Buy Made in the USA Floor Safes for Unimpeachable Security

Credit it on their space efficiency or covert installation, the fact remains the same that floor safes are gaining immense popularity. Although these safes go unnoticed when burglars enter into a home or office, it is important that you buy a safe only after obtaining all the necessary information. The first thing to be taken care of is the brand. If you are looking for world-class quality, buying made in the USA floor safes is highly recommended. Moving on, using these safes to your advantage is easy if you know their features and set your expectations accordingly.

Ideally, the safes should have:

  • Large floor plate – To ensure that the safe gets firmly installed in the concrete.
  • Removable doors – Such doors can help you in using the safes in a convenient manner. In fact, if the doors are interchangeable, you certainly have an added advantage.
  • Robotically welded design – If you think your home or office is vulnerable to burglary attacks, do look for this type of design.
  • No pry points – For this, it is advisable to ensure that the safes have a door that’s specifically design to match the body size.

Let’s take a look at some of the bestsellers available in the market.


American Security B1500

This safe has all of these features that a buyer may seek from a floor safe. So, when you buy it, you can be certain that you are buying one of the best made in the USA floor safes. In addition, this safe is an excellent choice if you are looking for enhanced protection against fire and burglary.

Nevertheless, while you can make the most of any of the floor safes available in the market, you may also consider wall safes to ensure the safety of your valuables.



American Security WS1014 Safe

This steel in-wall safe is full of features that go a long way in keeping your valuables secure.

To begin with, it comes with a continuous non-removable hinge and is one of the few made in America wall safes to have a flat dial lock. This type of lock is integral to flush mounted installation. is your # 1 source of floor and wall safes. And as our prices are low and we also offer free shipping*, you don’t have any real reason to look elsewhere.

*Minimum order value for free shipping – $50.

Buy Made in the USA Handgun Safes for Maximum Features and Reliability

When contemplating to buy a safe that can protect your handguns from theft, fire, water, and unauthorized access, you would certainly come across several options. However, it is highly recommended that you opt for made in the USA handgun safes for two obvious reasons.

Firstly, you can definitely expect much better quality than most of the imported options. Secondly, you can get the safes delivered to your home or office in minimal timeframe.

Given below are two examples of handgun safes made in the USA. These examples would reassure you that it would be a smart move to buy gun safes that are made in America:


Take a look at the GunVault GV2000C-STD Pistol Safe Multi Standard. This safe from the house of GunVault has a rock-solid construction. Made using 16-gauge steel, it offers unimpeachable protection to your handguns as well as pistols. Furthermore, it is one of the made in USA handgun safes. The security is taken care of by:

  • Precise fittings – Rest assured no unauthorized person would be able to pry open the safe with hand tools; it’s virtually impossible.
  • Tamper indicator – If there is any attempt of forced entry, the safe gives you an alert. It has a tamper indicator for this purpose.

Interestingly, made in the USA safes have many more features. In fact, many of these safes have biometric capabilities as well. Here’s one of the biometric gun safes made in America:


The GunVault GVB1000 Pistol Safe MiniVault Biometric is a must-buy if you wish to be extra sure regarding the security of your guns. This safe leverages fingerprint recognition. Furthermore, if you wish you can also allow others to access this safe. That’s because it can easily handle as many as 30 fingerprint templates.



At, you can buy all these safes and many more at affordable prices.

Feel Safer At Home with Home Security Products

It is undeniable that your home demands security. In fact, if you have kids at home, it becomes essential for you to take reliable security measures so as to ensure that they feel safe even when you are not around. The good news is that you can secure your home with various high-tech home security products. These products serve different purposes. For instance, if you get an anti-burglary system, you can keep burglars at bay. Similarly, if you get a keyless door lock, you can provide your guests with temporary access codes so that they can enter your home, as and when required.

