Laptop Safes

If you have a job or a lifestyle that requires technology, chances are you use a notebook or laptop computer; and chances are, that computer, and the information on it, are vital.

To keep your computer and its contents safe, consider investing in a laptop safe. has a variety of safes and mini-vaults to suit your needs. Check out some of these here.

One of the most convenient products is the attaché security case. Though this is not a permanent fixture, it provides added security when traveling or just going from home to your workplace. Many of these are designed specifically for laptop storage and transport, and have padded bases and compartments.

There are also a multitude of small home vaults available. Be sure to measure the dimensions of your laptop to be sure it will fit comfortably in your selected safe. The Sentry X series and the SafeKing models are especially suitable for this purpose.

There are also hotel-type safes and hidden wall safes if you want to conceal your computer or valuables even more deeply, like in a closet or behind a painting or wall hanging.

And remember, if you’re not sure what you need, or have special security concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call or open a chat with one of our reps. With our vast selection of security products, we’re sure to have something right for you.

Quick-Access Gun Safes

There are many reasons to have a gun safe in your home: protecting your firearms from damage, preventing theft, and keeping them from the hands of children.

But as important as all these considerations are, if you keep a handgun for home protection, it will not do you a lot of good locked up in a safe when you have mere seconds to respond to a threat.

That’s why there are so many options in quick-access gun safes at

There are small and large models, safes that open with fingerprints or codes, and even safes that hold only the trigger mechanism, for super-fast access as well as peace of mind.

By far the most popular handgun safes we carry are the GunVault line. GunVaults have a molded finger bed and operate with a simple 4-key combination you can program. These vaults are also available with fingerprint recognition that you can program to accept a number of different prints.

Homak also makes a line of safes with quick and easy keypad access. These offer a vertical profile, rather than GunVault’s more horizontal function.

Another interesting option is the Sooner Thor handgun stand. This stand keeps your pistol at arm’s reach, handle ready, by locking the area around the trigger. This keeps the gun secure and prevents firing, but allows you to actually have the gun in your hand before it is even unlocked from its stand.

As you can see, there are many options for quick-access gun safes, in a variety of styles and prices. Check out our entire selection of pistol safes, and you are certain to find something that will fit your unique needs and circumstances.

Out of Sight

When it comes to keeping your items secure, out of sight is definitely out of mind.

Although there are plenty of safes that can protect your valuables from thieves, it’s even better if the thieves don’t know you have valuables, or a safe, in the first place.

There are several options for keeping things covert. At, we have safes that fit into the wall or floor, to be covered by artwork or a carpet, as well as safes that look like electrical panels or refrigerators. There are vaults that replace all or part of your bed’s box spring, and vaults that are designed to sit flat against the back wall of a closet. We also have RocLoks, which are very realistic and durable locking landscape rocks, for hiding keys or other small items. And of course, if a safe is small enough, you can hide it inside many kinds of traditional furniture pieces.


As I write this, Tom from SnapSafes is in our showroom, putting our reps to work assembling one of their modular safes.

What makes SnapSafes so cool is that from the time it arrives in a shipping box, a single human can move it with a hand truck, unpack it, then start assembly.

SnapSafes are lined with ceramic fiber blankets for a 2300F one hour rating, though Tom says it’s good for 2½ hours. The consensus is that these blankets provide superior protection to a gypsum board.

Each piece is clearly labeled, so assembly is, literally, a snap.

A great feature of SnapSafe is that because it’s modular, should a piece get damaged in shipment or during assembly, you can easily replace it without having to send back the entire safe.

SnapSafes can also be moved and assembled to places other safes can’t go—like up narrow stairs, or in tricky closet spaces. It’s just a matter of moving a few panels.

SnapSafes have multiple interior configuration possibilities, from long guns with shelf, to all gun, to all shelves.

It took about ten minutes for Tom to unpack all the parts, and maybe another ten minutes to get the safe together.

And if you ever need to move it—super easy from the inside! Outside, it’s just as secure as any of the safes in its price range.

