the best part? We’re going to do it very quietly! Check the Mesa out here, and don’t worry, we’ll have it on sale for more than one day.

Winchester R19

Our featured sale item this week is the Winchester R19. At the risk of gushing excessively over a hunk of metal, I REALLY love this safe.

First, the price. Where can you even find a 24-gun fire safe for under a thousand bucks?

Next is the door panel organizer. I know that may seem like a small thing, but a safe isn’t just to keep your valuables secure and sheltered from fire, it also needs to a be a place you can go to find what you need. Problem solved with the nifty door system.

In addition to the shelves and rifle holders, the door organizer completes the perfect organization picture. All the components together provide dedicated places for rifles, pistols, documents, and accessories. Everything in its place means things are both better protected and easier to access. Having this included in the purchase price is a big plus for me.

Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that the safe is rated at 1400F for one hour, and features an expandable heat seal. Another super safety feature is the re-locker—a mechanism that drives bolts into both sides of the safe if someone attempts to tamper with the hinges or lock.

Finally, GunSafes customers who bought this safe reported appreciating how roomy it is inside, and how the shelves can easily be changed into different configurations. And of course, everyone was pleased with the quality of safe they were able to get for $970.

All things considered, I think the R19 is one of the best deals we offer at


The end is near! The end of our $50 off Bighorn Safes Sale, that is.

Purchase any Bighorn safe on or before Father’s Day, and get 50 bucks off. You don’t even have to be a dad or be buying for a dad, though we know your father or grandfather would really like this gift.

Can’t get it there on time? Just call. We have all kinds of ideas for presenting the present when it isn’t present!

Not One, Not Two, But THREE Sales!

Three big sales going on at right now.

You can get $50 off any Bighorn safe, from the sleek 16-gun to the massive 51-gunner. All Bighorn safes are a great value for the money–there’s not a lot of fancy decoration or gizmos with Bighorn, but they have serious protection at really great prices.

We also have the Mesa MFS63E on sale. With 70 bucks off, you get an $870 safe for $450. THAT is a seriously smokin’ deal.

GunSafes is also offering $50-100 off select Sentry safes. Check out the Sentry page at to see the selection.

With three big sales going on, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

Bighorn Gun Safe Coupon Code

How would you like to take an additional $50 off your next Bighorn gun safe purchase?    Through Father’s Day 2011 we’ll be offering a $50 off coupon on

Not only is this a great value, but these models are hard to beat.    Where else can you find a full sized gun safe with 10 gauge steel starting at $829.95 ?   If you know of something, post it here and let me know.

Gun Safe Coupon Bighorn models:

10 Gauge Steel

70 Minute Fire Rating with Door Seal

Locking Bolts on all 4 sides of the door

Dual Re-Lockers

Bighorn Classic models:

12 Gauge Steel

30 Minute Fire Rating with Door Seal

LAST CHANCE to save on Console Vaults

I just wanted to get the word out that ConsoleVault will be increasing their prices as of February 1st.  This will be the case for all stores as they have implemented a “Minimum Advertised Price” policy that will not allow retailers to advertise these for less than a certain price.   I just want to get the word out to anyone that may be waiting to “pull the trigger” on one of these Console Vaults.  Now is the time!! has these vaults on sale at the lowest price you’ll find online.  Shipping is included as well.  Prices will be going up next month on this site, so take advantage of the low prices now.

In case you’ve never heard of them before, Console Vaults are a custom made security solution for cars, SUV’s, trucks, and even Harley’s.   Once the Vehicle Vault is installed, it  remains completely hidden from view. The Vehicle Vault is only exposed when the console itself is opened, preventing you from attracting attention to your valuables.

The Vehicle Vault requires absolutely no modification to your vehicle’s console and assembly takes less than ten minutes. Your original console can open and close just as it normally would, yet with the Vehicle Vault in place your belongings are now treated with the security and safety they deserve.

Gun safe sales continue through the end of the year

Sorry it’s been a little while since the last post. has been very busy this holiday season.

Even though the holidays may be over, the holiday sales have not ended!! There are many sales continuing through the end of the year, so if you are in need of a gun safe, office safe, wall safe, or a handgun safe, we have the link for you:

Take a look at some gun safe sales here.

