Busting the Myths Surrounding Floor Safes

Floor Safes.  It is undeniable that keeping your guns and other valuables out in the open is not a wise thing to do and you should store them in a gun safe to avoid all possible risks. Nevertheless, when you actually consider finding any of the safes for risk prevention, you can find several options, including floor safes, in our massive selection. Interestingly, you may overlook these safes and will try to find other options as you might have some preconceived notions about the former, all of which may not be true.

floor safes

On the left, you can see one of the floor safes that will change your opinion for good. American Security C5 Safe is one of the safes guaranteeing reliable protection against theft, fire as well as water. However, to ensure that water does not damage your guns, you may consider using water-resistant dust cover. Furthermore, it’s not as if the makers have only bothered to focus on protecting your valuables from water. Just to let you know, this safe is also perfect when you are scared that fire or burglary may result in some loss.

Nevertheless, if you don’t find this safe suitable for any reason, we have many more options for you that’ll make you realize that most of the drawbacks commonly known about floor safes are nothing but myths.

For instance, the BedBunker FS-300 Floor Safe

BedBunker FS-300 Floor Safe

will make you believe that floor safes do not always have to cost a fortune. Despite being loaded with features, this safe is available with us for just $1634.95*. Here, it’s worth mentioning that the retail price of this safe is much higher and elsewhere, you’d be expected to pay up to $1840.00. Considering the blend of features and reasonable cost the BedBunker has to offer, it would be safe to say that it is an ideal option for anyone who is looking for reliable security at a reasonable cost.

Meanwhile, being your one-stop destination for gun safes, we assume the responsibility of not only clearing the air regarding different types of safes, but also ensure that you have no myths when it comes to gun safes accessories. We understand that unless you try one of the dehumidifiers yourself, you’d continue to believe that they will give you a hard time during installation.

LockDown 12" DehumidifierIt is with this understanding that we bring to you the likes of LockDown 12″ Dehumidifier. The good news is that the quick plug attachment of this dehumidifier makes it quite easy to install. Furthermore, with this option, you’d be able to keep even some of the big safes dry because it can serve an area of up to 100 cubic ft. *The price may change without prior notice; please check (http://www.gunsafes.com/BedBunker-Floor-Safe-FS-300.html) before placing your order.

Biometric Gun Safes: some important factors to consider before purchasing

GunVault MVB500 Pistol Safe MicroVault BiometricA biometric gun safe is a gun vault that is equipped with a fingerprint recognition locking mechanism. If you are a gun owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your firearms are stored properly in order to prevent any kinds of accidents. Gun safes are available in all standard safe sizes, from small ones with just a few cubic feet of space to enormous vaults. Depending upon your requirements, you can either purchase a gun safe that unlocks only for those people who have authorized fingerprints or one that opens only for those whose retinal scans have been authorized to open the safe. However, there are several factors that should be considered while purchasing a gun safe which can help you in purchasing the best biometric gun safes.

  • It is recommended to choose biometric gun safes that allow you to store at least 10 different fingerprints. This feature will help you in adding other responsible adults to the memory in case of emergencies.
  • Secondly, it is also important to know the “false acceptance rate” of the gun safe that you are willing to purchase. This is the percentage of fingerprints the sensor will allow to be incorrect and still open the safe. Most fingerprint guns safes have false acceptance rates that will vary from 0.0001 to 0.1 percent.
  • It is also imperative to choose a biometric handgun safe that has a backup key which can be helpful in those cases where the fingerprint identifications fail. Additionally, issues such as abrasions or cuts can also give a false reading. Therefore, it is best to have a backup key and store it in a safe place in order to ensure 100 percent accessibility at all times.
  • Do not forget to check the warranty, as well as the servicing options offered by the manufacturer. Moreover, make sure that you shop only at secure websites that also offer a replacement option in case you wish to return the gun safe.

If you are contemplating purchasing a biometric safe, visit GunSafes.com for an extensive collection of reasonably priced options.

Wall Safes: Best Way to Conceal your Valuables

Biometric Locking Wall SafeThe first line of defense – burglars, robbers and thieves don’t know it is there! Well-disguised within the walls, wall safes camouflage themselves by blending into the décor of your room. The safe effectively hides anywhere; all thanks to the design of the safe that easily fits between the spaces of room wall. With all of your important accessories and valuable items in the safe, the door can be concealed with a hanging picture, painting or anything that may complete the deception.

