Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Cheap Gun Safe

All firearm owners, sooner or later, realize that it’s inevitable to their guns secure by storing them in a premium gun safe. If you have already had this realization, you may consider buying a cheap gun safe for obvious reasons. While there is no harm in doing so, you need to understand that compromising on fire protection, sturdiness, and other such features, just for the sake of saving some money, may not be a good idea. Nevertheless, elsewhere, you’d either be allowed to pay less or would be asked for a hefty amount in lieu of these features, but with, you can secure your guns at a reasonable cost.

Here are two examples that are not only perfect for storing guns but will also let you know what all things you need to consider when you are looking for a the pocket-friendly option:

The Cannon S45 Scout Gun SafeThe Cannon S45 Scout Gun Safe 48 Gun is ideal if you are looking for a cheap gun safe but do not wish to compromise on the quality. Let’s see what a safe should have and whether or not this Cannon safe has those features:

  • Considerable storage capacity: You’d be surprised to know that you can store as many as 48 long guns in this surprisingly compact safe.
  • Remarkable fire protection: After all, you shouldn’t have to lose your guns just because you aren’t paying much.
  • Affordable price: When you are looking for a cheap gun safe, obviously wouldn’t want to pay a hefty sum. The good news is that at, this Cannon safe is available at just $1,629.95*

Let’s take a look at the second example:

Again, a safe from Cannon, one of the most trusted manufacturers of gun safes: the CO43 Commander costs a tad more than the S45 Scout Gun Safe, but still is quite inexpensive. Furthermore, when you get to know that it has almost everything that you’d expect from a gun safe, you won’t mind paying the extra amount.Cannon S45 Scout Gun Safe

Let’s have a look at some of its key features:

  • Sturdy body
  • Certified fire protection
  • Luxury interior

While we are sure these safes will match your perception of a cheap gun safe, you can always visit for more options.

*Price may change without prior notification.

Reasons for You to Buy a Rhino or Bighorn Gun Safe at the Earliest

Gun Safe News: First things first; keeping your guns safe and secure can certainly be a challenging task. For this purpose, you require high quality gun safes because even a little compromise on the quality front can cost you dearly. Secondly, when focusing all your energies on quality, you may come across several options but Rhino and Bighorn stand out. Here, it’s worth mentioning that at, we only offer premium quality safes, and that’s the reason these two brands offered by Rhino Metals, Inc. feature on our website.

Nevertheless, given below are two perfect examples that will leave no room for any doubt and would even shed some more light on the various reasons for which you should consider buying a Rhino or Bighorn safe:

Rhino Safe The Rhino 7142 (a.k.a. the 2.5 Hour Fire   Safe) offers extreme protection; in fact, you neither have to worry about losing your guns to fire nor theft. Still need more reasons? Here are some:

  • It comes with hardened steel locking bolts and a 4.5” thick door; surprisingly, even many of the so-called quality gun safes lack such superior security features.
  • You can store as many as 45 rifles, and the price that you pay for storing these many rifles is merely $2,699.95*.
  • Unlike many other readily available options, this safe does not make you wonder if the makers didn’t choose to focus on the interiors. Just to let you know, it not only has thick and automotive grade upholstery, but also brings along a factory installed fluorescent light.

Time for the next example; have a look:

Rhino 56 Series Gun SafeInterestingly, the Rhino 56 Series Gun Safe (the one on your left) costs only $1199.95. So, you know that when you wish to buy a high quality gun safe at a reasonable price, you should either look for Rhino or Bighorn. This one leverages several patented technologies, which ensure that nothing goes wrong with your guns. These include ‘Anti-Tamper Linkage’ and ‘Drill-Proof Crankshaft Design’.

For more, keep visiting

*Prices may change without prior notice; do check our website for finding out the latest price.

A Gun Safe Does Not Have To Be Dull and Boring

Of course, a gun safe is supposed to securely store your guns. However, security doesn’t mean that you should have no option but to keep the safe in the basement or garage because it doesn’t look good enough to find a place in your living area. At, you can easily find a safe that not only assures reliable security, but is also in sync with your décor. In fact, even if you have a specific color in mind, let’s say “Hunter’s Green”, even then we are your one-stop destination.

