Made in the USA Rifle Safes at Industry’s Best Prices

Rifle safes protect your rifles against theft, fire, and unauthorized access. However, many of us choose to protect our arms by alternate means because of the high prices these safes command. The good news is that at, these safes are available at really attractive prices. Furthermore, while the prices are affordable, the safes being offered are epitomes of quality. The buyers get to choose among some of the biggest brands offering made in the USA rifle safes. In fact, the site also brings to you the likes of Bighorn and GunVault, among others. Here’s an example of what the website has in store for your rifles:

The Bighorn 5928ECBS Classic Safe

Costing just $899.50*, this is one of the few rifle safes with an extra thick 1.5” composite door and a heat-activated door seal.  Furthermore, you save on the shipping charges because we ship this safe for free.

Interestingly, there is more to this safe than its cost-effectiveness and advanced features. Take a look:

  • Pre-drilled holes for electric dehumidifier.
  • 30-minute fire rating.

Nevertheless, this is not the only safe that you can buy from the online store. As a matter of fact, the site also has a massive selection of American made cheap rifle gun safes.

Consider this for example:

Mesa MBF6032E

Available for $1,379.95*, this one also comes with a heat activated seal. Of course, the seal does play its role, but it’s the 1-hour fire rating that makes this safe an excellent choice.

In fact, the door of this safe also aids in protecting the guns against fire. That’s because it has an overall thickness of 4 3/8″. is your #1 source of many other American made cheap gun safes. Browse, buy, and enjoy free shipping**.

*Prices may change without prior notice. **Free shipping valid on all orders over $50.

Made in the USA Gun Safes for Complete Peace of Mind

Everyone would concur that unattended guns can be extremely dangerous. So, for your own peace of mind, you need to ensure that yours are kept securely. For this purpose, gun safes can come in handy. With a gun safe, you can not only prevent authorized access, but also be certain that your firearms are protected from fire.

Unattended guns can be even more dangerous if they are in an office. The bottom line is that whether you have guns at home or in office, you must have a gun safe for their storage. However, buying just about any safe won’t give you complete peace of mind, unless you are buying a made in the USA gun safes.

Browning SR26F Gun Safe

One of the most coveted gun safes in the market, the SR26F perfectly substantiates the growing demand of made in the USA gun safes. Take a look at the features:

  • Remarkable fire protection –This safe has been tested at 1200°F for 75 minutes. The SR26F has 3 layers of fire-resistant insulation in the body as well as the door.
  • Sturdy construction – The safe’s 11-gauge steel body speaks volumes about its sturdiness. In addition, it comes with 1 5/16″ thick Duo-Formed® Door, which leaves no room for doubt.

While made in the USA gun safes are perfect for securing your guns, the pistol safes made here are also worthwhile. Look at the example given below and you’d agree.


GunVault MVB500 Pistol Safe MicroVault Biometric

With a rock-solid construction, foolproof security, and an advanced access, the MVB500 is most certainly a masterpiece. Here are some of its other features:

  • Comes with a security cable. The cable can be used for securing the safe to a fixed object.
  • Has a low False Reject Rate for a given False Accept Rate.

For a wide selection of gun and pistol safes made in America, visit The best part is that you get to buy premium safes at affordable prices.



An American Made Office Safe is the Solution to Many Problems

Documents, cash, and other valuables in any office bring with them various concerns. For instance, all such items need to be protected against fire. Similarly, keeping them out of the reach of unauthorized individuals is another concern. Furthermore, there is always a possibility of you misplacing such items.

The good news is that all these problems can be addressed with a single solution – an American made office safe. Here are a couple of examples of why a made in the USA office safe is the perfect solution for storing important items:

Rhino 30 Series Office Safe

This office safe offers excellent fire protection and has been tested for 50-minutes at a temperature of 1200°. While this safe addresses the problem of protecting the valuables against fire, it also prevents unauthorized access. For this, the safe has an attack-proof external hinge system and a drill-proof armor. Furthermore, this safe is quite spacious. So, you can keep various items in it and be sure about their security. Other features of this safe include:

  • Certified protective lining
  • Pry-proof door
  • Patented Positive locking system

If an American made office safe can do wonders, so can a home wall safe made in the USA. Take a look:


American Security WS1214 Safe

With a 3/4″ thick solid steel door, this reliable safe from the stable of American Security is perfect for storing valuables. This made in the USA home wall safe offers unmatched value for money. Some of its salient features:

  • A large carburized hardplate for offering protection to locks and relocks.
  • An additional spring loaded relocking device. Interestingly, all it takes to activate the device is a punch attack.

When you buy either of these two safes from, you not only pay less compared to market prices but also save yourself the shipping charges*. Browse for checking other safes.

*Free shipping on all order over $50.