Install the wall safes behind your furniture or in the back of your closet.  Or keep it well hidden behind your bed.  When it comes to installing a wall safe your imagination is the limit!  Have complete peace of mind inknowing that your safe can easily avoid any detection, thereby keeping your valuables safe from all potential threats. However, these safes do not just rely on their special hidden abilities. Some of the safes offer fire protection that can ensure the additional safety of your valuables.

GunSafes.com offers a large assortment of safes that fit into floors and walls and can be easily covered by a carpet or artwork, as well as safes that look like refrigerators and electrical panels. There are vaults that are designed to sit flat against the back wall of a closet or replace all or part of the box spring in your bed.  Furthermore, you can find a small safe that can be easily hidden inside different types of traditional furniture pieces.

Apart from wall safes, you will also discover the best consortium of home security products that will help you keep your home, children, pets and everything else you love safe and secure. When triggered, Burglar devices will release irritating pepper spray to stop the intruder within seconds. You can also find realistic looking rock key hiding system that offers the safest way to hide a key outside.

Wall safes and home security devices are perfect for an average person who desires convenience and security!

Reasons you should buy Sentry Safes

Sentry Safes, a good decision.  It is undeniable that you ought to keep your valuables safe. For this, you may consider buying conventional safes, assuming that your valuables won’t get damaged. Unfortunately, ordinary safes may not always protect your valuables against fire and water. In fact, when fully submerged in water, most of the commonly sold safes are likely to prove dysfunctional and may allow water to penetrate. Likewise, fire can damage such safes beyond repair and may even cause accidents if the safes contain guns and ammunition. The good news is that your valuables can actually be saved from damage if you use Sentry safes.

The following are some of the reasons that make Sentry safes worth buying:

  • Adequate protection: Interestingly, the waterproof safes offered by Sentry are designed to protect your valuables even if they are submerged in water for hours. More importantly, Sentry safes are also good for ensuring that you do not lose your valuables in an event of fire.  Sentry safes can endure up to 1850 degrees for up to 2 hours.
  • Industry standards: These safes are UL classified and can therefore be trusted for storing your valuables. Furthermore, Sentry is one of the few companies to put many of their products through ETL SEMKO testing. To top it all, these are products that are tested through the UL Explosion Hazard test. Many of the aforesaid tests are not even mandatory as per state laws, but the company goes an extra mile to assure you of the quality.

Nonetheless, you may not always require keeping your valuables inside your home or office. Sometimes, you may consider keeping them in the car. For this, it is imperative for you to get one of the console vaults.  However, when you do, you must ensure that you choose the right model as far as your car is concerned.

When you wish to keep your valuables safe and protect them from fire and water, you can browse our massive selection of Sentry safes at http://www.gunsafes.com/Sentry-Safes.html.

And yes, if you are more comfortable with the idea of taking your valuables with you while you drive, feel free to check out the “console vaults” section at GunSafes.com.

Smart Shopping for Gun Safe Accessories

Gun Safe Accessories: It is undeniable that when you need to protect your guns from water and fire, the best you can do is buy gun safes. However, no matter how good your safes are, you may not be able to take full advantage of them in the absence of the right accessories. For instance, without dehumidifiers you may lose your guns to moisture. Similarly, when you do not use holsters for storing your handguns, the latter is unlikely to be within reach. So, the bottom line is that it is imperative for you to get gun safe accessories.

Interestingly, whenever you think about buying any of the aforesaid accessories, considering the following points may help:

  • Dehumidifiers: Unless you are okay with the idea of cords penetrating the side or back of your gun safes, you should opt for cordless dehumidifiers. Furthermore, it makes sense for you to ensure that the accessories you buy won’t pose any threat to the environment and your children or pets. In other words, you require looking for non-toxic, eco-friendly dehumidifiers.
  • Holsters: Of course, you’d do anything to keep your handguns safe, but safety shouldn’t require you to drill or make any other modifications to your safes. Unless the holsters help you keep the handguns within reach they are unlikely to serve any purpose.