SnapSafes warranties for a year, and of course, any damaged piece can be shipped and replaced quickly and easily.

Learn more about SnapSafe here.

Long Live the King!

Last Thursday was a special day at the GunSafes offices. On that day, we said goodbye to a dear friend.

The Pendleton King was a tall drink of water, a six-foot high 40-gunner with a substantial girth.

The thing most people asked when they saw him was “Is that a tanning booth?” Tanning booth, no, but a sweet round gun safe, with a revolving rack inside, plus interior light, yes.

The Pendleton was the kind of safe you would own if you were an international spy, or maybe a very important monetary fund manager.

The thing about this particular round gun safe is that it was a one-of. It was our showroom model for many a year, and in between now and then, Pendleton changed the design of the King.

But last week, someone finally scooped him up and took him home.I can’t say as I blame them. Amongst gun safes, the Pendelton King is kind of a superstar. It just looks amazing, to start with. A round safe is not very common in the industry. Plus, the special features are just a knockout. Not to mention Pendleton has a reputation for strength and durability. Combine all this, and you’ve got the luxury sedan of the gun safe world.

It wasn’t easy to see him go, but we’re quite happy that the King now has his own kingdom of firearms to protect.

Never fear, though, if you like the sounds of a round gun safe with a revolving rack, Pendleton has a shiny new model for this year. You may not be able to tan in it, but with dedicated tiers for long guns and pistols, interior light, and spinning at the touch of a button, I don’t think you’ll much miss the UV feature.

Pendleton has changed a few things with the new model, but they’re still offering a beautiful safe with great security features. So long live the new King!

Biometric Safes

In the world of guns and gun safes, few topics are as divisive as biometric safes.

Those who love them, really love them, and those who don’t, well, they just really don’t.

The benefits of a fingerprint recognition safe are, of course, that it is nearly impossible for an unauthorized person to gain access. Each safe is coded to accept only the prints you wish it to recognize. This also means you can have remarkably quick access to your safe–a big plus if you’re using it to store your home security weapon.

Smaller fingerprint-recognition safes are generally more popular than full-sized safes, but the big boys are out there, and many find them to be a secure and convenient option for storing gun collections and important documents.

People who dislike biometric safes cite the possibility of not being able to get into it when they need to, or a battery going dead at an inopportune time. Though these are valid points, with better technology as well as options like direct AC connectors with battery back-up, these issues become a little less relevant each day.

Is a biometric safe right for you? Check out our video to see some of the features, then go to our biometric page to check out all the styles and brands available.

Barska Biometric Safes

When Security Matters

Here at GunSafes, we don’t really endorse one brand of safe over another. There are so many models and styles of gun safe, in so many price points, that what works for you might not work for someone else.

We can say, though, that most of the time, you get what you pay for. Just look at this post from a public firearms forum:

“I live in a rural area where there are no neighbors to hear an alarm. Last year on May 19 my home was broken into. My Browning safe put up a good fight and won, but unfortunately my Cannon safe gave up 13 long guns, two pistols, and a laptop computer. Please don’t think just any old safe is really safe. I lost a lot of family history that day because ‘it would never happen to me,’ and I tried to save a dollar. I now know the meaning of priceless. Spend the money buy a quality gun safe.”

I’m not here to tell you that Browning is better that Cannon, or that a $3,000 safe is going to work better for you than a $1500 safe. I will say that there is a difference in manufacturers, and a difference in prices. You also can’t compare Cannon’s cheapest model with Browning’s most expensive.

What you can do, though, is research exactly what you  need. Decide beforehand the amount of space you require. Are you more concerned with fire or theft? Does a standard dial lock suit you, or would you be better served with an electronic lock? Only you can decide the features and degree of protection you need.

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, give us a call or open a chat window. Nobody knows more about gun safes than the reps at

You tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll give you the straight dope. Whether your priority is saving money or saving your legacy, we’ll make sure you find exactly what you need.

Our goal is your satisfaction, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your valuables are protected. When security matters to you, give us a call.