The idea is to ensure that you get rid of all worries related to the safety of your guns, but don’t have to get home a bulky safe that’s far from being stylish. For instance, take a look at this safe, the Rhino 56 Series Gun Safe: 20 Gun Safe:
Gun Safes
With an attack-proof external hinge system, this safe is ideal for storing your guns. While you may across other gun safes that have certified protective lining, this one has a pry-proof door as well, which is indeed rare. The best part: there’s more to this safe than security. In fact, it’s available with us in multiple colors including “Outdoor Oak” and “Copper Vein”.
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When you have no intention of ruining the décor of your home, you would most certainly not like it if an odd-looking safe makes its way to your car/RV/truck. To remedy the problem, we bring to you some of the most stylish console vaults, many of which are so attractive that you’d find it difficult to make your pick. Here’s an example:

Especially designed for Ford Expedition, this is a console vault that promises to add even more elegance to your already-stylish SUV.  Again, vaults and safes are meant to store your valuables and guns securely; however, rest assured, with drill resistant locks and other features, this vault won’t give you a reason to complain.

New Products: Browning Adds DPX Gun Safe to More Models

Browning is a name we know at trust at, and this year, they’re giving us even more to love by making the DPX storage system standard on all Pro-Steel Platinum Plus, Gold, Medallion, Sterling, Copper, and Bronze series gun safes.

DPX stands for “Duo Plus Extra” and it is a system that utilizes the door for gun and accessory storage.

As soon as you see this system of racks, pockets, and pouches, you’ll realize the infinite possibilities. You can even store long guns on the door panel, with strategically placed hardware that cradles and conforms to your weapon, swiveling easily to allow quick access. What’s more, you can utilize the hardware in multiple configurations to best suit the needs of your arsenal.

Browning safes are beautiful to begin with—the perfect addition to a library or den. These are also among our most reliable and secure safes. The DPX system makes the inside of the safe just as attractive as the outside—neat, tidy, carefully organized. And even better, the DPX system adds another layer of security and reliability. There is no fumbling around for that handgun that got lost in the shuffle of rifles. It’s right there, at your fingertips and ready to use when you need it most.

Browning prides itself in not cutting corners when it comes to manufacturing and safety standards. They integrate the best security features, and back them up with the top fire ratings in the business.

Compare the locking system, thickness of steel, size and number of locking bolts, and degree of fire protection in a Browning versus any other safe. You’ll see that there are none better.

Browning is also simply beautiful. With richly enameled colors and beautiful wildlife scenes, the Browning safe looks as good as it performs. Many models also come with cedar shelving and mirror-lined, lighted interiors, making the Browning not only a thing of beauty, but a perfect display for your weapons.

Check out this video showing the capacity of the DPX System.

Vehicle Vaults

Spend much time in small towns out West, and you’ll see a lot of trucks with gun racks mounted in the rear windows. Until recently, a rifle in the window and a pistol in the glove box were your only options for firearms transportation. Not uniformly legal, and definitely not secure.

Enter Console Vault and TruckVault.

Console Vault specializes in locking vaults designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle. These boxes fit into your existing console without modification, offering the high security of an all-steel locking vault, plus the added layer of concealment from the console.

Console Vaults feature thick, 12-gauge steel, plus drill-resistant locks with key or three-digit combination option. And when you need to access your firearm or valuables quickly, the spring-assisted lid makes it easy.

For larger or longer gun storage needs, TruckVault offers custom solutions in the form of truck gun safes. TruckVaults rest in the bed of your pick-up or SUV for storing long guns and other equipment. You can stack several configurations for a complete weapons and valuables cache in the back of your SUV, or use a single unit in a pick-up bed and still park motorcycles or ATVs on top.

TruckVaults are available with one or multiple drawers, and are carpet-lined to prevent damage. These boxes are fire, water, and pry-resistant. TruckVaults are available with key or combination lock.

TruckVaults can serve as a secure way to organize your hunting, fishing, and camping gear; or act as a complete mobile office and operations center. These are especially useful for law enforcement and crime scene vehicles, for storing, organizing, and securing supplies and firearms.

For about the price of a comparable traditional safe, you can finally have security and peace of mind while transporting firearms in your vehicle. And once you have a Console Vault or TruckVault, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one.


As I write this, Tom from SnapSafes is in our showroom, putting our reps to work assembling one of their modular safes.

What makes SnapSafes so cool is that from the time it arrives in a shipping box, a single human can move it with a hand truck, unpack it, then start assembly.

SnapSafes are lined with ceramic fiber blankets for a 2300F one hour rating, though Tom says it’s good for 2½ hours. The consensus is that these blankets provide superior protection to a gypsum board.

Each piece is clearly labeled, so assembly is, literally, a snap.

A great feature of SnapSafe is that because it’s modular, should a piece get damaged in shipment or during assembly, you can easily replace it without having to send back the entire safe.

SnapSafes can also be moved and assembled to places other safes can’t go—like up narrow stairs, or in tricky closet spaces. It’s just a matter of moving a few panels.

SnapSafes have multiple interior configuration possibilities, from long guns with shelf, to all gun, to all shelves.