Just to let you know, in addition to the aforesaid accessories, you can also consider buying several other gun safe accessories; these include, but are not limited to:

  • Lights: Lights can help when you require seeing the safes’ controls with clarity. However, when buying lights you must ensure that they will give you discreet access and won’t impair your vision.
  • Moving straps: You can use the straps for moving the gun safes, if required. However, make sure that the straps allow you to maintain proper posture and decrease the risk of injury to your lower back and forearms.

When you shop for any of the aforesaid accessories at GunSafes.com, you not only pay less than the retail price but can also stop worrying about authenticity.

What to Expect When Buying Cannon Gun Safes

Cannon Gun Safes: When you purchase gun safes, you most certainly expect to make a lifetime investment because of the high prices involved. Of course, you can try and find a reliable seller that offers competitive prices, but still the expenses may be a little too much to bear repeatedly. Just to let you know, if you are looking for safes that do not require you to make another investment for years to come, you can always count on Cannon gun safes. Interestingly, the safes by this prestigious manufacturer come with a lifetime warranty, thereby relieving you of all your worries.

As far as the lifetime warranty is concerned, you won’t require fretting about manufacturing defects because Cannon is likely to take care of all such concerns. Furthermore, you can also expect your safes to remain protected against fire. So, even when you store your guns in a fire-prone environment you’d hardly have any reason to worry because the heat from the fire is unlikely to reach your guns as long as they are stored inside Cannon safes. To top it all, there won’t be any untoward incidents involving attempted break-ins and nobody else but you will be able to access the guns.

When it comes to gun safes, the manufacturer of Canon safes also offers two other series, namely Patriot, and Traditional. Just to let you know, there are a few differences in these series, mainly in terms of the size of the handle as well as the active-locking bolts. Furthermore, the good news is that Cannon gun safes come with an ETL fire rating; so, rest assured you won’t be losing your guns to fire.

Anyway, the manufacturer not only meets your requirements for keeping your guns safe, but also offers various options for you to safeguard your office supplies. While you may consider buying any Cannon office safe for such supplies, it will be better if you opt for the one that has UL’s Residential Security Certification (RSC).

GunSafes.com offers a wide selection of Cannon gun safes for you to browse, and many of the safes are available at prices lower than their ongoing market rates.

Do You Wish To Own a Safe and Secure Gun Vault?

Gun Vaults:  Security is the most important concern in the life of human beings. As firearms are not playthings, it is quite essential for gun owners to have secure, easy-to-access and robust gun vaults. Keeping firearms is allowed in our society and this is why most of the people keep guns for their personal security. However, you cannot keep such weapons openly. Therefore, highly secure console vaults are needed to give the desired protection to your firearms. These powerful vaults are especially important when you have children in your house.

Essential features of gun vaults

It is necessary to have high security features in the gun vaults you buy. These powerful safes must have convenient and secure locking mechanism. You can even choose to own gun vault equipped with a combination lock to keep unauthorized individuals away from accessing such dangerous weapons. The console vaults not only protect your weapons from damage and theft, but also save them from natural disasters like fire.

Coming down to the appearance of gun vault, they look exactly like bank safes, and can be found in different sizes and shapes depending upon the need. Regardless of the number of firearms you own, you can order resilient gun vault as per your requirements as each gun safe has its own unique set of features.

Where to seek the right assistance?

There are many online stores where you can easily find peerless selection of gun vaults for your office and home. You can find them in various sizes, shapes and look. However, before you jump over the final decision, make sure that you have performed considerable research so as to confirm the best deal. The experts recommend you to invest in branded gun vault for attaining high security measures.

Visit GunSafes.com for a comprehensive collection of reliable gun vaults.

Secure Your Valuable Using Different Types of Gun Safes

Gun safes and gun cabinets are two of the most significant and popular options for storing firearms. While one is meant for safety, the other is meant for display. Evaluate your situation and decide which one suits you and your environment best. To help you make the correct choice, GunSafes.com brings to you some of the most exclusive variety by top manufacturers of gun safes, cabinets and other security solutions so that you can select the best possible option with ease.

Though our collection includes thousands of products, here is a glimpse of some of the most popular options:

Biometric Gun SafesBiometric Gun Safes

Equipped with a state-of-the-art fingerprint electronic lock system, these Biometric gun safes are ideal for storing all types valuables.