Take a look at one of the home security products, available with us at

The LockState RL-4000 Keyless Digital Door Lock ensures that your guests enter your home only when you want them to. It is worth mentioning that if they have keys to your home or know the permanent codes, they can enter their free will. However, the RL-4000 lets you take control. Some of the other features of this home security product are given below:

  • In addition to guests, you can also allow contractors and cleaners to enter. For this, the lock allows you to issue one-time use codes, which you can share with these people.
  • In case you also opt for software management, which by the way is sold separately, you can see when people are entering your home. You would be surprised to know that you can view as many as 4000 door access events, thanks to Audit Trail.

Interestingly, while is your #1 source of security products for your home, you can also count on us when it comes to American made cheap gun safes. Yes, we do offer you high quality safes, but also ensure that you get to buy them at affordable prices.

Here’s an example.


The GunVault GV1000C-DLX Mini Deluxe costs you merely $119.95*, when you buy it from However, despite being cheap, this safe has some remarkable features, which include:

  • Rock-solid construction
  • Advanced access
  • Foolproof security

With these features, the GV1000C-DLX Mini Deluxe certainly offers value for money.

You can always find other American made cheap gun safes at Browse and make your pick.


Reasons to Choose Wall and Floor Safes Made in the USA

If you need a secure storage space for your guns, documents, and other valuables, you can always count on floor safes. While these safes offer adequate security, they usually go unnoticed by the burglars because of their intelligently obscured installation. So, chances are that burglars won’t even notice that you have one of these safes in your home, leave along stealing the contents inside.

Furthermore, these safes can save a lot of your living space as these are installed in the floor. Nevertheless, whenever you buy a floor safe, make sure you choose from the floor safes made in the USA. The example given below would tell you why:


The American Security B1500 Safe – Square Door Floor Safe has features that are found only in American floor safes. In fact, when you buy this rugged safe from, you get it shipped for free. In contrast, if you buy an imported safe, you may have to pay heavy shipping charges due to international shipping.

Coming back to the features, the B1500 has:

  • One piece heavy duty dead bar – This bar is behind the hinge. The purpose of this dead par is to prevent the removal of the door. It may come in handy if someone removes the hinges and attempts a forced entry.
  • Oversize floor plate – The plate is there for strong installation in concrete.
  • Robotically welded design – This type of design certainly reduces possible leakage.



Meanwhile, here’s another example to show why at, we advise you to buy made in America Safes:


The Sentry 7150 Wall Safe is one of the highly-coveted made in America wall safes. Reasons behind the popularity of this safe are:

  • It’s easy to install. In fact, it comes with step by step instructions, which you can easily follow.
  • The 7150 has a reversible and symmetrical design. Thanks to this design, you can open the door from either side (left or right).


In addition to floor safes, made in America wall safes are also available at You can check them here


Keep Your Guns Secure with American Made Home Safes

Buying home safes is inevitable especially if you keep guns and firearms at home. That’s because you need to ensure that the guns stay out of the reach of your kids. Moreover, it is imperative for you to ensure that only authorized people get access to your guns. If your guns get accessed by children or any mischievous person, untoward incidents may take place.

Thankfully, gun safes can ensure that only you and the others that you trust have access to the guns. The best part is that such safes can also protect your guns from fire, water, and more importantly, theft. Having said that, it’s highly recommended that you get American made home safes.

Consider, for example, the Liberty LH12 Home Safe. Liberty has been meeting the requirements of American buyers since 1988. The company is also known to offer the cleanest and the greenest safes in U.S.

Coming back to LH12, the safe has a remarkable fire rating (1200° for 60 minutes). Some other features are:

  • 3 shelves – Store a large number of guns.
  • 14-gauge steel body – It is one of the few safes with a solid construction.

You can expect such features only in case of American made home safes.


Nevertheless, here’s another example:


The Cannon CO43 Commander Gun Safe 36 Gun is your best bet if you have several guns at home as it allows you to store as many as 36 long guns!

