A Matter of Trust

At GunSafes.com, we’re about trust. We’re not about making a quick buck. We’re in it for the long haul. That’s why we carefully research safe manufacturers and models, and only carry brands we—and you—can believe in.

Our selection of safes is the best anywhere, and because of that, you can find what you need. We have safes for small budgets, and safes for people who have no limits. We have safes for pistols, safes for rifles, and safes for whatever things are valuable in your life.

We can offer so many safes, at such great prices, because we do a lot of business with a lot of manufacturers. We can also offer you, our customer, these safes without sales tax (except in our home state of Idaho) and without shipping fees.

Sometimes we lose cash in a sale. Sometimes a company or a shipper makes a mistake that costs us money. Sometimes we have to bend over backwards to make sure you get what you need, when you need it. But that’s who we are.

A lot of companies claim to put their customers first, but at GunSafes, we really do.

There’s a reason we offer the most gun safes, in heavy-gauge steel, with the most price points and options. It’s because we want you to be satisfied with your purchase, keep it for a lifetime, and someday pass on not only your safe, but word of your great experience with us.

For us, it’s all about trust.

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