Product Features:

  • Spring-assisted auto opening door
  • 1/8″ thick solid steel body for better safety
  • Comes with attractive high-gloss black finish
  • Contains one adjustable shelf
  • New laser-cut arched door design
  • Large 1,692 cu.in. storage capacity
  • 1-emergency key-lock with 2-keys and anchor kit
  • Motorized bolt work system with 2-chrome-plated solid-steel locking bolts

SportLock 00072 SafeLock: Large Safe

SportLock safes are an amazing way to keep your handguns, small collectible items and jewelry in a secured but accessible place.

Product Features:

  • Padded foam interior
  • Cross bolt locks
  • Removable shelf
  • Motion alarm
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Approved by California Dept. of Safety


Sooner Gun Safety GL150 – Thor Handgun Stand

This handgun stand provides one-of-a-kind protection at home or office area. No drawer or door is required to open it and access the weapon that is secured in this safe.

Product Features:

  • Durable power coat finish
  • Power Requirement: 4 AA batteries
  • Includes Mounting Screws and 4 AA batteries
  • Approved for sale and use in California

Apart from the aforementioned product, you may also find a large variety of handgun safes, fire safes, gun cabinets etc. at GunSafe.com. In case of any query or to purchase a product, give us a call on 1-800-540-1695.

Taking Full Advantage of Fire Resistant Gun Safes

Fire Resistant Gun Safes.  While firearms and ammunition are intended for your personal safety, they also require some protection, in their own right, against theft, unauthorized access and more often than not, fire.

In 2012, it was reported that fire departments responded to over 370,000 house fires in the US.  Although that statistic doesn’t quite compare with the 1.5 million home invasions last year, it is still significant enough to pose the question, “How are you protecting your guns from fire?”

Fire protection is an essential component of any full size gun safe and serious attention should be taken when choosing the right level of protection for your home.  Essentially, there are three main criteria to weigh before making your final decision on a fire safe:

  • Components: There are three preferred types of fire protection used today.  The first and most common is fire-board or gypsum board.  This “dry wall like” material is water dense and is generally layered and adhered to the interior of the steel body of the safe, providing a cooling effect by diffusing heat through moisture.  Dry Light fire protection, used by some manufacturers, is similar to concrete and poured between a double walled steel constructed safe, providing exceptional fire protection much like concrete blocks in home construction. And third, though not as common, are ceramic thermal blankets.  This type of fire protective material boasts low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance and low heat storage capacity.
  • Certification: To begin with, it is worth mentioning that most safes do not bear an official fire certification label.  Most manufacturers conduct their own fire tests within their own testing facility.  This is why gun safe fire ratings can appear all over the board.  However, there is one constant, all safes are tested to maintain that the internal temperature remains at or below 350 degrees.  For, example, a fire safe rated by a manufacturer at  1200 degrees for 1 hour assures that he internal temperature does not exceed 350 degrees for up to 1 hour is the external temperature remains at or below 1200 degrees.  Simple as that.  With that said, there are some manufacturers that do have their safes “classified” or “listed” for fire by  Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent organization that tests and certifies products for safety Though not common in the industry, you can find a few safes with this label, if it offers you the greatest peace of mind.
  • Distance: One of the most important things to consider is your location in regards to your local fire department.  In an urban environment, response time can be short and thus, perhaps a 2 hour rated safe is unnecessary and a 30 minute fire rating would suit. Inversely, if your home is located in a more rural location, where your local fire station is not simply around the corner, “the higher the fire rating the better” might need to be your motto.

Regardless of materials, certification or location, when investing in a safe fire protection is just one of the major components for ultimate security.  Not to be taken lightly, it can still be a daunting task to compare all that the gun safe industry has to offer.  If you need expert assistance, Gunsafes.com has the best trained team in the safe business, as well as the largest selection online.  Visit the website, give a call and let them help you choose the right fire rated gun safe for you.

What About the Little Guys (Smaller Gun Safes)?

Smaller Gun Safes.  At GunSafes.com, we spend a lot of time selling, promoting, and talking about the big dogs—the 36 – gun safes, the 30 minutes theft-rated safes, the virtually impenetrable deluxe safes with cedar-lined, mirrored interiors and special USB pass keys.

But what about the little guys?