Some other key features that make C043 one of the highly coveted Cannon gun safes:

  • It comes with a unibody construction. As a result, you can expect maximum ruggedness and strength.
  • It protects your guns from fire. In fact, it’s ETL-verified and has been tested at 1200º for 90 minutes.

For more options, visit We have several American made home safes and renowned brands including the likes of Cannon.


Buy GunVault Gun Safes to Keep your Handguns and Valuables Secure

When you look for typical gun safes, you are sure to find many options; however, not many of them are likely to be designed for storing any other valuables besides guns.

Interestingly, GunVault safes are different in this regard. Various safes by this legendary manufacturer can be used to store pretty much every treasured possession you may have.

Furthermore, the safes offered by GunVault make use of patented No-Eyes® Keypad and Bio Pad to help you gain access to the safes with utter ease, even when it’s dark outside. has several GunVault safes that you can choose from; to give you an idea of what you can except for these safes, we are discussing two of them here. However, before we do that, let us tell you some of the reasons for which we have chosen to offer gun safes by this brand:

  • Built-in computer blocks
  • User-selectable access codes (more than 12 million)
  • Precise fittings, among others

Coming back to the two mentions:

GunVault GVB1000

The GunVault GVB1000 is a marvel with biometric capabilities. The False Reject Rate (FRR) of this safe for a given False Accept Rate (FAR) is exceptionally low, which is certainly a plus point. Furthermore, it has some interesting features, which include:

  • 16 gauge steel housing
  • A spring-loaded door that’s tamper proof
  • Capacity to store up to 30 fingerprints

We hope the GunVault GVB1000 would meet your requirements, but still you can always check the other options; for instance, the much sought-after GunVault SVB500 Speedvault.


GunVault safesIf you think 30 fingerprints won’t be enough and you may require storing more, this safe is what you might be looking for. Interestingly, it’s one of the few safes that can program as many as 120 fingerprints. Other features include:

  • Audio and LED low battery warning
  • Backup override key
  • Low weight (weighs only 6.61 lbs.)

So, now do you believe GunVault safes can be useful when you are trying to secure your guns? If yes, do check our selection at

A Concise Guide to Buying Sentry Safes

Sentry Safes certainly need no introduction. If you take a close look at the features of the safes offered by Sentry, you’d immediately realize why it has become a household name over the years. Nevertheless, the fact that this company offers world-class safes may sound impressive, but at the same time, it can be difficult for you to choose between the various options we have at Therefore, to help you make the choice, here we are going to discuss two of the bestselling Sentry Safes and their feature sets:

Sentry Safes If you are on the road most of the time, the ‘Compact Safe’ on your left would be perfect for you. In fact, you can carry it with ease, regardless of whether you travel in a car, truck, or boat. The best part is that it will come in handy when you are planning to go on a trip. Some of the plus points of this safe include:

  • Available in 3 different colors: black, blue, and red.
  • Ideal for storing your cell phones, wallets, iPods, and other such items that may seem compact, but can cost you a fortune.

Comes with a soft interior lining, and prevents the contents from getting scratched and/or damaged.

The one that you see on your left now is the Sentry X031 Safe, and just to let you know, it comes with a Key Lock.

Sentry SafesSo, why should buy this safe? Here’s why:

  • Like all other Sentry Safes, this one also offers protection against theft and unauthorized entry. In fact, it has a solid steel pry-resistant door and body; so, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
  • Still concerned about security? Maybe you won’t be when we would tell you that it comes with 2 live-locking bolts.

While the safe shown above can be used for storing guns or any other valuables, you are always welcome to browse our entire selection to see what products are right for your needs. Of course, you can always give us a call if you have any questions. Interestingly, on our site, you’ll find options that will let you store anywhere between 5 to 36 guns.

Visit for our complete selection of security products, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

How to Make the Choice between Gun Safes for Sale

Gun Safes for Sale: Protecting guns can be a difficult process, but buying gun safes doesn’t have to be. Simply put, you don’t have to go all the way to some brick and mortar store to buy safes because gun safes for sale can be found everyday at

While our prices are always affordable, occasional we will offer some safes that we specifically offer as ‘sale items’; interestingly, these may turn out to be cheaper than others because they may have negligible blemishes.

