Are Bad Lands Safes the Most Economic Safes on The Market?

Bad Lands SafesPeople use guns for many reasons. The fact of the matter lies in storing them properly to protect them from curious children who can unknowingly pull the trigger and hurt themselves. A well- built gun safe can thus prevent life-threatening injuries that happen from gun accidents. One of the best built, most economic safes on the market is Bad Lands Safe. Let us look into its features that make it favorites of consumers.

  • All of the Bad Lands Safes have hardened steel plates to protect the vital parts of the safe
  • They have Anti-Pry tabs. This prevents intruders from getting access to your guns and valuables even after multiple pry attempts. This feature is found in only a few upper end safes which make Bad Lands Safes a worthy investment
  • They come equipped with expanding door seals that expands at higher temperatures
  • They have under shelf support bars on all of the big shelves. You can load your shelves with ammunitions which will remain unaffected even after a year
  • They have a handle design that utilizes a slip clutch to unfasten the handle and keeps it away from engaging with the bolts
  • They have fire rated gypsum interior lining with a 45 minute / 1250° fire rating. This makes the Bad Lands Safe the most secure fire resistant safe in its class
  • They have a fully welded body that assures the best value for your dollar
  • They come with beige fabric interiors, including the gun and storage shelving
  • They are tested against various measures to guarantee durability and strength

If you are looking for a quality and economical gun safe, you can explore a wide range of Bad Lands gun safes being offered at The gun safes they provide come with a limited lifetime warranty against defective materials or workmanship. The company also have in the stock gun safes from some of the leading manufacturers across the world. So, reach out to them immediately to crack the best deals now!

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