Smaller safes, usually referred to as “office safes” on our site, don’t get as much attention as the rock stars, but they are every bit as hardworking and important. In fact, office safes can do things standard safes can’t, such as:

1. Fitting into small spaces.
Sure, there are plenty of full-sized models that can squeeze into some pretty tight spaces, but if you want to have a safe under a desk or counter, or be able to use it as an end table, you’re going to have to go with an office safe. Unlike the big dogs, office safes can fit just about anywhere, and unlike full-size safes, it’s much easier to integrate an office safe into your existing décor.

2. Hiding out.
It kind of goes without saying, but if it’s small enough to fit into lots of places, it’s also small enough to hide. No safe is entirely theft-proof. Given enough time and tools, any one of them can be broken into. Office safes give you an added level of protection because you can hide them easily. Out of sight, out of mind. Thieves can’t steal what they can’t find!

3. Fitting into your budget.
It’s pretty obvious, but a safe half or less the size of conventional is going to cost you half or less as much. If storing long guns is not a priority, you can save a lot of cash going with a smaller model. We have SO many models, at SO many price points—from $60 to $6,000—so you’re sure to find something that works for you.

So, the long and “short” of it is, if you need a compact safe for home or office, check out our huge selection here. And remember, you can always contact us via live chat, e-mail, phone, or even Facebook and Twitter.

Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide: What Size?

Right after cost, the most common concern for gun safe buyers is size.

What size gun safe do you need to store your weapons? What do the specifications mean?

It can be a little confusing when taking a first look at safes and numbers.

For example, one of our most popular models, the Liberty Fat Boy, states it is a 64-gun safe. This means that without using any of the shelving units for ammo or accessories, you can store up to 64 long guns. This depends, of course, on how bulky the rifles are, and if they have scopes or accessories.

Another popular model, the Browning M28F, states it is a 11 to 29 gun safe. This means you can store up to 11 long guns, and as many as 29 pistols.

The Cannon CO 54 safe states it can hold 48 guns. But take a look at the picture. As shown, the configuration will hold about 8 long guns and maybe a dozen pistols. In order to get optimal storage, you would have to remove all those great shelves.

This may work for some people, but we’ve found that once you have a gun safe, you want to store a lot more than just guns in it.

That’s why we always encourage people to buy bigger than they think they’ll need. Whether it’s your ever-growing gun collection, your important documents, or your one-of-a-kind collectibles, your gun safe will become a trusted place to keep things safe.

So when thinking about size, also think about the types of firearms you have, the additional accessories you’ll want to store, and whether you’re willing to give up shelf space for gun space. Then, always get the biggest safe you can afford. We’ve often found people wishing they bought a bigger safe, but never wishing they’d gone smaller.

What’s the Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier?

Asking the best type of dehumidifier is kind of like asking the best model of hunting rifle. Everyone has their preferences, and everyone finds a certain style fits them best.

In the case of dehumidifiers, it’s good to start by choosing either a desiccant or electric type.

If you don’t have a lot of moisture problems, and if an electrical connection is not available or too difficult to access, then the desiccant option might be the right choice for you.

The Browning Sacc Dry Zone is a vented box of moisture-absorbing material, much like the little packets you find in foods or medicine, but on a much larger scale. This is also similar to the RV and closet packs you can find at retail stores, with one important exception—the Browning pack can be recharged in the oven. That means that should the pack ever absorb to its capacity, you can place it in a warm oven to dry and reactivate it. You can repeat this process indefinitely. No electricity, no fuss, no problem. The Dry Zone protects up to 37 cubic feet of space, about the volume of a standard 30-inch-wide safe. This product retails for $34.95

For an even more convenient desiccant solution, try the Eva-Dry E-333 dehumidifier. With this product, the desiccant crystals are enclosed in a plastic body, and recharging is achieved by plugging the unit into an outlet. Convenient color-changing bars indicate when the crystals are spent and in need of reactivation. The lifespan of this product is up to 10 years. The Eva-Dry is rated for 333 cubic feet, and is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Retail price $34.95

If you have more challenging moisture problems, or changes in temperature extremes that come from keeping your safe in a non-climate controlled area such as a shop or garage, think about investing in an electric dehumidifier. They are only a few dollars more than desiccant-type units, but provide more aggressive moisture control.