Nevertheless, here are two of the many safes that are currently being sold at reduced prices; there are some pointers as well, which would help you make a decision on what product is right for you:

Browning SR37F Gun SafeLet’s start with the 2013 Browning SR37F Gun Safe. The following are some of the features included in this product, and for which you should choose this safe:

  • Anti-prying: This gun safe for sale has world-class anti-pry features that include pry-stop end bolts, among others.
  • Fire protection: If by chance you were to place this safe in a fire prone area or in any area where a fire might occur, then the SR37F is one of the safest bets among other safe options. Rest assured fire won’t make you lose your guns because the safe has been tested at 1200°F for 75 minutes.

Meanwhile, it is imperative for you to understand that the choice must be made according to your requirements; so, if the SR37F doesn’t fit the bill, may be the next one will:

PP49F Browning SafeThe PP49F Gun Safe from Browning is available with us for just $5,499.00 * whereas the retail price of this gun safe for sale is $6,599.00.

You should buy this safe if:

  • You wish to be ensured that you won’t lose your guns to fire; here, it’s worth mentioning that just like the SR37F, this safe has also been tested at 1200°F, but for a longer period of time, to be precise, 120 minutes.
  • You are focusing on convenience; this safe has a quick access DPX barrel rack and many other features that are required for convenient handling.

If you wish to explore any other gun safe for sale, please visit us at and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for specials!

*Price may change without notice; check the latest price before placing your order.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Cheap Gun Safe

All firearm owners, sooner or later, realize that it’s inevitable to their guns secure by storing them in a premium gun safe. If you have already had this realization, you may consider buying a cheap gun safe for obvious reasons. While there is no harm in doing so, you need to understand that compromising on fire protection, sturdiness, and other such features, just for the sake of saving some money, may not be a good idea. Nevertheless, elsewhere, you’d either be allowed to pay less or would be asked for a hefty amount in lieu of these features, but with, you can secure your guns at a reasonable cost.

Here are two examples that are not only perfect for storing guns but will also let you know what all things you need to consider when you are looking for a the pocket-friendly option:

The Cannon S45 Scout Gun SafeThe Cannon S45 Scout Gun Safe 48 Gun is ideal if you are looking for a cheap gun safe but do not wish to compromise on the quality. Let’s see what a safe should have and whether or not this Cannon safe has those features:

  • Considerable storage capacity: You’d be surprised to know that you can store as many as 48 long guns in this surprisingly compact safe.
  • Remarkable fire protection: After all, you shouldn’t have to lose your guns just because you aren’t paying much.
  • Affordable price: When you are looking for a cheap gun safe, obviously wouldn’t want to pay a hefty sum. The good news is that at, this Cannon safe is available at just $1,629.95*

Let’s take a look at the second example:

Again, a safe from Cannon, one of the most trusted manufacturers of gun safes: the CO43 Commander costs a tad more than the S45 Scout Gun Safe, but still is quite inexpensive. Furthermore, when you get to know that it has almost everything that you’d expect from a gun safe, you won’t mind paying the extra amount.Cannon S45 Scout Gun Safe

Let’s have a look at some of its key features:

  • Sturdy body
  • Certified fire protection
  • Luxury interior

While we are sure these safes will match your perception of a cheap gun safe, you can always visit for more options.

*Price may change without prior notification.

Why to Look for Biometric Capabilities when Buying a Gun Safe

Gun Safe News: Guns are certainly meant to be kept in a secure environment; in fact, when it comes to their safety, you just cannot afford to take any chance. As any unauthorized access can cause havoc, you need to choose the best safes for storing your guns. While you may buy just about any premium safe, opting for one with biometric capabilities would definitely be a smarter move. This is because biometric safes can be much more effective at preventing any unauthorized access. Here, it’s worth mentioning that these safes identify only the authorized persons on the basis of their physiological traits.