Console Vault SALE

There couldn’t be a better time to “pull the trigger” and buy a Console Vault. has always had the lowest prices on Console Vaults, but now through the end of December they are offering an additional $10 off.  This coupon can be applied instantly at the time of checkout or when you order over the phone.
Console Vaults are the only secure storage solution for your vehicles console.  Each one is specifically designed to fit your car, truck, SUV, or even your Harley Davidson!
Console Vault
Console Vault has designs to fit the following brands:
Harley Davidson

They also have a universal vault for any vehicles not listed on our site.  Because these don’t need to go into your console they can fit just about anywhere that has floor space.  They bolt into the body of your vehicle, offering a very secure storage solution.  Console Vault also offers a cloak that goes on top of the universal vault that makes it look like your standard console in order to deter thieves.

Console Vault’s covert safes and vaults have long been a favorite by those with high-security needs. Whether a law enforcement official in war torn Iraq or a business executive within a highly competitive industry, some of the world’s most influential people have trusted their valuables with Console Vault.

Featuring Console Vault’s superior five-point locking system and a high-security barrel lock with an optional keyless combination lock, each Vehicle Vault receives the finest attention to detail by our expert craftsmen. Made of 12-gauge cold-rolled plate steel and refined with welded tabs and notch seams, the Vehicle Vault is the preferred automotive safe for thousands of law enforcement and government officials from around the world. And as with every Console Vault product, each Vehicle Vault is proudly made in the United States.

Console Vault has recently made the greatest design improvement since the product was developed, the “Triple Guard Lock System” incorporates a latch design like the pins in bank vault doors which greatly increases overall security.

This design also includes a front channel which incorporates the lid into the body of the vault, the concept also eliminates all stress off the physical lock itself. This is the finest, most secure product Console Vault has ever made.

This feature is available on most products that will accept the design.

Click Here for the Console Vault Sale

Sentry Home Office Safe Sale

We’re excited to pass along another Sentry Safe Sale!  This time, Sentry is offering a 10% to 15% discount on some of their home and office safes. The following safes are on sale:

X Series Security Safes

  • X031 w/key lock
  • X055 w/electronic lock
  • X075 w/electronic lock
  • X105 w/electronic lock
  • X125 w/electronic lock

EQ Executive Safe

  • EQ5433  All-Shelf Executive Safe w/ UL Group 2 Combination Lock


To take a closer look at the sale items, click here.

Sentry Safe

Gun Safe Sale – only three days left!

Only three days left until the Sentry Safe Sale ends on Oct 1, 2010.  Now is a great time to purchase a Sentry Safe !   The discount is $75 – $115 off our already low prices.  These are fire rated gun safes, available in 3 different sizes and 2 different lock styles.  Four way adjustable interior will allow you to remove or add shelving to suit your needs.  Choose from two different paint finishes and your choice of a dial combination lock or electronic lock.  These safes have a ETL fire rating of 30 minutes at temperatures up to 1400°F.  Available in 14 gun, 24 gun, or 36 gun models.  Prices start at $729.95

Check out the sale here.

Sentry Safes

Sentry Gun Safe Sale Extended!

The sale was due to expire today, but has been extended until Oct 1, 2010.  This is a great opportunity to purchase a Sentry Safe at a $75 – $115 discount.  Whether your looking to store guns or other valuables, the 4-way adjustable interior will allow you to remove or add shelving to accommodate your needs.  Choose from two different paint finishes and your choice of a dial combination lock or electronic lock.  These safes have a ETL fire rating of 30 minutes at temperatures up to 1400°F.  Available in 14 gun, 24 gun, or 36 gun models.  Prices start at $729.95 and the sale ends October 1st, 2010.

Check out the sale here.

Sentry 1459E

Sentry Gun Safe SALE

If you’re in the market for a fire rated gun safe, this Sentry safe sale is something you should definitely check out.  With features like a fully adjustable interior, anti-drill steel plate, 6 (or more) locking bolts, matte or high gloss paint finish, and your choice of a digital or combination dial lock, these safes are a great value!  The safes are ETL verified to provide fire protection for 1/2 hour at temperatures up to 1400°F.  They also meet the California Department of Justice standards for firearm safety.  Includes bolt down hardware.  Choose from 14 gun, 24 gun, or 36 gun models.  Sale goes through September 17, 2010 and prices start at $729.95.
Check out the sale here.

Sentry Safe from GunSafes.comInside the Sentry 3659C