The Browning EverDry electric dehumidifier is an 18-inch-long bar that plugs into a standard outlet. Most safes have a hole in the back or side to allow for the cord, which detaches from the unit for installation. This unit should be used on safes 30 inches wide or larger to avoid touching the sides of the safe. The EverDry retails for $39.95

Another option in electric dehumidifiers is the Browning Flexible EverDry. This unit is flat and flexible, and can be bent around the corners and contents of your safe. Like the bar unit, the cord on the Flexible is removable to help with installation. This products retails for $49.95

Ultimately, the decision on the best gun safe dehumidifier is an individual choice, but these suggestions should give you some idea of what’s on the market. These models are available at http://www.gunsafes.com/store/Search.aspx?SearchTerms=dehumidifiers

Dial or Electronic Lock?

One of the most common questions we hear at the GunSafes.com office is “Should I get a manual dial or an electronic lock?”

The choice of lock is largely personal, and both options have their pros and cons.

The old-fashioned manual tumbler lock is typically less expensive than an electric lock. A dial will never wear out or need to be replaced, and it will not automatically lock you out from repeated failed efforts to access. We have also had people who prefer this option because it is virtually silent, a big plus if you find yourself in a dangerous situation where you need to access a firearm quickly and quietly.

Dial locks, however, are difficult to read in low light situations, and take a little more time to access than electronic locks. You not only have to remember the numbers of the combination, but also the pattern and direction to turn the dial. If you miss the mark, you have to start over. Dial locks also require you to spin the dial after closing the safe in order to ensure it locks. If you ever want to change your combination, you will have to contact the manufacturer or a locksmith.

Electronic locks are quick; just punch in the numbers and you’re in. You don’t have to do anything extra to lock the safe, just close it. They are much easier to access in dimly lit areas, even if they aren’t illuminated, because of the simple grid layout of the numbers on the keypad. Electronic locks are easier to change the combinations on, as they don’t require any special tools. Many electronic locks have an automatic lock out feature, so if someone tries three or four incorrect combinations, they will be locked out for 15 to 20 minutes. This can be a desirable or undesirable feature depending on your point of view.

However, electronic locks make noise (some of these have an option to turn off the “beep”). You also need to change your combination occasionally on an electronic lock, as the keypad will eventually show wear marks that reveal the numbers in your combination. Though a thief would still need to figure out the right order, this does make his job a little easier. E-locks can suffer electronic failure, though this is very rare. In case of an electromagnetic surge, such as a severe solar flare or nuclear explosion, an e-lock would not be able to function. They do require a battery change at least once a year, though this is external and quick to do.

As far as security, both locks are equally good. Neither is easy to bypass, and both are going to be inoperable after a major fire.

Ultimately, the buyer needs to weigh speed, convenience, and ease of access, and decide which option is right.

Did You Know?!

Did you know that you can refuse a package delivery? Many people don’t realize that when a shipping company shows up at their door with a damaged item, they do not have to accept delivery of it.

Although it seems like a tough product, gun safes do get damaged on occasion. At GunSafes.com, we ask that our customers inspect their safes upon delivery. Should a customer find damage, they should call us immediately, while the delivery company is still there.

In many cases the damage is minor, and we can offer you free touch-up paint or a small refund as long as you note the damages on the bill of lading before signing for the item.

In rare cases where the safe is considered non-salvageable, you should not only contact us, but also refuse the delivery. The company will remove the product, and we will ship a replacement as soon as possible.

Each company has their own preferences for how you handle damaged merchandise, so check with them when you place your order so you will know how to handle your next dinged or dented package and get a replacement in the easiest, quickest way possible.

Now you know!

Gun Safe Buyers Guide, part 5 : Gauge of Steel

One question we get asked quite frequently is “What gauge of steel should my gun safe have?”   This is a tough one to answer because some are looking for more protection than others.  In my opinion, a gun safe with less than 12 gauge steel is more of a “gun cabinet” than a gun safe.  12 gauge is a good starting point, but for something that is more resistant to torches, saws, and axes, I would look at 10 gauge or thicker.  For those looking for one of the thickest solid steel safes available, I would point them towards the Pendleton King Series gun safe.  Not only does it have a 1/4″ of solid steel throughout the safe, but it is also unique in that it has a circular design with a rotary gun rack for quick access to your guns and valuables.  Combine this was LED lighting, moisture management system, and a completely adjustable interior, and you have a top of the line safe.  Any thicker than that and you’re talking about bank type safes and vaults.  In fact, Pendleton Safes are made in the same factory that produces many of our countries bank vaults.  That means that they’re MADE IN THE USA!