So, when you opt for a biometric safe, you neither live under the constant fear of losing your guns nor have to spend hundreds of dollars on rekeying. Nevertheless, at, we have a massive selection of safes that come with biometric capabilities and can offer that unmatched security which you’ve been looking for, all this while. For your reference, here are two such safes from our collection:


The safe on your left is certainly a myth-buster; while you may have always heard that guns are stored in large and bulky safes, GunVault GVB3000 Drawer Vault Biometric Safe will change this perception for good. Given below are some of its key features:

  • Patented No-Eyes® Keypad
  • You can not only store handguns in it, but also use it store your tablets and e-readers.
  • With 18-guage steel construction, security will be the least of your worries after you have bought this biometric safe.

While the aforesaid is enough to make you understand why it is imperative for you buy a safe with biometric capabilities, here’s another example to ensure that you don’t have to think twice:



The GunVault GVB2000 will make you a firm believer of the fact that biometric capabilities leave no room for doubt. First things first; this gun safe makes use of a high-performance algorithm that identifies the enrolled fingerprints within no mentionable time.

If you wish to explore any other gun safe, do visit, because we have a massive selection for you there.

Reasons for You to Buy a Rhino or Bighorn Gun Safe at the Earliest

Gun Safe News: First things first; keeping your guns safe and secure can certainly be a challenging task. For this purpose, you require high quality gun safes because even a little compromise on the quality front can cost you dearly. Secondly, when focusing all your energies on quality, you may come across several options but Rhino and Bighorn stand out. Here, it’s worth mentioning that at, we only offer premium quality safes, and that’s the reason these two brands offered by Rhino Metals, Inc. feature on our website.

Nevertheless, given below are two perfect examples that will leave no room for any doubt and would even shed some more light on the various reasons for which you should consider buying a Rhino or Bighorn safe:

Rhino Safe The Rhino 7142 (a.k.a. the 2.5 Hour Fire   Safe) offers extreme protection; in fact, you neither have to worry about losing your guns to fire nor theft. Still need more reasons? Here are some:

  • It comes with hardened steel locking bolts and a 4.5” thick door; surprisingly, even many of the so-called quality gun safes lack such superior security features.
  • You can store as many as 45 rifles, and the price that you pay for storing these many rifles is merely $2,699.95*.
  • Unlike many other readily available options, this safe does not make you wonder if the makers didn’t choose to focus on the interiors. Just to let you know, it not only has thick and automotive grade upholstery, but also brings along a factory installed fluorescent light.

Time for the next example; have a look:

Rhino 56 Series Gun SafeInterestingly, the Rhino 56 Series Gun Safe (the one on your left) costs only $1199.95. So, you know that when you wish to buy a high quality gun safe at a reasonable price, you should either look for Rhino or Bighorn. This one leverages several patented technologies, which ensure that nothing goes wrong with your guns. These include ‘Anti-Tamper Linkage’ and ‘Drill-Proof Crankshaft Design’.

For more, keep visiting

*Prices may change without prior notice; do check our website for finding out the latest price.

Points To Consider When Choosing Pistol and Handgun Safes

It is undeniable that the market is flooded with pistol and handgun safes. However, when it comes to choosing one, you have to determine what exactly you are looking for, in addition to being sure about the commonly sought features such as quick and easy setup and enhanced security.

For instance, if you have teenagers at home, you’d be worried that they may try to access the handguns in your absence. In such a situation, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that they aren’t able to do so under any circumstances. Just to let you know, when you use one of the safes with keys or smart cards, you’d be taking a risk.

On the other hand, choosing any of the safes with biometric capabilities is likely to be your best bet because it would ensure that your kids never get access to your pistols and handguns.