Reasons Why American Made Home Safes Deserve a Place in Your Home

No matter how careful you are with your belongings, valuables often get misplaced or lost. It’s high time you keep them all at one place. However, it’s important to ensure that the storage you use promises protection against burglary. So, instead of keeping the valuables in any ordinary storage space, you may contemplate getting home safes. These safes can address three different problems at once.

  1. Ensure that the valuables neither get misplaced nor you lose them.
  2. Keep the burglars at bay
  3. Eliminate the need to make any additional security arrangements

If you are looking for reliable quality and advanced features, it is advisable to buy American made home safes.

Let us have a look at some great options.

Stack-On PS-10-B Personal Safe

This personal safe with Biometric lock keeps your valuables secure while promising various additional benefits.

To begin with, you don’t pay hefty international shipping charges. Furthermore, you also get to protect your guns, if you so desire.

Other benefits of buying this safe:

  • When you buy this safe, you get the fastening hardware for free.
  • Mounting the safe is a cakewalk as it comes with pre-drilled holes.
  • While this safe does have biometric capabilities, it also includes an electronic lock and a hidden trouble key.

It is undeniable that American made home safes are perfect for storing your valuable, but wait till you get to know what made in the USA handgun safes can do for you.

Mesa MF30E UL Classified Fire Safe

The Mesa Classified Fire Safe is perfect for highlighting the USPs of American made handgun safes. This U.L. Classified safe comes with a really strong door and body. Furthermore, it has a concealed emergency key system, which gives it an extra edge.

At, while we do have a massive selection of made in the USA handgun safes, we also offer a wide selection of contemporary home safes.

Get Made in the USA Floor Gun Safes for Enhanced Protection

Protecting your guns against fire and burglary is indispensable. Simply put, in order to avoid any firearm misfortune, you must take all possible measures to protect your guns from unauthorized access, and floor gun safes are one such measure. If the safes meet the requirements of the Insurance Offices Manual of Burglary Insurance, rest assured you would get great value for money and complete peace of mind. Here, it is worth mentioning that in general, various gun safes made in the USA meet these requirements. In fact, some of the safes even exceed the requirements.

Nevertheless, the example given below would give you more reasons why you should go for American floor safes:

The American Security B2200 Safe – Square Door Floor Safe offers enhanced protection against burglary and fire. It is one of the floor gun safes made in the USA to come with a large carburized hardplate. This hardplate is there for a purpose. Interestingly, it protects the locks and relocks.

Other noticeable features of this safe include:

  • The safe comes with a remarkably designed door, which fits the full body size, thereby eliminating all possible pry points.
  • With this safe you can ensure that the burglars are unable to remove the door if at all they succeed in removing the hinges. That’s because the B2200 comes with a heavy duty dead bar, which by the way, is placed behind the hinges.

Interestingly, while American made floor safes offer enhanced protection; you can expect the same level of protection from home safes made in America. Consider this example:



The Stack-On PS-10-B Personal Safe w/ Biometric Lock is perfect for securing pistols and other valuables at home. In fact, when you are looking for superior security, consider this safe to be a must buy.

Reasons to buy it:

  • It’s easy to mount. That’s because it comes pre-drilled holes for the purpose of mounting.
  • This home safe made in America has been listed as a California DOJ Firearm Safety Device.

At, you can find many more safes that can offer adequate protection for your firearms and other valuables. In fact, you can buy them at affordable prices and also get free shipping if the order exceeds $50.

American made Rifle Safes – A Cut above the Rest!

If you have rifles at home, as a responsible citizen, it’s your duty to keep them away from unauthorized people. In fact, even the kids at home should be not able to access the rifles. Furthermore, as the owner of the rifles, you also need to protect them against fire and theft. Thankfully, rifle safes address all these requirements; they can help prevent incidents of unauthorized access and offer sound protection against fire. However, to ensure that the requirements are duly met, you are advised to choose among one of the American made rifle safes. Here’s why:

Let’s take the example of DocuGem G0816F Fire Resistant Gun Safe (see the pic below). Made by an all-American company, this safe has everything you could ask for – the right set of features and the right price.

Talking of price, at, you can buy it for $1,089.95*.  The good news is that since it’s one of the American made rifle safes, no international shipping charges are applicable. In fact, we make sure that we give you something to look forward to as long as you are being American, buying American. We give you free shipping.

Coming back to the features, here’s what makes the G0816F irresistible:

  • Convertible capacity s per your requirement – store 8 or 16 rifles.
  • Value for money – Rust resistant power coated exterior for longer life.

If you think only the rifle safes made here in the USA can astonish you, wait till you look at the gun safes made GunVault and other American manufacturers. Consider, the GunVault GVB1000 Pistol Safe MiniVault Biometric (see the pic below):