When you start explaining the steel thickness in inches and not by gauge, you’re talking about some pretty thick metal.  Pendleton Safes offer a minimum of 3/16″ solid steel on their gun safes.  That’s equivalent to a 7 gauge steel.  You’ll also find this thickness of steel in Browning’s Platinum Plus gun safes.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying a gun safe is how the body and doors are measured.  If a manufacturer is claiming a 1″ door, is that a solid 1″ piece of steel?  Probably not.  In most cases it is a thin layer of steel, then fire insulation, and then another piece of steel.  These composite doors can mislead some people, so keep that in mind and feel free to ask questions.  To many smash and dash burglars, just the site of a steel gun safe is enough to keep them from even trying to break in.  It’s the more sophisticated burglars that are going to have the tools and time to break into a safe.  In many cases though, a 10 or 12 gauge steel safe may be all you need for your particular situation.

Below is a guide to show you the thickness (in inches) for a certain gauge of steel.

Gauge  /  Inches

16           0.0625

15           0.0703

14           0.0781

13           0.0938

12           0.1094

11           0.1250

10           0.1406

9              0.1563

8              0.1719

7              0.1875

6              0.2031

5              0.2188

4              0.2344

3              0.2500

2              0.2656

1              0.2813 

Gun Safe Buyers Guide, Part 4 : WHAT IS A DEHUMIDIFIER?

If you’ve been roaming the net for information about gun safes, your research has likely pointed you towards a lot of sites mentioning dehumidifiers. It might sound out of place when you’re talking about a gun safe, but in fact it’s very important.  In this section of the gun safe buyers guide, we’ll talk about dehumidifiers;  what they are and how to pick one out.

Gun Safe Dehumidifier

What does a dehumidifier do?

A: The purpose of a dehumidifier is to eliminate condensation from forming inside the gun safe.  Condensation can cause metal to rust and can leave your safe with a nasty smell.  Depending on where your safe is located and what your climate is like, condensation can form inside a safe due to the change in temperature or in areas of high humidity.

What are the different types of dehumidifiers?

A:  There are two main types of dehumidifiers for gun safes.  An electric and a desiccant.  The desiccant dehumidifier works great in safes that are not near an electrical outlet.  Desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that has the ability to attract water molecules from the surrounding environment through absorption.  The desiccant needs to be recharged after it’s absorbed all that it can.  This is usually a period of 2-6 months, depending on the brand and how much it’s being used.  The desiccant can be recharged in your oven so it can be used over and over.

The electric dehumidifier is the more popular of the two.  This dehumidifier, also known as a “Golden Rod”,  heats to a surface temperature of about 140 degrees.  Its purpose is to maintain a constant temperature throughout your safe. Maintaining a warm temperature in the safe lessens the chance that water vapor will condense and promote rust.  It usually comes in the form of an 18″ rod that can be mounted to the floor or wall of your safe.  Installation is easy: The cord is removable so you can wire it through your safe and plug it in.  To take up even less space, there is a flexible dehumidifier as well.  This one can be bent to contour the corner of your safe.

Do I need a dehumidifier?

A:  This is a tricky question.  If the safe is going to be located in a climate controlled area like your home, it may not need a dehumidifier.  If the door is opened often enough, this will also help prevent condensation.  However, in some areas of high humidity, even a safe that is placed inside a home can collect condensation.  It might be best to call a GunSafes.com rep to speak about your particular situation.

If the safe is going to be placed in your garage, basement, or any area that does not have a controlled climate, I would recommend a dehumidifier.  The temperature change in these areas can cause condensation in the safe which will result in rust forming on your precious guns!

Which dehumidifier is right for me?

A:  First you’ll need to choose between electric and desiccant.  If you have the electrical outlet available, I would go that route.  Make sure the safe you are buying or the safe you own has a hole in the back to pass the cord through.  If not, you’ll want the desiccant.  Some people even feel the need to combine the strength of the electric with the dependability of the cordless desiccant.  That way if they are away on a trip and the power goes out, they know that their precious items will be protected.  Some people even double up and get two dehumidifiers if they live in an area of extremely high humidity.  It’s all about your individual situation.

For advice on your particular situation, leave a comment here or speak to a GunSafes.com rep at 800-540-1695 ext 401