Best Gun Safes

Take, for example, the INP001 INPRINT Biometric Safe, which will not only make it easier for you to keep your ammunitions secure, but can also be used to store more items than its original capability by using an additional storage shelf.

The best part is that while you’d be able to prevent the teens and other unauthorized persons from accessing the handguns stored in this safe, you can always extend the authority to those you can trust. This can be easily done because the safe has been designed to store as many as 15 fingerprints. Furthermore, just because this safe has biometric capabilities, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to open the safe in cash your fingerprints don’t match. Interestingly, the INP001 INPRINT Biometric Safe comes with a backup key, thereby ensuring that you have easy access to your handguns in case of an emergency.Cheap Handgun safes

Nevertheless, preventing unauthorized persons from accessing the ammunitions is not the only point that you have to consider because even the size does matter.

For instance, if you’d be required to shift the safe in the near future, you should think about buying GunVault NV400 NanoVault 400, which has a compact design. In fact, it’s because of the design of this safe that you’d be able to carry it in your briefcase with exemplary ease.

However, merely because the NV400 isn’t as big as any other gun safe, it doesn’t mean that you would be compromising on the security of your handguns by buying this vault.

At, we are selling this model not only for the apparent reasons, but also because it’s quite convenient to use.

All You Should Know About Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric Gun Safes. While you may consider storing your guns in safes that come with smart cards, you cannot ignore the fact that there is always a possibility of the cards getting lost or stolen. Of course, the same goes for physical keys because even these are not completely reliable, especially against thefts. Furthermore, somebody can actually attempt duplicating the keys, thereby putting the safety of your guns at risk. To overcome the limitations of smart cards and physical keys, you may consider the idea of getting safes with passwords. However, it may happen that you either unknowingly share the passwords with somebody else or simply forget them. Interestingly, biometric gun safes are unlikely to have any such problems.

handgun Safes

For instance, when you buy Stack-On PS-10-B Personal Safe w/ Biometric Lock, you’d automatically ensure that you no longer have to take care of physical keys or make arrangements to keep the smart cards in a safe place. The best part is that this safe can be used even when you are not around, in case somebody else needs to take out the guns. This is because you can easily program the biometric lock of this safe for up to 32 unique fingerprints. Biometric gun safes

Interestingly, there are several options available with us, when it comes to biometric safes; so, if required, you could also find one of the safes meant for storing handguns.

GunVault GVB3000 Drawer Vault Biometric Safe, with its remarkable features, would certainly draw your attention. Not only it is one of the best handgun safes  that we have, but is also quite economical*.  If you want, you can also consider mounting it for easy use; for this, there are holes on the bottom of the safe.

To sum up, at, we have safes that can secure your valuables without having you to deal with the risk of losing the keys or forgetting the passwords!

* For price, click here (

A Gun Safe Does Not Have To Be Dull and Boring

Of course, a gun safe is supposed to securely store your guns. However, security doesn’t mean that you should have no option but to keep the safe in the basement or garage because it doesn’t look good enough to find a place in your living area. At, you can easily find a safe that not only assures reliable security, but is also in sync with your décor. In fact, even if you have a specific color in mind, let’s say “Hunter’s Green”, even then we are your one-stop destination.

The idea is to ensure that you get rid of all worries related to the safety of your guns, but don’t have to get home a bulky safe that’s far from being stylish. For instance, take a look at this safe, the Rhino 56 Series Gun Safe: 20 Gun Safe:
Gun Safes
With an attack-proof external hinge system, this safe is ideal for storing your guns. While you may across other gun safes that have certified protective lining, this one has a pry-proof door as well, which is indeed rare. The best part: there’s more to this safe than security. In fact, it’s available with us in multiple colors including “Outdoor Oak” and “Copper Vein”.
Order Online Gun Safes
When you have no intention of ruining the décor of your home, you would most certainly not like it if an odd-looking safe makes its way to your car/RV/truck. To remedy the problem, we bring to you some of the most stylish console vaults, many of which are so attractive that you’d find it difficult to make your pick. Here’s an example:

Especially designed for Ford Expedition, this is a console vault that promises to add even more elegance to your already-stylish SUV.  Again, vaults and safes are meant to store your valuables and guns securely; however, rest assured, with drill resistant locks and other features, this vault won’t give you a reason to complain.