Browning–Better by Design

Looking for a sturdy gun safe? Look no further than Browning. There’s a reason GunSafes loves Browning products–they’re just built better, from the ground up. Take a look at this video and you’ll see what we mean: Browning Safes

Fire Safes

Among the top reasons for purchasing a gun safe for your home are security against theft and safety for children. Also in the top position is protection against fire.

Fire resistance is one of the most important factors to potential gun safe purchasers.

In addition to choosing a safe that will hold the proper number and type of firearms, you also need to think about what other items you might store. Plastic media such as CDs and film negatives are damaged at temperatures as low as 140 F, while paper chars at 400 F. Although metal will not be greatly affected at these temperatures, composite and wooden gun parts can be damaged. At temperatures over 400 F, ammunition can discharge and damage the contents of your safe.

Look at the safe’s UL rating to determine how much protection it will offer. A UL rating of 125 means the internal temperature of the safe will not go above 125 F for the indicated hours. A UL rating of 350 means the internal temperature will not go above 350 F for X number of hours.

Fire safes are rated for half, one, two, and three hours of protection. The average home fire burns for 15 to 30 minutes before responders can put it out. Consider how flammable your home is, how large it is, and how far you are from help. Wooden structures will obviously burn quicker and hotter than those made of masonry. Larger homes may burn longer than smaller ones because of the time and volume of water required to put them out. If you live in a secluded area, it may be some time before the fire department can reach you.

Think about where you will place the safe. Safes are very heavy, and in case of fire, a safe stored on an upper floor may fall through.

Remember that no safe is fire proof, just fire resistant. Consider your requirements and conditions to determine which style and rating of fire safe will suit your needs.

Super Secret Safes

If you’ve seen even a handful of mystery movies,  no doubt you have witnessed the scene: someone carefully moves the oil painting aside,  revealing a safe,  then procedes to open it,  placing the very important item inside,  securing it,  then taking a quick look around to make sure no one was looking.

In the movies,  someone always knows the combination,  or finds a way to thwart the plan,  usually with the old switcheroo.

In real life,  wall safes are a great option,  and not just because they look cool and add an air of mystery.

Wall safes have the advantage of being out of sight,  giving you one more layer of protection from would-be thieves. Wall safes are also easy to access,  since there is no bending or stooping required. Since wall safes are smaller than traditional safes,  they are much easier for the average homeowner to install. has a great selection of wall safes,  as well as other types of diversion safes. Check them out here:

For tips on installing wall safes,  visit our GunSafes Wiki:

You don’t have to be a double agent or a minister of finance to have a wall safe,  just an Average Joe who wants security and convenience.

Rifle Rods

If you’re having trouble getting your guns to fit, or you just want a better way to stack and organize them in your safe, check out Rifle Rods.

These ingenious little devices are rods that you insert into the rifle barrel, then Velcro into place. Super easy to install, super easy to remove.

The Rifle Rod starter kit comes with loop fabric that you simply staple to the shelf of your gun safe. Drop a rod into your rifle, position your rifle where you want it, and press the Velcro end onto the fabric. Simple as that.

Check out this video for a demonstration of how quick and easy Rifle Rods are:

Console Vault

Lately, news of the recession has reminded me of Michael Corleone’s quote in the Godfather III “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” These days, it seems like any time the country take a few steps forward, we take a step back into economic trouble. What’s a person to do?

Well, one thing the experts say will help is to buy American. Supporting U.S. manufacturers means your money stays in the loop and helps reinforce our economy.

One company that makes great products at great prices right here in the U.S. is Console Vault. Based out of Nevada, Console Vault has been manufacturing safes and vaults for over 8 years, and outfits some pretty well known companies, such as the CIA, FBI, U.S. Marshalls Office, and the U.S. Army.

You may not be on missions quite so secretive and crucial, but chances are, if you carry a firearm for personal protection, you’re constantly struggling with how to safely store and access your pistol when travelling. Console Vault has the answer—actually, several answers.