It took about ten minutes for Tom to unpack all the parts, and maybe another ten minutes to get the safe together.

And if you ever need to move it—super easy from the inside! Outside, it’s just as secure as any of the safes in its price range.

SnapSafes warranties for a year, and of course, any damaged piece can be shipped and replaced quickly and easily.

Learn more about SnapSafe here.

Long Live the King!

Last Thursday was a special day at the GunSafes offices. On that day, we said goodbye to a dear friend.

The Pendleton King was a tall drink of water, a six-foot high 40-gunner with a substantial girth.

The thing most people asked when they saw him was “Is that a tanning booth?” Tanning booth, no, but a sweet round gun safe, with a revolving rack inside, plus interior light, yes.

The Pendleton was the kind of safe you would own if you were an international spy, or maybe a very important monetary fund manager.

The thing about this particular round gun safe is that it was a one-of. It was our showroom model for many a year, and in between now and then, Pendleton changed the design of the King.

But last week, someone finally scooped him up and took him home.I can’t say as I blame them. Amongst gun safes, the Pendelton King is kind of a superstar. It just looks amazing, to start with. A round safe is not very common in the industry. Plus, the special features are just a knockout. Not to mention Pendleton has a reputation for strength and durability. Combine all this, and you’ve got the luxury sedan of the gun safe world.

It wasn’t easy to see him go, but we’re quite happy that the King now has his own kingdom of firearms to protect.

Never fear, though, if you like the sounds of a round gun safe with a revolving rack, Pendleton has a shiny new model for this year. You may not be able to tan in it, but with dedicated tiers for long guns and pistols, interior light, and spinning at the touch of a button, I don’t think you’ll much miss the UV feature.

Pendleton has changed a few things with the new model, but they’re still offering a beautiful safe with great security features. So long live the new King!

Rifle Rods

If you’re having trouble getting your guns to fit, or you just want a better way to stack and organize them in your safe, check out Rifle Rods.

These ingenious little devices are rods that you insert into the rifle barrel, then Velcro into place. Super easy to install, super easy to remove.

The Rifle Rod starter kit comes with loop fabric that you simply staple to the shelf of your gun safe. Drop a rod into your rifle, position your rifle where you want it, and press the Velcro end onto the fabric. Simple as that.

Check out this video for a demonstration of how quick and easy Rifle Rods are:

American Security introduces the Stor-It PDO: Premium Door Organizers

One advantage that Browning has always had in the gun safe industry is their unique gun storage for both pistols and long guns on the door.  Liberty began using a door storage on their safes a couple years ago.  These were very popular with the consumer and they were great for pistols and small items, although they lacked the long gun storage found in a Browning. Browning’s safes were the only on the market with long gun storage on the door…..until now!

Only available as a custom option previously, American Security safes  are now offering their StorIt PDO (Premium Door Organizer) on all 30″ wide and larger gun safes ordered from  That’s a $300 upgrade for free!   American Security safes (AMSEC) are known as having some of the most secure safes in the industry.  Combine that with their unique patented DryLight fire insulation and a lifetime warranty and you have one of the best safes on the market.

The Stor-It PDO door organizer can store several pistols and 2 long guns along with several small items that can go inside the pouches. The two long guns can be accessed quickly using AMSEC’s exclusive “no hassle” quick release band. Get the clutter off your shelves and into the pouches to nearly double your safe capacity!

American Security Gun Safe                                                         American Security Gun Safes

What features do YOU want in a gun safe? wants your feedback!  In my opinion, it’s always a good idea to ask for feedback, but more importantly it’s being able to use that feedback for everyone’s benefit!  We want to know what you’re looking for in a gun safe so that we can do our best to find or build the products that our customers want.  Now’s your chance to share your ideas.  So, what’s in YOUR perfect safe?  (feel free to select up to 6 options)

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NEW ConsoleVault for 2010, Nissan owners rejoice

The Console Vault has been a popular addition to many gun safe owners vehicles.  This one-of-a-kind product is as easy to install as it is to use.  By using your existing console, the ConsoleVault keeps your valuables, hand guns, and other small items secured without using up any additional space in your SUV or truck.  Once installed, the vault can be easily opened by your choice of a key or a combination.

As popular as console vaults are on, Nissan was not one of the trucks included in the ConsoleVault lineup….until now.  New for 2010, the Nissan Titan model 1022 is designed to fit all factory consoles from 2004-2010 .

In designing the Titan model, ConsoleVault took advantage of the generous size of the center floor-mount factory console and provided a high security, easy to operate storage vault that allows for ample storage with very simple 5 minute installation. Remove three screws, drop the vault into place and we provide modified screws to complete the job.

Considered by many Nissan Titan owners as the “ultimate accessory”.

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