Floor Gun Safes Can Help You Take Advantage of Your Own Floor

floor gun safesFloor Gun Safes.  You may be familiar with safes that can be used to store your guns; however, most of these either require mounting or have to be placed somewhere. However, despite placing the safes at the right spot, you may lose your valuables or burglary or fire. Interestingly, with floor gun safes, your valuables are likely to be a lot safer. This is because you’d be installing the safes in the floor of your house, office, or RV, and the thieves may not even notice as they’d be busy looking elsewhere for your valuables. Furthermore, at, we have a wide variety of floor gun safes; so you can choose one and stop worrying about the safety of your valuables.

Out of the several options that we have, you can consider buying the BedBunker FS-100 Floor Safe. First things first, it weighs merely 90 lbs.; so, it’s perfect if you are not comfortable with any of the heavier floor gun safes. Secondly, this safe is quite sturdy because it is made with 10-guage steel. The best part: You can either use it at home or in your RV; simply fit it between the floor joists of the desired place.

Interestingly, the FS-100 clearly reinstates the fact that you can also keep your guns in your car, and therefore your home is not the only place where you need to make arrangements for security.

handgun safes So, if you are a Chevrolet Avalanche owner and Console Vault Chevrolet Avalanche Floor Console Cover 2007-2010 – 1019 draws your attention, you shouldn’t think twice. After all, this is one of the most popular safes available at Just to let you know, the popularity of this safe/vault is attributable to its remarkable features including drill resistant locks.


  • Takes only 10 minutes to install
  • Gives you the freedom to choose between locks – combo lock and high security barrel key lock.

There’s more to Gun Safes than Securing Your Guns

Let’s start with an example – You have guns and so you got one of the gun safes to prevent all possible incidents of unauthorized access. While you may succeed in securing your guns, you might lose them to fire. Had you got yourself any of the fire safes, you’d not have to worry about the protection of your guns. Luckily for you, here at, we have always believed that safes can only serve their basic purpose, i.e. to secure your guns when they conform to the highest standards as far as fire safety, authorized access, and other important aspects are concerned.

biometric gun safes Moreover, fire may not be the only deterrent that is likely to put your guns at risk because you can never tell wants to access the safe and take out the guns in your absence. Of course, you can try to keep the keys at a secure place but they can still be duplicated. Unfortunately, even going high-tech may not be of great help if you have a tendency to forget passwords. The good news is that when you consider buying Protex HZ-34 Fingerprint Safe or any of the other biometric safes, you automatically ensure that no one else tries to get away with your valuable guns.


  • With the Protex HZ-34, you not only get the much sought-after biometric capabilities, but can also stop worrying about fire damaging your guns. Just to let you know, it comes with a fire liner, thereby offering fire protection for as many as 30 minutes.
  • For a safe that has concealed hinges, security won’t be a problem. Period.


  • Elsewhere*, it is available for as much as $548.00.

biometric gun safesTo sum up, biometric gun safes are one of the perfect examples of advancement in technology, and choosing one of these would be enough to keep unauthorized people as well as fire away from your guns. However, while choosing any of the safes you may have specific requirements that may not be necessarily met by all the safes having biometric capabilities. Interestingly, we have a large selection and therefore, you’d most certainly find several options that meet all of your expectations. For instance, you may want that no matter which of the safes you buy you should be able to fit them between your floor joists.

In such a situation, the safe on your left (see the pic) will come in really handy. Just to let you know, we have several options as far as floor gun safes are concerned, and American Security B2200 Safe is merely one of them. However, we are sure you are going to find it useful because it comes loaded with features such as an oversize floor plate.

*check our price here (