Console Vaults are locking inserts that fit into your vehicle’s console without modification. Console Vault has more than two dozen styles to fit a wide variety of vehicles, and offers their vaults in key lock or combination lock models. If they don’t have a vault that fits your model, there’s always the “universal” fit option.

Console Vaults fit inside your vehicles console while still allowing the lid of your console to open and close normally. They also feature a spring-assisted lid, so when you need to get into your vault, you can do so quickly.

Console Vaults are fabricated from 12-gauge cold-rolled plate steel with welded tab and notch seams, and feature a drill-resistant locking system.

Not having to modify your vehicle mean less chance of a thief spotting your vault, giving you an extra edge.

And remember, all Console Vaults are made in the USA, so not only do you know you’re getting a quality product, you’re giving a boost to the economy as well.

Mesa Safes

This week we have two Mesa brand safes on sale at

“What’s so great about Mesa?” you might ask.

To start, Mesa was founded and continues to operate right here in the U.S. Since 1981, locksmith George Vicente has been designing and building Mesa safes, with an eye for quality that only someone who has spent a lifetime legally breaking into safes can provide.

Mesa got its start by focusing on high quality depository safes that were both affordable and easily accessible. From there, they began developing residential safes that were both secure and comfortably priced.

Today, Mesa is a leader in safe manufacturing because they can offer professional-level security features at consumer-level prices.

Even our top-of-the-line gun safe from Mesa is well below $2000, and yet it has the same features as much more expensive safes, including 12-gauge steel body, 1 hour fire rating, re-locker, and a 4-plus-inch thick door. In addition, Mesa is one of the last safe companies out there that will replace your safe if it is damaged by fire or burglary. Now that’s a lot of confidence in their product!

With Mesa, you get dozens of options, all at remarkably low prices, without sacrificing safety and security. Check out the Mesa brand at

The Pistol Storage Solution

If you’ve got more handguns than long guns, take a look at Cannon’s Patriot P14.

Although it can hold up to a dozen rifles, the slim, compact design of this safe makes it perfect for pistol storage, especially with GunSafe’s current deal—a free door organizer. Combine this with the Patriot’s adjustable shelving and a few pistol racks, and you’ve got your arsenal ranked, filed, and ready to go.

The Patriot is built tough, with heavy-gauge steel, internal hinges, and a re-locker to provide an extra level of security. This safe offers 30 minutes of fire protection at 1200F, with a triple-fin seal that expands upon contact with heat—and all for only $794.95

At that price you’ll have enough cash left over for another pistol!

The Right Safe for a Tricky Space

If you have been putting off buying a safe because it’s just not convenient to your lifestyle, you might want to give modular safes a look.

Modular safes are shipped in easy-to-assemble pieces, and require no special tools to put together. Each piece of a modular safe can be moved by a single person, and their light weight means you can transport and set up modular safes in places that conventional safes can’t go.

Modular safes assemble from the inside out, so a potential thief can’t simply disassemble your safe to get inside.

Once assembled, a modular safe is as sturdy and reliable as a traditional gun safe, and has many of the same safety features, including fire rating and theft deterrents.

If you live several floors up, have limited space, or tend to move a lot, check our modular safe selection at

Hiding your Handgun

If you keep firearms, especially handguns, for home protection, you need a safe but accessible place to keep them. The bad guys know about your nightstand, and the kids can find it under the mattress. So what’s a person to do?

The answer, of course, is to check out the variety of pistol safe options at!

We have small safes that can function as end tables; boxes that can be bolted to floors, walls, or under shelves; biometric vaults that open with the touch of your fingers, or safes that open with a simple touch-combination. There are even stand-type devices that keep your pistol in the ready position, key-locking safes, digital locking safes, and dial-locking safes. We have safes that look like refrigerators, and safes that look like electrical panels. We even have safes that fit inside your vehicle’s console.

No matter what type of pistol you are using for home defense, or what type of method you prefer for accessing it, we can help. See what we have to offer at

You’re sure to find something that will work for you!